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  1. I would try a smaller diameter thread and compare the results. Taste is subjective, but I don’t care for the appearance of “chunky” thread. Your example is not to the extreme end, but like I said, you might experiment with different thread and judge for yourself. The stitching itself is coming along and will get better and better so long as you use good technique. Practice does not produce improved results unless the technique is proper. I found this video to be a great help.
  2. What specific chisels did you use?
  3. Ran across this and thought others here might appreciate it. For those who might be struggling with details, just keep at it! https://www.instagram.com/p/Cztp_78M-UH/ For those adverse to clicking on links, go to Instagram and search for dsleathergoods account. You should find the post comparing before and after projects. Even if you don’t take the challenge, it is fun to compare your current work to something you made early on. Cheers!
  4. Why does it seem that everything needs to be confrontational? The post by Ddat could/should have been clearer. I also went to the website, and I assume Ddat meant that there is zero attempt to explain what the website is about, other than the video itself. Shouldn't there be a paragraph or two explaining who the owner of the site is, and what the objective is? Sort of like what was done in this thread? No need to get defensive. Maybe Ddat could have been less curt, and explained further what their issue with the website was. I tend to agree, the website itself doesn't help "sell" the need to proceed. So take this as constructive criticism and think about what can be done to make it better. And then focus on what you might be doing that is better than, or improves on what others are already doing in this space. There already exist both paid and free services that purport to teach a 101 leatherworking curriculum. Nigel Armitage is one I'm very familiar with and his work is excellent. There are others. Good luck with your venture.
  5. Assuming you have the time, this is a worthy project! Please share pics of the journey! Things don’t always have to be judged on financial merit. If they were, this world would be a dreary place.
  6. They appear to be sample swatches, and a quick internet search leads me to believe the tannery is either defunct, or moved and changed names, etc. The pieces with bluish-gray in the middle are definitely chrome-tanned.
  7. What might look like mold might actually be a waxy bloom some leathers exhibit. Polish the surface with a clean, dry cloth and see what happens. Hard to tell from a photo, but I have had a few pieces of leather that were just in need of a good wipe down.
  8. I like the overall design. Main area for improvement is the stitching. What method do you use? There’s a lack of consistency. I would prefer the width of the wallet at least be equal to the folded cash, but that’s just my preference. I’m a fan of edge creases, so your efforts there made me smile. Keep up the good work!
  9. I highly doubt it. No mention on their website. If anyone is concerned and needs the facts, best bet is to go to the source. https://fiebing.com/support/
  10. No need to apologize for anything. My father always said to never make fun of someone who had an accent, because they knew more languages than me. He was so right. Kudos to you for contributing here! And it is a nice belt. Very creative. Welcome!
  11. For functionality. You might want to take it with you when traveling. Also, many are sold with snaps because it makes packaging and shipping easier. Vive la difference.
  12. I like them. I have several, personal items that feature brands. Some companies feature them, Colonel Littleton, for example.
  13. Best thing is to show us. The way you describe the situation makes little sense to me based on this phrase: I can imagine a hole apart, but two? Or more? Can’t see how that could physically happen.
  14. All of the work looks very nice and it is clear you are having fun! I made a watch strap for an old Seiko that I purchased when I was in college way back in 1981, I think. Hard to believe, but it is still working! Zero maintenance and not much wear over the years, but just a little shake and presto! That Seiko 5 is a great watch. It deserves a nice leather strap! Your stitching looks very tidy on most of your work and I would say is even better than some handmade straps I see advertised for sale online. Keep having fun and keep us in the loop as you come up with new stuff!
  15. I know that you know this, but for beginners here. A pricking wheel has slanted tines whereas the basic overstitching wheel has points. The pricking wheel is far superior in that it gives you the angle to follow and makes it easier to keep all of the holes at the same angle. I even found an overgroover with two wheels, to mark parallel lines! How cool is that?
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