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  1. Hi Scoutmom, the base pattern is from craftsmangus who is based in Thailand, he can be found on ETSY. I modified it a fair bit and the hey holder and address label are my own patterns.
  2. Hi Wykoni, the weight of the leather is 5oz it is pre dyed in tan color, all the stitching is by hand. I don't own a machine. You had me curious about the total weight so I weighed the bag on our digital kitchen scales and it weighs 3lb 4oz with the name tag and key holder but without the shoulder strap. With the shoulder strap it weighs 3lb 9oz.
  3. Thanks YinTx appreciate the comment. Spyros, it feels substantial but not heavy in the hand. It would not be uncomfortable to walk with around a city. I don't like heavy cases as you tend not to want to use them.
  4. Thank you Alexis1234 appreciate your comments. Thanks rodneywt1180b, appreciate the comments about the case and the chair.
  5. Thank you very much Tugadude, I very much appreciate the kind comments,
  6. Thanks Toxo, appreciate your kind sentiments. I cannot take credit for the chair it was made by a local artist for an exhibition based on Alice in Wonderland. The title of the chair is English Breakfast, so it struck a chord with me. Thanks LatigoAmigo,
  7. Thanks, Crisash appreciate the kind words. I originally come from a small place called Marple in the North West of England now a popular place for the canals and Industrial history of Samuel Oldknow. I go back every two or three years to see my family there.
  8. Hi guys, I have been a member of the group for a while and have admired everyone's work here, I am reluctant to show my own offerings but decided to take the plunge. I have been working for a couple of weeks on this English Style Briefcase, I live in the Philippines so sometimes products are difficult to get shipped here and things take longer waiting for accessories etc. The case is made of Veg tan leather with all the fittings being solid brass with a brass lock from Amiet, it has a key holder, address tag and strap with shoulder pad. The bag is 3 compartment with the first compartment having a passport/cellphone pocket and pen loops, 2nd compartment is a zipped laptop pocket and the third compartment is plain for pads, books etc. The gussets are in 3 pieces to give good fit and bend on the corners. Although I live in the Philippines and have done for 25 years, I am originally from England hence my natural preference for English style leather work. Stay safe everyone
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