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  1. I use a box cutter and/or a square knife most of the time. But then most anything with a curve I cut with a die.
  2. Thanks Bob. I'm guessing the Landis 3 and 16 use the same?
  3. Anyone have a chart for the Landis 16 hook and awl sizes? I am looking to match 277 or 4 cord. Have been cutting down UL needles but would like to actually order some already proper size and I don't have a manual or size chart Thanks!
  4. Tons of stuff you can use. Some rifle slings come with a non slip rubber finish. cotton webbing is often woven from cotton with latex woven in. Mouse Pad Neoprene mentioned above is often used and bound around the edges. Sometimes a granulated rubber sheet is used. (backed up with a knit cloth). That's harder to find, I used to order mine from Finland.
  5. 1 Actually I seem to remember him listing a Thor machine that was a Juki 441 clone a while back. Around 1900 if I remember correctly?
  6. kgg I think some wear parts for the old 105/104s are pretty easy to find. Bobbins/needles/hooks etc. The 104/105's are really well built and I doubt he'd wear out anything really. What I bet he'd have trouble with is finding feet that he likes. I made a couple for mine but I'd gamble I'm the exception. Aren't many feet options out there for the 104/105's. Was a 105-64 on Ebay last week. I bet the seller would take less for it than his asking price of $1900. I'd rather have that than a 104. Flat beds are ok, but really not fun to sew leather on. Didn't Pastor bob list some Thor Brand Juki Clones on here for sale not long ago? Seems like I remember him listing 3 or so around $1900??
  7. Well of the batch the 104-64 is a real machine and would sew about anything you listed. You'd need to use a smooth feed dog and a needle plate with no teeth on it if you want to avoid marks on the leather I think the price is too high though. I have a 205-64 (similar at least being a needle feed) that looks brand new and I think I paid $1500 for it when I bought it last summer. I think I'd give maybe $900 max for a 104-64.
  8. Dirt Bikes and Pole Barns? Are you sure you're a native of Delaware?
  9. I don't need it. I have a 30x40 workshop so full of machinery I can't walk....Maybe I need to ask some pricing advice on some stuff as well.
  10. He's not selling a new punch Glenn. Its' a used punch. Used stuff (Generally) sells for bargains compared to new. I sold a Tippman 15 ton clicker 3 weeks ago to a guy for $500. New it's 5k. it was used, scratched up, but worked. I felt like $500 was a fair price. I bought a Seiko Ch8b last week for $1500. New it's 6k. I thought was fair. Of course are always exceptions. I still think $400 would be a good price for a used rotary punch?
  11. That's some good information. So far you're the only one that's really come up with any useful data. 500lbs/in on Key Dies page may or may not be for leather. I looked over the site and I get the impression they make dies for cutting paper/cardboard, foam, rubber sheeting, etc? I used to die cut Rubber conveyor belting that had 2 sheets of nylon cloth inserted and a third on the surface and it cut like butter compared to Herman Oak Skirting. I'm feeling pretty confident now though, will probably order dies this week.
  12. I'd have to say you're describing just about every tannery's production lately. Pacific's leather has been going downhill for years. Now Herman Oak and Chahin. I think Covid was the perfect excuse to cut QC and extras stuffed into the leather.
  13. So much silence? I guess I'll have to order some dies and find out if it's capable.
  14. Thanks for the reply RockyAussie. I'll probably take your advice and polish the dies to make a little slicker on the cut as you mentioned.
  15. pretty much a rectangle yes. One die will be a slight trapezoid. If i had space I'd like a double head or a traveling beam clicker. I've seen some good prices on a couple, I'm just maxed out with nowhere left to put one. Deep down I feel like it may take more pressure than 25 tons?
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