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  1. BDAZ

    Case for Button Accordion / Melodeon

    We refer to accordions as "boxes" For those who don't know, perfect pitch is when you toss a banjo into a dumpster (tip) and it lands on an accordion!. BTW my avatar was laboriusly traced from a 1909 pearl engraving from a Faibanks banjo, and every 5 string banjo I own has one. Bob
  2. BDAZ

    Case for Button Accordion / Melodeon

    Nice! What box? Salterelles are becoming quite popular here. Have my hands full with instrument cases! The strap market was more interesting when I lived in Boston.. Bob
  3. The client doesn't want a plastic sheath, one came with the knife. He also wants a form fitting sheath so a cuff style case is also out. The epoxy impregnated welt appears to be a solution or possibly to create one from carbon fiber. I am going to play with laying down a single layer of carbon on top of an epoxied welt on the bottom. I won't have the knife too tight and will wet form using a Maquette think enough to give it room. The client wants it horizontal on his belt and it will be worn daily for work. Thanks! Bob
  4. Cut through the threads and the glued seam. Kydex would be too bulky, I have used it for straight edges but to get a curve would be a problem. With the spacer I will trace the outside of the case on some 5-6 oz then cut the inside 1/4" smaller and should be able to lay the spacer right over one shell. It's the curve that's the issue.
  5. I tried a test using a 1/4" spacer strip between top and bottom saturated in epoxy then stitched when try. I was unable to slice the edge of the 5-5 oz spacer after repeated tries and the knife glides smoothly across the edge. It will be a bear to apply this to the case without ruining the piece. I am thinking about lining with carbon fiber at the same time. Bob
  6. BDAZ

    Case for Button Accordion / Melodeon

    Beautiful Work! Don't think I have seen a nicer one! What sort of music do you play? For a while I was playing guitar for a Morris side in Uxbridge and will be playing tenor banjo in Clare in a couple of weeks. I have occasionally been asked to make custom straps for button boxes but declined due to the distance involved. I'd want to be able to fit and measure and the 5,000 mile commute would be a problem. Bob
  7. I have a commission to make a sheath for a karambit. This is a working knife and retrieval has to be quick and easy and reinsertion, at least simple and not fiddly. Unlike all of the Karambits detailed here, this has an extreme curve, is not for show and will be used for self defense. It is extremely sharp and immediately sliced open the seam of test sheath I constructed. I am not sure simply adding an extra layer of leather around the perimeter of the blade would work. The worst area is along the outer edge towards the tip. Suggestions or ideas are most welcome. Thanks! Bob
  8. BDAZ

    DIY Filler for Edges?

    Sounds time consuming and not very economic, unless it's for hobby work. Bob
  9. BDAZ

    DIY Filler for Edges?

    If you are referring to the above post separation is due to stress on the seams after wet forming which causes stretching and stress on the seams. I can sometimes use white glue in a syringe and clamp but it's tedious. The silicone caulk wouldn't take edge paint and other types didn't bind well or have enough body to bead. Plastic wood didn't hold. maybe wood or leather white glue with powdered leather as a filler may do the job. To busy building to experiment at the moment. Bob
  10. BDAZ

    DIY Filler for Edges?

    I have not had any success in finding a stable filler that will bind the edge and produce a smooth finish.My problems occur after wet forming on a wooden form which stretched the 5-6 oz leather sides. I haven't given up yet.. Bob
  11. BDAZ

    Fire Fighting Templates

    I have found the inexpensive acrylic paints to be very durable especially with a coat of resolene or other sealer. Bob
  12. BDAZ

    Fire Fighting Templates

    I bevel around the edges of the letter then use a backgrounder to stamp down the back ground. Then I use standard acrylic paint (usually metallic Gold or Silver) from the hobby shop, a fine brush and magnifier to paint the letters. These pics show two aspects. The backgrounding and the letter painting. Bob ers.
  13. Just heard on the radio that the "Walmart Effect", increased consumer prices, is expected to wipe out any benefits of the tax breaks for the average consumer, and more. Doesn't effect the wealthy of course. Bob
  14. Generally import tariffs are based on origin rather than where they arrive from. There would have to be a significant component of Canadian content to supersede Chinese origin, though Canadians tariffs may also be 25% . There is a lot of wiggle room for cheating where products are made from, say Chinese fabric made from US cotton is then sent to Vietnam for basic assembly, then to say France or the US for final finishing and packaging. With a sewing machine, there's not much one can fiddle. Cowboy could import the parts (often lower duties on parts) which does not include added labor costs, and then do final assembly in the US but that may be even less competitive. The problem with these tariffs is say a US company wanted to set up a leather factory here because imported leather products have a 25% duty and have become expensive. All the equipment, qwhich is no longer made here will be 30%-40% more expensive, labor,, etc. is also the same issue, so he would have to be more expensive than possibly imports WITH the extra duty. The introduction of these tariffs is something for senior economists to consider rather than a circus barker shooting from the hip, and hopefully will disappear in 2020 along with the circus that initiated them.
  15. We don't have a VAT system in the US where taxes are included in the sales price, but are added at the time of sale to the end user. Sales tax is usually a combination of federal (as in petrol) state and local ad ons and usually amounts to +-10% except for petrol. Generally these has been either no import duty or very little, maybe 1%-2%. 25% is a trade killer and is designed to make the import non competitive to product local manufacturers. The problem is that these days we have become so global that there is very little local production that doesn't include imported components because we have stopped making 100% of what is required, and Trump is to stupid and simplistic to understand that he is hurting US manufacturers and growers. A good example on the radio is that the manufacturers of steel cord for radial tyres (tires) uses specialized steel form Japan and Germany because no one in the US makes the equivalent. They applied for an exemption to the tariff but a small domestic steel company filed a protest, one of thousands they filed, even though they cannot produce a similar steel. The system is broken and presided over by an idiot.. Bob