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  1. Spyros

    Oval punches

    I mean you don't need much in terms of tools, just a drill for the holes. Buy the metal bars in the width and thickness you need and cut it to size a hacksaw, sand the edges round (if you can be bothered), pop some rivets in and that's it. The ruler bit is just for show. I'm actually thinking of using aluminium because I'm too lazy to drill through mild steel. Oh I just remembered I made one too for letter stamps It works, kinda. but those stamps are not made to be used like that, they're too spaced out.
  2. Spyros

    Oval punches

    I think Ι'll pop out in the shed this weekend and make one of those quickly .....but then the problem is, on that metal piece in the middle, how do I drill those holes straight It's the age old catch 22 of toolmaking: "to make the tool that you want, you need the tool that you're making"
  3. *** do you all live in disneyland or something Where's bambi
  4. Not sure because both of them offer products and services that are not listed on their websites, so it's worth emailing Angela and Samantha to ask the question. They always have kangaroo skins so it's quite possible. sam@austanners.com.au angela@dshorne.com.au
  5. What? Why? Did you try Austanners or DSHorne? I buy roo from those two regularly and it usually arrives in 1-2 days from payment. And last parcel i sent to Europe, just regular mail, was received in 11 days despite COVID.
  6. Man, that is awesome... if that's near where you live I'm jealous
  7. Thats great, for the rest of us who don't want to walk people to our drawer, or upload it to an email every time we want to show a photo, there is always image hosting.
  8. Use them to do what? Photos are for showing to people and the most practical way to do that is to host it somewhere, otherwise you have to upload it every time. Like I said in 15 years I never had a problem, but like everything else you have to be selective who you deal with. Generally you get what you paid for... free is free for a reason.
  9. Spyros

    Have you ever loved topography so much

    Good thing he's not obsessed with satellite photos LOL Good job
  10. Tom yeah, look, I get it. I was an admin in a photography forum and I feel your pain. I'm quite confident my specific host is not going away* but i'll do it anyway. *or I'm fkd to be honest
  11. The ones that went out of business, those were free, right?
  12. Yeah I know how to upload a photo. What I don't know is how to find the one i want in 30 years worth of photos on my drives LOL The leatherworking ones are all recent though so I'll give it a try.
  13. It's a paid image host service I've had for 15 years, it's not going anywhere. I have thousands of photos (parallel hobby) and the only place they're somewhat organised is that online host, half the time I don't even know where my photos are on my drive. But I'll try. Might have to download from there and reupload here.
  14. Fred i get what you're saying, but to me at least one of the main attractions of leatherworking is that machines are nice to have, and necessary if you're turning pro, but you don't actually need them. You know how I work? I have this wooden caddy, about the size of a shoebox, and it usually fits everything I need to finish a project. Typically I don't have to go back to my stash until I get to the hardware stage. And by stash I mean another 3 drawers in the kitchen area for hardware, threads and some more specialised tools that rarely see the light of day. That's all I have, and if I'm honest it's already more than I need. When I start a project I take this box to my desk and get to work. In the morning I pack it all up in 2 minutes, open my laptop on the same desk and start my morning job. That's all. There's really no excuses with leatherworking, it's just so easy to start and so rewarding from day 1. To me that's the biggest selling point and how I try to get people interested. You don't have to invest a huge dedicated space, get out of the house, breathe dust, deal with chemicals or dangerous machines, apologise to your neighbour for the noise, buy a crazy number of tools and equipment. Compare this to woodworking, metal working, blacksmithing, machining etc and you'll see what I mean. It really is a superior and elegant craft in so many ways, all it needs is love and time really. I think what puts people off it is that most of us make it sound a lot more complicated than it really is. i mean don't get me wrong it can be as deep and complex as you want it to be, if you get into tooling, shoes, saddles, business adventures, production lines, whatever. But for the stuff that most people want to make? A wallet, a belt and a tote? All you need is that box, a flat surface and an internet connection. The rest is all on youtube.