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  1. Ill agree with the others. Ive had my boss for maybe 10 years and have sewn a ton with it. It will do up to 3/4 easily and backstitching is quick and easy like others said just lifting the presser foot.
  2. Brings back some memories. I was a salesman for them back in the mid-late 90s. I do not think they still make saddles but i could be wrong. I drive through McKinney fairly often and the 2 buildings they used to be in are no longer Action. It was one company that owned Action, Tex Tan, Hereford..maybe another company. The action line, while good saddles, were the basic line and most of the simple tack (blankets/brushes/etc)was sold under the Action brand. If i recall, all Action saddles had synthetic, not rawhide covered trees. The long number is the model number. The 15 means 15" seat. By the design and the wrapped horn, i would say it is likely a roping saddle.
  3. Hello from the other side of DFW (between McKinney and Greenville). w&c will sell sides one at a time. And I think im only paying about 250/side from wc for drum dyed 8 and 10 oz sides. Give them a call when you get your money back from SLC
  4. Everything works. One of the older cast iron frames. Includes some extra parts, needles, bobbins, rack gear, roller guide. In North Texas, $950 + shipping if shipped
  5. Guessing you dont realize how big Texas is . If hes in the Valley, hes still a good 6-7hr drive each way from Elm Mott. Gas cost would probably be as much or more than the $400 delivery
  6. Sure you can. Google Auber PID controllers. Plenty of good ones under $50
  7. I dont have a roller machine, or 700 to spend on one at the moment. So was hoping to pay someone to emboss a belt for me.
  8. Have a client ive made a few things for with this same pattern and theyd like a belt to match. I dont have a roller and it seems that would be the best way to make it look great vs trying to tool it all by hand down the length of the belt. If anyone has this embosser pattern, id like to see what youd charge to do it. Ill finish everything else, can even send you the leather blank. Thanks Cory
  9. Looks like you and i are both eagerly awaiting our Cobras. Mine was supposed to have shipped today. Then its off with the Boss, and on to faster, easier stitching
  10. i rarely dry more than a couple at a time. ive used a countertop toaster oven for many years. Actually the same one that i use to temper knives in. I use a metal plate beneath to even temps when tempering steel (350-400*) and a wood board to put leather in for drying at 125*. Learned the very first time not to put leather on the metal wire rack ha
  11. Ive seen the SLC pattern that is available, but i think id have to make a lot of adjustments to it. Which i may have to do with any pattern of course, but wondering if anyone has leads on where to download or purchase a more modern looking pattern for a set of rodeo chaps. Thanks
  12. Can someone tell me what the width and depth of the machine and stand are? Trying to decide where in my shop it will fit so I can prep before it arrives.
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