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  1. I believe that they are standard bolt thread but have not received them yet. I am hoping to use a t-nut on in between two layers, I will go to hardware store to find something to work. I will post my findings.
  2. I found them, only downfall is I am unsure of snap size and thread size, this place sells everything separately and descriptions are a bit lacking, but I figure once I have these a trip to hardware store solves the rest. I am wanting to use them as a way to fasten a belt loop for an IWB holster that would allow for can’t adjustment and snap without using multiple pieces of hardware.
  3. I am trying to find something that looks like furniture snaps, but instead of wood screw style I would like Chicago screw. Would anyone know what a proper name for this type of fastener would be and maybe where to find them?
  4. @rustyj58 I am going my own route with it. Currently in design for the website right now. I will have some mass run items as to work on bringing in a flow of income to keep margin steady but also do the one off requests. I think having multiple mass run small items is important because it can provide well. One order a month for $200 is nice but 100 orders added on of $5 keychains is able to pay overhead maintenance cost of the website, the electric at shop, phone bill, internet and still leave some for plenty of supplies to keep running. Plus I am going to try and offer something in all price ranges from the $5 keychain on up
  5. Thank you! I have not done anything outside of the Sheridan style yet, but I am about to start something soon. Once I have something I will tag you in it.
  6. Yes, lots off thought to make it serve a personal purpose. I do think that if it was not for my own use and something to sell I would have made it in a more traditional way. I probably would have left the clip off and added a few more pockets to accommodate businesse cards and maybe a pen loop. I didn't put one on mine since unless I always care a pen and pocket book anyway.
  7. Yes the white is flesh side, it is actually a preference of mine and since this is for personal use I decided to leave it natural. Normally I do spray dye the flesh. My first thoughts were to place everything as it would have been in a usual padfolio but this position would give me quick access to everything I use at work. The note pad does slip in from the top on right side, then the clip will hold driver paperwork which is normally only 6x5 which still leaves access to my pocket that is actually oversized to allow for holding a pocket calculator. The rivets were set in a position to where if I do fold it won't land on tooling but on excess border.
  8. Yeah I noticed that as well, I am going to have to play with the bargrounder more. It's a difficult tool and I love it!
  9. @YinTx yes it was a lot of tooling, a task I was not actually prepared for when I chose to do this. But well worth the sore hands. It's done! Excuse the messy background, my shop is a basement storage room lol
  10. This is where I am at currently. @Sheilajeanne I decided to do corners with basket weave, what do you think?
  11. So been heavy at it the past couple nights till I was to tired to post, here are the pics up to current state. Enjoy There is more but it's not letting me post and not sure why. They are under 1mb
  12. @Sheilajeanne I am looking forward to seeing your design on this. I think it is interesting to see how different people can do their tooling differently.
  13. Yeah, I am thinking about doing a basket weave with a camo border.
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