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  1. For functionality. You might want to take it with you when traveling. Also, many are sold with snaps because it makes packaging and shipping easier. Vive la difference.
  2. I like them. I have several, personal items that feature brands. Some companies feature them, Colonel Littleton, for example.
  3. Best thing is to show us. The way you describe the situation makes little sense to me based on this phrase: I can imagine a hole apart, but two? Or more? Can’t see how that could physically happen.
  4. All of the work looks very nice and it is clear you are having fun! I made a watch strap for an old Seiko that I purchased when I was in college way back in 1981, I think. Hard to believe, but it is still working! Zero maintenance and not much wear over the years, but just a little shake and presto! That Seiko 5 is a great watch. It deserves a nice leather strap! Your stitching looks very tidy on most of your work and I would say is even better than some handmade straps I see advertised for sale online. Keep having fun and keep us in the loop as you come up with new stuff!
  5. I know that you know this, but for beginners here. A pricking wheel has slanted tines whereas the basic overstitching wheel has points. The pricking wheel is far superior in that it gives you the angle to follow and makes it easier to keep all of the holes at the same angle. I even found an overgroover with two wheels, to mark parallel lines! How cool is that?
  6. Yes, but a stitching groove is objectionable to some. Perhaps many. It is said by some to be an "American" thing mainly. And all the arguments ensue about how recessing the thread makes the item more durable. Then the other side says, maybe, but you are also weakening the leather by removing the upper layer and if you groove too deeply it could be an issue. And then they point to 100 year old European saddles with thread sitting up proudly with no issues whatsoever, especially for the age. My main issue with a stitching groove is it causes my stitching to lose most of its slant, and slanting stitching appeals to me and my idea of aesthetic.
  7. If speed is important, a wheel would seem to be the fastest way to mark. So long as you can keep it straight, and a straight edge would help. But for many of us, speed isn't the deciding factor, and there are other ways to pick up the pace if it is something you value. I find the process I use to be more than fast enough and efficient enough for myself.
  8. I asked for this "sticky" thread to be created for folks exactly like you. Words matter. Knowing what to call something is important to having a profitable discussion. Stitching, pricking, chisel, iron, punch, etc., etc., can mean all sorts of things to different people. And the water gets muddied when there exist pricking irons that can also penetrate thick leather. So what do you call the "other" type? A traditional pricking iron I guess. Maybe we need to call the newer variety a "hybrid" iron? Like in golf. And on top of all of that is the debate over what tools are "best", as though there is such a thing as best. Best for whom, is more accurate. Anyway, you asked a very intelligent question. And Bruce, who is an expert, gave a great answer. Don't stop learning!
  9. From the OTB website: 2016 – New Ownership and Rebranding In 2016, Ohio Travel Bag was purchased from Bruce Oppenheim by Michael Fox. Ohio Travel Bag soon launched their new website in 2019. 2022 – OTB Joins Weaver Leather Ohio Travel Bag joined the Weaver Leather family of brands. Weaver Leathers longstanding tradition of support and growth of the leatherworking community, as well as its strong leadership and their expansive global supply network, make this venture very exciting. Consolidation, mergers, acquisitions abound across the spectrum of businesses globally. The reasons are many, but don't be surprised when your 5 choices suddenly become 3 and then 2. It has happened big time in the construction products industry of which I am a player. In some instances, virtual monopolies have resulted. Sometimes the changes can be positive, but often they aren't, not from the consumer level. Don't forget to give companies time to sort out all of the details such mergers require. For example, getting the new company onto your computing system. That can be a major headache and the ripple effect felt long after the changes. Internet sites are a part of that. If something is really important to you, don't sit and wait to see what happens, be a vocal advocate for yourself and your needs. Reach out to them and express any concerns you have. As a manufacturer's representative, I can tell you we appreciate it.
  10. I love that! Never heard that, but I love it. I hope we don't lose all of those sorts of traditions, but it appears they are all fading away.
  11. Welcome BadKarma from a fellow Missourian! I'm in the St. Louis area myself. Born and raised here as they say. Springfield Leather is one of my favorite places to visit, period. Three of my children went to college at MO State in Springfield, so I had lots of opportunities to visit. I love the place. Don't pass by that large box of leather remnants that they sell by the pound. There are some amazingly nice scraps in there that are perfect for making small items. And some surprisingly large pieces at times that you can even make a decent sized bag out of. You grab it, they weigh it and when you pay, you go "that's all?". Sorry to learn about your health challenges. As a cancer survivor myself and currently suffering from Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostisis, I understand. DISH sucks! There is a pastor who also lives not far from you who frequents this place. I'm sure he'll be along to say hi. He's a good man.
  12. Great stuff all around! The big question is how to get on your gift list!
  13. I hope they do also. Many here rely on word of mouth and repeat business so I’d expect the same.
  14. The stitching looks nice and even and I like the colors you chose. I do agree with the statement about terminating the stitching too soon. Yes, go ahead and extend it next time and compare the results. The overall thickness is more than I would typically aim for. But that's a personal preference, not anything right or wrong. It seems like that card holder would be best carried in a purse or briefcase, and in that situation, thickness really doesn't matter. But if I wanted to pocket that, then I'd want it to be thinner. Good stuff.
  15. Tugadude

    Got wallets?

    In addition to keeping the stitching straight, aim to have it the same distance from the edge, and not too far inward from the edge. A couple of the wallets have a bit too much leather between the stitching and the edge. One way to "fix" that, is to cut the edge AFTER stitching, which may not occur to some. Not saying to do that all of the time, I certainly don't, but it can be a help.
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