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  1. looks great! Love shop pics!
  2. Weaver sells these for $21.50 per size/set. But hey, if AS brand is what you want!.......
  3. Little tiny screw...created a big problem. Bought this 3200 from you Bob...6 years ago? Has worked flawlessly. (Well, till now haha!) Thanks!
  4. Thanks to this board and contributors. Long story, short version. I spent way too long trying to fix my machine thread jam. Spent quite a bit of time reading this forum today. Cant say which post or which person but they mentioned that "the little screw on the shuttle hook assembly can come loose over time". Well, TA DA! That was it...the screw had loosened just enough to be just a hair above the surface. Which in turn snagged the thread and jammed the machine. I won't admit publicly how much time I spent trying to figure this out... Thanks to this forum and contributors! David (Pic taken after the screw was tightened back down)
  5. I so missed Alexander's CB 3200 instructional videos! SO HEY! Found a few of them still exist on the Hi Tex site. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWqPhGzuAM31eIKemfCtjaw
  6. I LOVE posts like this: problem, video, trouble shooting/opinions, resolution! I go here first, spend a maddening amount of time researching, reading. Ponder, tinker (aka cuss), fix it or don't, possibly make it worse. Call professionals as a last resort. (After years of getting lost, I actually do ask for directions if necessary travelling. Just sayin'.) Best, David
  7. So what was the resolution? I have a 3200 and developed similar issues today. Arrgh. Thanks!
  8. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” ― Henry Ford
  9. I have the 'red' Tandy press and the Weaver Little Wonder. The Weaver is great for rivets. (Mine came with the splash rivet die set.) A more elegant machine IMHO. Adjustable for different lengths of rivets. (Both companies charge too much for the die sets.)
  10. VERY nice. I scored one at an antique store a couple of years ago, the first I had ever found, and haven't seen one since. SCORE!
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