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  1. Thanks that is my next step just wanted to check first to see if anyone had experience with it.
  2. Can I dye The hide side of a sheepskin shearing so that the wool side stays it’s natural state or will it bleed through? Anything I find on line all shows dyeing the entire hide through immersing it.
  3. I like your design, I have made two cases for a buddy of mine, I like how you wet moulded yours I was looking to do that on the last one I owe him as it is 2” wide Blade and the thickness of the taper of the blade. I found the making of the side rand was so thick, due to the taper of the blade, it was tough getting stitching holes through. Quick questions, Did you put extra leather in the end to compensate for the sharpness of the blade? What weight leather are you considering?
  4. Nice work, nice stitching on the badge holder. I recently made one for my old boss for when he works plain clothes and VIP details. Did you use clip on back or a belt slots for retention?
  5. Wanted to thin out my old wallet, so it is flatter in my pocket or travel bag, ring will allow it to be hooked to my key lanyard in my travel bag or could be like biker wallet with a chain. Combined two designs, I had done for my daughter and her partner to make what I figured I was looking for. Found a scrap Kodak leather piece and dyed the card holders in what I felt was a good contrasting colour. Each pocket holds 2 cards, slot with fastener can hold an overflow if needed and back will hold folded bills if I ever have any. Slots lined with pigskin.
  6. Very nice, thinking of doing one myself. For the leg split do you find it sits ok or are you constantly readjusting? Also did you consider straps for the leg sections?
  7. Very nice, great idea carrying leather down to the foot rest, really makes it pleasing to the eye. Quick question did you make the frame or repurpose an old one?
  8. Seagrove59

    Travel Cribbage

    Here it is, runs entire length of middle section and 1” in the end pieces, sewn and glued. I get what you did there!
  9. Seagrove59

    Travel Cribbage

    It is climbing accessory cord like a braided polyester line, 1/4 between sections.
  10. Seagrove59

    Travel Cribbage

    Too true, hope to put many miles on it.
  11. Seagrove59

    Travel Cribbage

    My wife and I are retiring and we love to travel and play cribbage, so rather than buy a plastic travel board, i did some research, found a WW2 board used by soldiers and modified it. Not 100% happy with the wet moulding for card holder but have only done it once before so will continue to work on that. I do like how it came out overall. I picked a leather with the scars, bite marks, etc, As I liked the travelled look it gave it. Used strap as a carrying holder for the pegs.
  12. Point taken, I had seen it on other designs, will look to modify in my next ones.
  13. Great work on both knives and cases. Knives are particularly beautiful, flow of the bolster from knife up and around the handle quite unique.
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