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  1. BDAZ

    Cape Buffalo

    I am from South Africa and used to deal with the folks years ago: https://www.africangameskin.co.za/ Importing from South Africa is no big deal.. Bob
  2. I have a need for leather sourced here in Arizona. I have found a source for local hides but my usual supplier (one of the big ones) will only tan hides they source. Final product needs to be veg tanned and skived to +- 8oz Thanks, Bob
  3. Great information. I'll check it out!! Bob
  4. I know, I have a few sets. Thanks, Bob
  5. This is the same laser cut holes with a different lacing pattern and I think it does the trick though the 2mm punches sound like a good option if I can find them. Thanks! Bob
  6. Brilliant! I'll give it a go... Bob I looked on Amazon, didn't check Ebay. Thanks! Bob
  7. Thanks! That's what I would use for an edge but it has to be a single stitch..
  8. Not sure if a wider lace is an option but good suggestion and I'll check. Update: I checked and it has to be 1/8th" lace. Thanks! Another Update: Searched for 2mm punches but none available. I was able to laser cut these 2mm holes spaced at 2mmin 3.3mm veg tan. For the actual project I'll may have to clean the char out before lacing but it will be the final stage and the project will already be sealed with resolene. In addition, I'm going to make the holes 2mm x 1.5 or even rectangular slots of that dimension and spaced 1.75mm. A punch would be an easier solution but this is Plan A if no one has a better suggestion.
  9. I have to produce a decorative line of lacing on a project which will be around 60 inches and needs to have a tight "wrap" as shown below. All my lacing chisels leave gaps between stitches. Are there any punches for 1/8" lace that could produce these results. I suppose I could hand punch but that would be really time consuming and not in the budget. I have the possibility of either marking punch holes or even cutting them with my laser, which I will use to "trace" the pattern on the leather but again, a lot of extra work when it seems the right punch may do the trick? Thanks! Bob
  10. This is the D&B bag that I made the leather strap for. Would not have been possible with out Rocky's gear! This was a shot take before I had finished edging the strap and making the 2nd keeper. Not my cup of tea but I like to help out when the locals are quited rip off prices. I am now resoring and relacing a 60s vintage base ball glove....last time I touched one was in the 60s..The customer was quoted $150 by the local sporting goods shop. Bob
  11. Good news! I usually allow around 1/4" for stitching but now I'm going for 1/8" with the new setup. Works a treat! I have also purchased some 92 thread and 19 needles to expand the work I can take on. I just had a job to replace the canvas strap on an expensive Dooney and Burke shoulder bag with leather. I was able to almost exactly match the stitching with the new setup and the new strap looked OEM. Customer was thrilled! Thanks Rocky!!
  12. Just installed my n arrow plate and feed dog and will be running it on #92 thread for an order for some narrow woman's and children's belts. I am very pleased with the test stitching. Are there any down sides of leaving the narrow plate in place when switch back to 138 thread with a 23 needle? I can't see why not but welcome comments. Great job on this item!! Well made and easy to install. I was having trouble when I first tested it. I realized I had forgotten to thread the needle!! Bob
  13. I did try adding a line for the groove but it is extremely fragile and difficult to align perfectly. The actual groover make for a good alignment tool for the plate and adds a bit of wiggle room. If the groove is not aligned, it's noticeable, the knots..not so much. Just got back from 9 days in London. Need a decent pint and a full English. Been a while. We flew over the North coming in as the flight was direct San Francisco to Heathrow. Way home was via Houston and we did the usual route over the Republic. I have a bisexual banjo that converts from an Irish Tenor to an Appalachian Clawhammer. (My avatar is a photoshop recreation of the pearl engraving on a 1909 banjo). Over 40 Irish sessions a month in greater London and 10 or 12 bluegrass and Appalachian. I made it to 7! Remind me where in the North are you? Bob
  14. Just had a request for a 1" Celtic belt w/o lining. I realized I didn't have anything narrow enough to leave room for stitching so I made a few .6" x5" plates. From downloading the graphic to curing the plates took 15 minutes. In addition I laser engraved my Maker's Mark on the back because the stamp wouldn't fit, and it is significantly more legible! The antiquing wasn't great but the customer was thrilled. Last week I had a commission to carve and tool a complex design on the front of a S22 Ultra phone case. I pulled the hand drawn off the net, retraced it in photoshop to produce a sharp digital pattern and scaled it up to the side of the case from the original belt dimensions. Then I laser engraved it at the absolute minimum settings which produces a fine light brown pattern on the leather. Got to love the technology! Bob
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