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  1. In your last picture were making a stand alone loop to slide your tab through? If that is the case it would become bulky. I mocked up what I described earlier forgive the sloppy stitching.
  2. I looked at google (so it has to be true) a magnet can affect the strip on a credit card with long enough exposure; however chips in cards don’t seem to be affected. You could maybe try cutting two slots it the wallet for the strap to go thru and eliminate the need for hardware. You could put some decorative stitching around the slots to make them look nice.
  3. Have you considered a magnet closure instead of snap? The only down side is at this point you would have to disassemble the wallet to get the magnets where they go.
  4. Here is the first set of spur straps I’ve made. It’s also my first for hair on and doing an inlay. Is there anything to improve or to not to do?
  5. chuck123wapati is right about buying tools to fit patterns you'll end up with more useable tools to start with. The Tandy craftaids are good for learning and they give you the stamp numbers you need for that pattern. The stamp numbers aren't just Tandy's numbers they are the same for most manufactures. I second DieselTech on the Pro Leather Carvers. I've bought from them before, and as soon as my wife says ok I've got another order for them, just type the stamp number in their search bar and it'll come up. I favor the Craft Japan, but they have several different brands.
  6. Thanks for the help I think I gonna get the stylus type for the convenience factor. I’ve found if something is easier to use you’re more likely to use it. Thanks again.
  7. I’m trying to learn some floral carving, so I got a couple Tandy Craftaids. I was seeing which tools I had and what I was lacking, a hair blade for the swivel knife was one of my deficiencies. I found blades (1/8” and 1/16”) for a swivel knife, but I also found from Tandy a hair blade stylus looking tool with the same sizes. I’m not sure which way to go as I’ve never used this tool. The blades for the swivel knife seem like you would get a better impression as you apply more down pressure; however the stylus has the advantage of not having to change blades to change sizes. So any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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