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  1. Does anyone happen to have a couple slot punches in 30x4 for a Galli/Bibo cartridge? Broke one and don't have a spare on hand.
  2. Looking to buy R-32 Randall Embossing Machine and/or rollers... email me if you are selling any belt making equipment.  Email:  millerleather@msn.com

    1. Cumberland Highpower

      Cumberland Highpower

      Sorry guy, I had one for sale but sold it in September.

  3. I guess I should have just said "I don't know why an Engineer with any real world experience in actually using servo motor of this type, would draw up (as an OEM) a large drive pulley on a servo or clutch motor?" rather than just posting it as a rhetorical, slightly sarcastic question.
  4. You don't need a truck or SUV, just be a little creative. 20 Years ago when I bought my first "real" stitcher, I drove all the way to Hialiah, FL and put a Randall Stitcher w/table and Clutch motor along with 3 boxes of goodies in the hatch of my VW Golf. A month ago I sold some Mexican guys a Randall Embosser. They drove from out of state (California maybe?) and put it in the trunk of a Chevy Impala. Stand and all. Sounds like Oak Grove leather has a deal going that might be a little better though?
  5. Is there any particular reason why every servo and clutch motor made comes with such a large pulley on the motor shaft? Generally, the first thing I do is toss the original pulley and replace it with a smaller diameter one just like Constabulary does.
  6. I use a box cutter and/or a square knife most of the time. But then most anything with a curve I cut with a die.
  7. Anyone have a chart for the Landis 16 hook and awl sizes? I am looking to match 277 or 4 cord. Have been cutting down UL needles but would like to actually order some already proper size and I don't have a manual or size chart Thanks!
  8. Tons of stuff you can use. Some rifle slings come with a non slip rubber finish. cotton webbing is often woven from cotton with latex woven in. Mouse Pad Neoprene mentioned above is often used and bound around the edges. Sometimes a granulated rubber sheet is used. (backed up with a knit cloth). That's harder to find, I used to order mine from Finland.
  9. 1 Actually I seem to remember him listing a Thor machine that was a Juki 441 clone a while back. Around 1900 if I remember correctly?
  10. kgg I think some wear parts for the old 105/104s are pretty easy to find. Bobbins/needles/hooks etc. The 104/105's are really well built and I doubt he'd wear out anything really. What I bet he'd have trouble with is finding feet that he likes. I made a couple for mine but I'd gamble I'm the exception. Aren't many feet options out there for the 104/105's. Was a 105-64 on Ebay last week. I bet the seller would take less for it than his asking price of $1900. I'd rather have that than a 104. Flat beds are ok, but really not fun to sew leather on. Didn't Pastor bob list some Thor Brand Juki Clones on here for sale not long ago? Seems like I remember him listing 3 or so around $1900??
  11. Well of the batch the 104-64 is a real machine and would sew about anything you listed. You'd need to use a smooth feed dog and a needle plate with no teeth on it if you want to avoid marks on the leather I think the price is too high though. I have a 205-64 (similar at least being a needle feed) that looks brand new and I think I paid $1500 for it when I bought it last summer. I think I'd give maybe $900 max for a 104-64.
  12. Dirt Bikes and Pole Barns? Are you sure you're a native of Delaware?
  13. I don't need it. I have a 30x40 workshop so full of machinery I can't walk....Maybe I need to ask some pricing advice on some stuff as well.
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