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  1. Considering making some of my own cuff bracelets (standard 1" bridal leather). Typically buy them but I am very hard on them and they get pretty beat - or I loose them, look down and its gone. I have a couple out there in the Sierra Mtns I lost backpacking Also, I find the basic snaps uncomfortable sometimes, esp when typing. Wondering it there is a way to reduce the thickness of the fastening, not such a thick profile. Then I wondered if there was a a way to glue vecro to where the snaps usually go. Stitch probably better, but dont have the ability (yet). Just thinking out loud
  2. I have been unable to find any high quality leather straps for leather bracelets / wristbands. The one I last bought on the street in Seattle was 2 thinner leather straps sewn together with the rough sides facing (see below). I have not since been able to find such leather straps. Any one have an ideas? Thanks!
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