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  1. As I am not a great golfer, I usually carry a few spare balls in my back pocket. Wanted to figure out a carrier I would be comfortable with so built one to use this season. Small issue with belt clip stud, secure but off centre ( not seen so will leave). Left it natural except for coating of Smith Leather Balm to see how it ages. Additional photo
  2. Seagrove59

    Valet tray

    Yeh I liked how it came out. 8 sides sounds interesting.
  3. Seagrove59

    Valet tray

    Last thing finished for Christmas presents. Couple of other items on the go but will need to wait. Will try the next one with snaps but like how the Chicago screws came out. Happy Holidays. The back
  4. Seagrove59

    Dice Bags

    Thank you Shhhhh, I am trying already to get all my projects ready for Christmas, do not give my wife anymore ideas.
  5. Seagrove59

    Dice Bags

    They did not have a name for it, but the internet had a similar game called Farkle. It said there are variations of the game and scoring.
  6. Seagrove59

    Dice Bags

    Neighbours introduced us to a game played with 6 dice. We enjoy playing it and introduced it to one of our daughters and her partner, they also had a blast, my wife “suggested” that we should give both of our daughters six dice for Christmas and hey I could make a bag for the dice. Two days later after researching and finding a design I liked here they be. Happy how they came out now to make one for us.
  7. Thanks that is my next step just wanted to check first to see if anyone had experience with it.
  8. Can I dye The hide side of a sheepskin shearing so that the wool side stays it’s natural state or will it bleed through? Anything I find on line all shows dyeing the entire hide through immersing it.
  9. I like your design, I have made two cases for a buddy of mine, I like how you wet moulded yours I was looking to do that on the last one I owe him as it is 2” wide Blade and the thickness of the taper of the blade. I found the making of the side rand was so thick, due to the taper of the blade, it was tough getting stitching holes through. Quick questions, Did you put extra leather in the end to compensate for the sharpness of the blade? What weight leather are you considering?
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