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  1. If anyone is looking for a new/different Leather conditioner to try out, I just finished up a healthy batch of my All Natural Leather Butter/ leather conditioner. I like to send my leather goods out the door looking their best with a nice treatment/coating. Made with local ingredients including WA state local beeswax from Robbins Honey Farm. My small Business (Camp Leather Goods) is Veteran Owned and operated by myself solely, and any support is greatly appreciated. Check Out my Leather Balm below.... Leather Butter
  2. Recently I was lucky enough to have my Small business "Camp Leather Goods" featured in our local magazine "South Sound Business" Come check out the article and see what 24 Hours as a leather crafter looks like for me. 24 Hours: Caleb Arthur | South Sound Magazine For anyone out there looking to expand your reach, I would highly encourage you to reach out to your local paper, magazines, and tell them your story. We all have a unique story in how we came about mastering our craft, go share it with the world!!
  3. I am absolutely honored to have been Featured in The ShopTalk! Magazine Veterans Issue. Not only did they feature me, but they surprised me and threw me on the darn cover!! I can't thank them enough for highlighting my small business, and giving us Veterans a chance to shine in the Leather craft world. Anyone going to the Pendleton Leather Convention this weekend? make sure to stop by the ShopTalk! booth.
  4. Hello Folks, I'm slowly starting to add a few supplies/tools to my website, come take a look if you are interested. Take Care!!!! Happy Crafting!!!! Camp Leather Goods https://www.campleathergoods.com/leathercraft-tools
  5. If you haven't used "ghost" waxed leather yet, it's worth checking out. Hope you like my video.
  6. Recently I received a couple Shoe build kits from Sneakerkit that allowed me to make my first pair of shoes. After my first build I decided to make some hightop "boot " style with some added personalization.
  7. Ghost Leather Black Wax will eventually fade to reveal a whiskey brown underneath.
  8. Recently I had a go at replacing my old watch strap and decided to film most of the process. It was a fairly easy yet rewarding project as I had the old one to use as a template.
  9. When I was hand dying my projects, I found great results in a pair of latex gloves and dye gel, a couple different manufacturers make it. After using it I never went back to "traditional dye" Especially useful for larger pieces of leather, you can just massage the gel in, let it sit for a few minutes and wipe it dry. https://www.weaverleathersupply.com/c/product/fiebing_s_vintage_gel_8_oz_light_brown_50250_08_41/50250-08-41
  10. Absolutely, I was thinking the same, possibly a canvas inner lining to help with waterproofing a bit, maybe some padding around the ankle.....
  11. Hi Johnny, for this video I wanted to make it as close to the instructions as possible for use of the company, I have a second pair I will be building where I will be adding all of my personal touches, including some edge beveling. And to answer your question they do have a Hightop "boot style" that is what I will be making next. attached is the link to their patterns: https://www.sneakerkit.eu/c-3526931/patterns/
  12. If anyone has ever wanted to give a go at Shoe making but felt a bit intimidated, I feel ya. I found a company called SneakerKit that sets you up with everything you need. Watch my build along and make yourself an awesome pair of leather shoes. https://youtu.be/4zs06dVIEdQ
  13. I hope you have a blast, this is one of those projects that sets you up for many more to come with ease, being able to add your own custom touch. Caleb
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