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  1. I love this stuff! https://maverickleathercompany.com/product/chromexcel-black/
  2. Thanks so much! Yeah, that would be a great use for this size. This is designed to hold a CD15 sized notebook which is 7"x10", just slightly under normal notebook size. Thanks! Thank you sir! I agree about the leather! I'm definitely gong to be buying more. Kind of like putting egg on a chicken biscuit haha
  3. Thank you sir! Its a light brown bonded polyester. It matched the color of this leather great. Sometimes I like my thread to contrast but in this case I didn't want to distract at all from this beautiful bison.
  4. In the winter weather vortex that enveloped the American South this week I had time to finish up this notebook cover for a customer. He is a member of an Arkansas Native American tribe and requested that it be made from American bison leather with a bison graphic lasered onto the front cover. This is my first time working with this particular leather and will definitely be using it some more. It has an amazing hand and I love the grain pattern. I believe I have enough left over to make one of my small tote bags. What do y'all think?
  5. ArkieNewbie

    Duck Sling

    Use harness leather and brass hardware. At least that's what I do. What you made looks really good!
  6. I have gotten some CXL horse butt strips from Maverick leather. I LOVE working with them. https://maverickleathercompany.com/product/russet-horsebutt-narrows/
  7. That's awesome! I think the 10W should work pretty well on veg tan with several passes, probably 6 or more at pretty high power. I use 3 passes on my 30W diode for most of my cutting. It is truly a game changer for cutting out patterns and parts with great precision. Be sure to invest in several rolls of painters tape to keep your leather held in place. I would also recommend at honeycomb bed. My cutting improved greatly when I started using a honeycomb.
  8. I have used Tokonole on the grain side of cheap chrome tanned and it gives amazing results. It can make $2/sf leather look SO much better. I have not had any of it get brittle, had any peeling, or any other problems.
  9. This doesn't help at all with your question but I found this doing a google search. Pretty cool!
  10. I have a pair of Ghinger Super Shears that I use. I have used them all the way up to 8/9oz veg tan with no problem. One caveat, I only use them to cut out a smaller piece of leather out of a side. I don't use them for detailed cuts.
  11. I have not read this whole thesis but this may give you a scientific perspective. Apparently a student in Kenya going for a Master of Science in Kenya asked the same question. http://erepository.uonbi.ac.ke/bitstream/handle/11295/93419/Kuria%2C Alex Nduru_Evaluation of tanning strength and quality of leathers produced by selected vegetable tanning materials from Laikipia county%2C Kenya.pdf?sequence=3
  12. That is certainly a wild idea! But if you're able to pull it off, which I don't doubt you will be able to, it will be awesome! Can't wait to see it when you get done.
  13. Love the design and your stitching looks really good! Where did you get that pocket clip? That's a really cool design! I love my lasers for cutting out patterns! The exactness and repeatability can't be beat!
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