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  1. I don't have any actual 'roller' feet that would do what it's supposed to do. The machine was previously used for drapery/upholstery work.
  2. Thanks for the information! Going to get a proper roller foot (it came with a small foot with rollers inside the framework of the foot). I did some research over the weekend and looks like I'm going to be updating the clutch motor that it came with to one of your servo motors. I appreciate all the input and help here- thanks to everyone so much! Hopefully, I can post something sewn on the 'new' 44-10 soon!
  3. I appreciate the advise, I had the opportunity to get this machine with a limited timeframe availability. Wasn't able to buy a 'real' walking foot machine but was hoping there's an option to making it as close to one as possible.
  4. Thanks Chris- I've heard of the ISMACS but didn't know where to access it. I appreciate the information but there are no pictures of a walking foot so does that mean there isn't one and it just uses a roller presser foot? I've got LOTS to learn about these machines and I appreciate any and all info I can get!
  5. Hi All- I just purchased a pretty nice (I think ) Singer 44-10 (derivative of the 31-15?) and obviously would like to sew some leather with it. Not expecting to run multiple layers of 9-10 oz but hoping it will do some lighter work. I really would like to have a walking foot and I'm having a tough time finding anything that is compatible with this model. I was rummaging through the accessories that came with it and started looking at the one pictured. Could this be a walking (type) foot? If not, any suggestions on where to get one? Thanks so much for your help!
  6. Agree with the wing divider suggestion for the spacing. Pretty foolproof as long as you've got the center line determined.
  7. Neat idea. Thanks for sharing! Do the handles 'stand up' to the weight of a full Yeti? Following...
  8. Very nice-- I especially like the use of the magnets for the needles/small stuff! Might try to incorporate that in an organizer I'm working on. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Great idea! I'd like to use that on a belt for my son... he'll love it- thanks for caring and sharing
  10. Thanks, 5 Spice! Wish I could claim it as an original idea of mine but I think it works pretty well. Just gotta find another one at a yard sale so I can repair the old one.
  11. Interesting that you can't see the pix... showing up fine for me. Don't know why they're not working. Luckily the dog didn't eat the magnets in the flaps so he's no worse for wear. Looking forward to learning from all the talent around here, improving my skill set and hopefully helping someone out when I can.
  12. Nice work! I have no credentials to make a critical review--- looks like a great start to me. Thanks for sharing!
  13. One of my first 'real' projects, made it for my son who is a baseball nut. Used the logo off of an old Rawlings glove. And... he spent the night at a friend's house and their dog made a snack out of it.
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