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    132K6 Canvas Machines 111WSV77 leather machines

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    canvas no Leather
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    132k6 /111WSV77 models manuals
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    google searching Singer models

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About Me

Just a fella with a curiosity in Old Singer Sewing Machines 

I have a Trade in caravan repairs and also spent about 8 years in the Canvas Industry and manufacturing Industry s 

cabinet Making /shopfitting /cement casting/welding  lots of experience in many area,s recently re-did timing on  a 132k6 

despite not being a machinist since high school although lots of experience in canvas etc I used to assemble Camper trailers/ tonneau covers /boat covers /Caravan Annexes/outdoor blinds etc...part of that was instructing machinist on were and how to sew ....what ever was required at the time 

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