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  1. I was wlooking to buy his 3 sheridan books.. Sent email with no reply...?
  2. Yea.. I was a member of IILG also.. Darn shame it went down... I had many talks with Ron at leather shows and in group.. He always helped me with carving chats and mini lessons... 2000's I had some personal problems.. I lost many hand carved pieces and books from Ron.. ( and alot of other things!)..
  3. Bruce, Checked out you web page! Very Cool! I will let you know if I decide what I want to get...
  4. I'm thinking the information I had (back then) was talking to Ron Ross (Indiana) and trying to get some of his knowledge?
  5. Thank you.. Sorry to hear...
  6. A very long time ago (early 2000's) i remeber there being alot of modifying standard Tandy tools to good Sheridan tools.... Is that still a thing? I found it fun to make some cheap tools into great tools! Did google search with no luck.. Thanks
  7. Hi all.. Mike Heinen from Gallatin Mo.. I was a member of the IILG in the early 2000's.. Had alot of great times at shows back then,, Great people.. Blanche Byrne, Jim and Pat Hay, Roz "Dragon lady"?, Ron Ross (who helped me alot!) many more!. I mainly did Sheridan carving... Got pretty good.. Got a second place at an Indy show. Had some good tools Hand made tools (Dave Torix, Byrne back grounders, some I made). I had many great pieces from some talented people..... One day just got fed up with the whole thing.. People always asking for the "friend price" (= nothing) and the ol' "jeees a checkbook for $100? I can get a plastic cover at the store !" not sellng ..In a moment of fury ( and stupidity and a bit of bi-polar) I cleared everything out! Sold largest amount.. Gave some to a gentleman ( That took top a pawnshop! knew because I seen my stuff on the shelf one day!). Now I have "0" to show for it all (sucks) .. Now I am retired and getting the urge to start again.. Saddest part is having to buy everthing again! Still gonna do Sheridan, but now would just do for me to enjoy and not feel like I have to sell. Again I will have alot of questions... Sorry for the "novel" post I just need a place to vent after so long ago.. Thanks
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