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  1. Andrew. Thank you very much !! We are currently in first with 13 days left of this round, I really appreciate your kind words. Take care! Caleb
  2. Hi Bert, I'm sorry you don't care for my posts, but it's up to me to promote my small business. I would think any one of us trying to make a living, doing what they love would do anything it takes to see themselves succeed and provide for their family. I never asked for money, I created a voluntary fundraiser in which my supporters could donate to if they wanted to, and those who did were rewarded. I guess I would consider myself a millennial, I am 37 years old...so I grew up with the internet and social media, I understand the value in advertising through these different available platforms, Youtube, Facebook, Websites, and I see them as tools to help get my name and business out there. When I was laid off, my family's financial security was in jeopardy, so I got creative and started a small leather goods business. So by entering this contest I am just trying to help support my wife and my one year old boy. If you have a problem with me spreading the word of a contest I have entered, as I try to make a living, well then I am sorry, simply move on. But I have received a lot of support from folks on here. Take Care.
  3. For those that wish to support I have entered to become the next DIY Hero, your vote would be much appreciated and I have attached my voting link and video. Thanks Crafters!!! Caleb VOTE HERE : https://diyhero.org/2022/caleb-arthur-2 VIDEO https://youtu.be/94zzkvLWHgU
  4. I entered Camp Leather Goods into the FedEx Small Business Grant contest. Feel free to watch if you like. If you don't want to, that's cool too. Caleb
  5. Just a fun quick short vid of a bifold wallet. I'm in love with this Apollo leather. Camp Leather Goods | Final touches on a Bifold.
  6. Thanks for sharing! I had a 3D printer for a short while but never attempted this, maybe down the road I”ll try again.
  7. I love having tunes playing while I work, here are some of my favorite artists playing in my shop. 1- 2- 3-
  8. Looking to have a custom makers mark made for your leather goods? I have had a great experience using leather stamp maker. Unboxing video here https://youtu.be/IaKAiuhYgOs
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