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  1. I was Piddling around in an old Junky trailer I Jokingly call The Shop and found a 2 pound engineers Hammer Bought from Harbor Freight . I wonder if I Glued A layer or two of scrap 9-10 Veg tan to the steel Head if that would be ok to use with Diamond Stitching Chisels ? I would be using a piece of scrap 9-10 Veg tan between the holster and either a plastic Kitchen cutting board or a piece of plywood. If the consensus is that would work ok then I will do that,if not I will buy either a Poly Hammer or a a Poly Maul.
  2. I am going to be Making Myself a few Holsters using Diamond Stitching Chisels(approx 5mm) But have no Idea what weight of Maul or Hammer I should use to drive the Diamond Stitching Chisels through 2 pieces 9-10 Ounce Veg tan leather? Also Do you prefer for it to be the plastic/rubber type of head ? Looking to buy inexpensive
  3. Once again I want to thank Everyone for your help in teaching me about the differences in Chisels and the links you have sent me.
  4. Thanks for all the information and the links. Thanks for the Information and the links. I really appreciate you taking the time to explain these things to me . I can see now that this can get confusing though as the width of the prongs can make a difference in the size of the hole and the spacing can vary depending whether it was measured from the center of the hole or the edge of the hole. (I THINK that is correct !) It is a little more complicated than the last holster I made ,I Made a Pancake holster for a Bersa Thunder 380 ACP and I used a Table fork (about 4 SPI)to mark the stitch holes then used a Finishing nail to open the holes and then sewed it with 346 thread using a single needle and a lazy man saddle stitch. Turned out pretty good ,DWIGHT ,A Super nice guy on this forum helped me from start to finish with back and forth Messages. He helped me tremendously with My Project. Thanks Again Craig
  5. I looked at the Pictures of the Chisels and they did not appear to me to be shaped like a Diamond Chisel. I am merely try to find what I want. I am not a Troll ,just a 60 year old man trying to find exactly what I want. HOWEVER if you CHOOSE to consider Me a Troll and want to add me to your Ignore list then by all means do so. That is Merely your Your Mistaken Opinion and your Mistake and I Promise you that I will Lose no sleep over your Mistake.
  6. I went and looked and they do not appear to offer a DIAMOND stitching Chisel at all. And they do not have a stitching chisel that offers 5 SPI.
  7. Thanks for the Link. I am really looking for something made in the US with 5 SPI but they look good for sure !
  8. It Looks like I will have to buy a Diamond Chisel made by the Chinese as It appears that regardless of what name is on the Chisels all of them are Made in China. I would rather support the U.S. economy than China's economy but I suppose that is Just the way it is. I would pay more for a US Made or almost any other Countries product than China . Swear shop labor, viruses and a known Propensity for Cruelty to animals and People. Please overlook my rant as I know this Forum is about Leather and Leather working. Thanks to EVERYONE that commented to my questions about Diamond Chisels .
  9. I live in the United States and I have looked using Google and Cannot find anything but Imports. Is there Not a soul that Makes a Good Inexpensive Diamond Stitching Chisel in the US ?
  10. I have never used stitching chisels to make a holster and would like to try them. I will be Making 3 Western style Crossdraw Holsters for my Colt SAA Pietta 45 Colt Clone, Remington 1858 New Army with 5 1/2 Barrel and another one like it but with an 8 inch barrel. Using 9 - 10 Ounce leather. Do I need to get a 1,2 3 or 4 prong ? I would also like them to be spaced at 5 stitches per inch. Where can I find a inexpensive Chisel /Chisels at 5 stitches per inch ? Any advice or pointers to using them ? Thanks
  11. I have some leather coming in and I am going to make A cross draw holster for a EMF/Pietta GWII with a 4 3/4 inch barrel.(Colt Clone) Thinking about making it with the rough side out. What are the Pros and cons of making this type of holster with the rough side out ??
  12. Great looking holster Slim,Trim with a minimum amount of Leather with a FBI cant. I wonder if this design would work well as a cross draw holster with a lot of cant without the retaining strap ? Curious whether the design with no support for the trigger Guard to rest on whether it would do the Job or maybe a Slim Jim type with at a bit of the guard resting on the leather might hold a Colt SAA clone with a 4 3/4 inch barrel ?
  13. Hi Josh I like the way that your holster looks . Thanks for your advice. I am sending you a Pm Thanks Craig
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