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  1. Thanks for taking the time to watch and for all the feedback! greatly appreciated. Caleb
  2. Correct, the Tandy Pro Master is made by Sailrite, a lot of folks confuse this thinking that one is a copy of another. They are sailrite machines that they made specifically for Tandy.
  3. I have owned the Sailrite LS-1 and currently use the Sailrite Fabricator. I am a fan of both machines. I would say if you are going to stick with bags and smaller items you will be more than happy with this machine, but if you think you will stick with it, I would consider the Fabricator because of its larger working space for bigger items. The fabricator package is only $200 more than the leather machine and gives you much more workspace with all the power and slow control.
  4. I hope you enjoy! I have been building my business for just over a year now.
  5. I'd love to share my first video promo for my small business Camp Leather Goods. Thanks for your time! link below.
  6. I'm sorry Mike, do you think Veterans go around toting their medical status? come on man. You are better than this, aren't you?
  7. Just to clear the air as it seems some people here are embarrassed/offended That I would ask for help, Just to be clear the fundraiser is over and I met my goal of $4,500 in 11 days from friends/family and supporters of my small business. I am the sole owner crafter at Camp Leather Goods. My company is disabled veteran owned to make that clear to this guy. I served 5 years active duty US Navy Law Enforcement/Anti- terrorism and 2 years reserves. I only say that as clearly mike02130 clearly hasn't looked at my website, instead just chose to get agro and start slamming keys on his keyboard. I also offer a veterans discount on my website for my fellow veteran and active duty brothers and sisters. For anyone who chose to look at my fundraiser page, would have seen that I was rewarding funders with product from my shop for different pledge amounts. I feel that is far from "sleazy and begging." I do appreciate the support from those that stood up for my fundraiser, and they are right, if its not for you...then don't donate, I never asked for anything more. So call me what you will, that's fine. I will continue to move forward with my business offering the best products I can at affordable prices for everyone. Take Care.
  8. Thank you, can I ask where you found the info?
  9. I have a Singer 153k103 serial # W1779328, can anyone date this for me? I can't seem to find it. Thank you!
  10. I think that is great that you bought all of your tools and equipment, what is wrong with me asking for help ? it was completely voluntary and people reached out and funded, I am very grateful. The times are different and we now have additional avenues to utilize. "Shame on you" is pretty rude, you don't even know me or anything about my leather craft journey/story.
  11. For anyone willing and wanting to support, my fundraiser is live. I am hoping to convert my detached Garage into a dedicated leather shop. Thanks for considering. Caleb https://gofund.me/d9753f5a
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