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  1. Good stitching, I like the look of brass on my projects as well, it patinas so well with the leather.
  2. The straps are stunning, and thanks for the bit on your thought process and material selection.
  3. Interesting design should age very nicely. Always amazed how we whip off items for ourselves that we deem “good enough” while we try them to see how we can improve them.
  4. Thanks it is saddle tan and then atomic balm changes shade to that warmer hue. Interior is actually some wool plaid left over from a kilt I had made.
  5. In Canada they accept our picture driver licences as I’d on flights domestically. The green carry wallet should come in handy on the international travel as it will house just the cards I really need for travel. It is about half smaller than my usual home carry wallet. It is actually in the corner of the open passport wallet photo.
  6. Thanks I have just started with the coloured dyes, I like how they come out
  7. Beautiful work on both, but that handle is a showstopper, really like how the leather, brass and antler go together
  8. We seem to be doing doing and planning more travel, and I always seem to be searching for passport and credit cards etc, when moving spot to spot. So I decided to do a passport wallet for the moving part of the trips. For when we are based, I found that my daily wallet has a lot of cards that I need at home not so much with travel. So I did up a prototype of a small scale western style wallet with some scraps I had around, to see how it would work out and if suitable I will do a more finished one for travel use. Small wallet
  9. Nice work, really like the colour and how mink oil gives it a natural aged look.
  10. Nice job, I have worked with bison before in some small pouches an it is tough to get the edges finished.
  11. Photo of on the putter and the back with flap medallion. Sorry for two messages on this, resizing is not something I am good at. Thanks and not likely, hands still sore from this stitching.
  12. My wife’s putter head cover was beginning to look a little ratty. I had some scrap green leather and goat skin, so figured I would give it a go and did up a pattern. She is from Ireland so also thought I would try an embossing(likely wrong description of technique) of a shamrock. I think it came out well, and more importantly she likes it.
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