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  1. I was an architectural photographer in Dublin in the early 70s and did the pics for the Doors of Dublin poster and the Book of Kells used on the "new" Irish currency, as well as lots of boring progress shots and a few interesting buildings. My main interest was Irish trad, and I stayed with the Sands in Mayo Bridge and hung out with a lot of the now famous musicians in Dublin, like Christy Moore, Billy Connolly, etc. I play with a Piper from Belfast who came over with a band of young musicians in the early 90s called The Antrim Tantrums. Was in a Bluegrass Irish fusion band a few years ago and we toured for a couple of weeks. we stayed in Bangor for a few days and played at this pub which was outside of Bangor... I haven't touched an instrument since I got home in mid march! Actually bought one yesterday but it's got non standard fittings, really flimsy and has a 1/4" adapter for a standard compressor. Bringing it back today!! The Badger looks much better! Bob
  2. Thanks Fred, Great suggestion. I'll order one today. Where in the North are you? Lived in the Republic in the 70s and spent time in Mayo Bridge and Derry. I organize a festival in Lisdoonvarna every year and just made it home in March! Probably the last festival held in Ireland this year. www.irisholdtime.com Bob
  3. I currently have a brand X that came with my compressor. It's similar in design to the badger if not in quality. Capacity is adequate. I did pick up a syphon brush from Harbor Freight for the occasional larger project. Thanks! Bob
  4. Thanks to both of you. Cutting the resolene 1:1 with distilled water. The bottle I am using is a few years old, but I just purchased a fresh quart. I use a blend of isopropyl, windex and distilled water as a cleaner. I may try using my ultrasonic cleaner if I still get gunk. I have been looking at a Badger for my next brush. Are you happy with it? Thanks, Bob
  5. years ago I bought a spray gun to use for applying resolene and dyes for commercial projects, but the resolene never really worked well. I was plagued with clogs and went back to sponge applications. I recently acquired an air brush for an unrelated project but thought it mighty be ideal for applying resolene. I did a quick test. The finish was perfect but the air brush clogged pretty quickly and required a through cleaning to remove the resolene gunk. If anyone id using resolene in an airbrush, what dilutions are you using and what dilutant. I am using acrylic paints for my other project and am also thinking of using paints to dyes to accent some of my products. I currently use inexpensive metallic acrylic paints and they hold up as well or better than the dedicated leather paints with a vast selection of colors. Thanks! Bob
  6. That was a good lead. I discovered the problem was the presser foot was getting stuck and wasn't descending all the way. Just enough to cause the work to slip but not every time. I took apart the "Front End" and discovered some of the parts were rough. No rust here in Tucson, but seemed to more gummed up with dried oil. I ran a few of the parts on the buffer and got them factory smooth and reassembled everything, many, many , many times. I finally realized it was the foot pedal mechanism binding and since it has always been nearly impossible to use I never actually used it in the 6 years I have owned the machine. I just disconnected it, reassembling a few more times getting the adjustments right and all seems fine. I am not sure if I need to have the presser foot directly on the base or a bit above. I 'll do some sewing tests tomorrow, when my patience has returned. I now have a much better idea of how all the stuff under the front cover works and I'll be more effective with my oiler in future. Bob
  7. Not the same. The foot is in a fixed position, held with a screw. Thanks!
  8. About an inch when the foot is lowered. Bob
  9. I have had my 3200 for 6 years or so and I have never had any issues. Recently I had a custom order for a piece that consists of two pieces of 6oz leather laminated with pig skin suede lining on both pieces. I have to stitch the perimeter then the flap which is a single side and then back to the top and bottom. The "flap" is stitched suede down and I have insufficient grip on the piece and the piece slips and the stitch goes awry. The suede is quite slick. I would like to lower the foot so it is touching the base (not sure what the word is) to get maximum grip on the piece. I have cranked down the tension spring on the foot. The beauty of the Cowboy is that i can pull a few inches of stitches and restitch exactly in the original holes. Suggestions? In addition any one have a way of minimizing a couple of rogue needle holes? Bob
  10. Trying to understand the point of the current discussion?
  11. Fred, If someone brought a branded concho to be, say Ford, or what ever, and asked me to put it on their wallet, I wouldn't hesitate. If some came to me with 1000 conchos and asked me to make 1000 items and afix the logo, I would tell him to take a hike. The disclaimer has no legal standing in patent and trademark law. Bob
  12. Where in the North are you? Hung my hat in Mayo Bridge for a while in the 70s. Got out of the UK in March by the skin of my teeth.Had been on holiday... Bob
  13. Sounds like you have been on lock down too long mate! First off you need to read up on the difference between a patent, a copyright and a trademark. I have all three and they are distinct protections for different activities. The thing you are not understanding is that when I sell a "branded" item be it a key chain or a logo on a Ferrari and it is sold with the understanding that it is for purchase by a consumer who will use it for the use intended by the manufacturer. Not to imply a fraudulent product is endorsed or produced by the original manufacturer. The UGG (Not UGH as you have written) boots (I hate them) were not patented but was trade marked along with an accompanying logo There is no such thing as prior art in trademarks. Bob
  14. Legally I doubt it would have any standing. If you copy a trade marked or patented or copyright design doesn't matter if it says "Made on Mars" you are liable to a law suit.
  15. Post it in the show off with a link to somewhere with a downloadable pattern and instructions. You could also establish a Paypal link for donations. Bob Tucson
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