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  1. hi im getting a new shed for leatherwork 14’x8’ i like to make belts , ive got these machines 1, tandy tipping machine 2, tandy multi strap cutting machine , 3, tandy pro hand press ,4, tandy red hand press, 5, tandy burnisher machine, 6, tandy hand skiving splitter ,7, tandy hand crank embossing machine ,8, small hand skiving machine ,9, Chinese patcher machine , 10, Bunkhouse Tools Original Hand Crank Leather Embossing Machine 11,Bunkhouse Tools Mini Embosser 12, arbor press 13, 10 ton bearring press im after ideas how to set these up best in shed ie layout sort on benches i wasnt sure if to put an island bench in middle of shed any help be great im hobbyest not a bussinness thx guys
  2. hi guys great topic im looking for embosser im in england i cart find Beiler’s email or website the bushes you put on to hold wheel steady dont they get in way of the guides that position leather ie if wheels 1” 1/4” wide and belts 1”1/2” wide thx dave in uk
  3. hi everyone can anyone put me in touch with anyone thats got a tandy embosser as im after the dimentions sizes to make my own thx dave in uk
  4. hi guys heres pick of leather pick guard i just made http://www.gretsch-talk.com/forum/album.ph...;pictureid=2653
  5. hi im looking for a leather stamp its either 2d or 3d of rebel flag , ive seen guys selling belts with this on but they dont know where 2 get if from , thanks bye dave in uk
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