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  1. I don't know why anyone would wear a watch on an uncomfortable strap personally. I've made several for my own use and all have been very comfortable. I also recently purchased a watch from Long Island Watch Co., a "Flieger style" pilot's watch that came with a very comfortable leather band. It was very supple right from the get-go.
  2. Sorry for your loss. Beautiful work, beautiful couple.
  3. What you have accomplished to do is make your stitching look very tidy (in general) and consistent. Going around corners is a learning curve and with practice you will get better. Are you using a 2-prong iron to work the curves? If not, that will help. There are areas for improvement, but you are showing progress, and that's key. I'm sure he's thrilled, and that's worth a lot in itself.
  4. I can tell you from experience why many don't give detailed explanations. It is because sometimes when you do, people quibble with every little thing you have said. Even if you are 95% correct, it is the 5% they go after. And so the next time you want to contribute, you think twice. And in the end, just saying "burnish" is easier than describing the whole process.
  5. Not disagreeing at all. Same on other forums I frequent, including one on vintage bicycles. Many of the "oldtimers" and "longtimers" have pedaled off. It is a shame. I suppose if enough complaints are made, the moderators will take action. Other than leaving I guess that's the best recourse.
  6. While I haven't put anyone on my ignored member list (yet, never say never) I respect your right to do so and for the forum making that option available. Should there really be a need for it is another matter. In general, people should err on the side of kindness and if they are exorcised about a particular topic, they should probably just move along. I know I have been guilty of engaging with people and it usually doesn't end pretty. I working harder to determine when to say when. The biggest problem seems to be gratuitous comments that are included with otherwise reasonable posts. I've tried to exercise restraint when tempted to follow suit. I am active on several non-leather forums and trust me, the issue is there too. Just a reflection of our times. Nothing is ever going to be perfect so I just try to separate the wheat from the chaff and keep as positive as possible. Kindness is never a wrong response.
  7. Thanks Gulrock for keeping the discussion going rather than bowing out and creating your own topic. Please don't lecture me on what a scam is. I'm well aware of what constitutes a scam. If someone here puts foil in a wallet they are not perpetrating a scam. Period. I'm moving on now. Gulrock, if this is as big a passion for you as it seems to be, start a new topic.
  8. Can I recommend a separate topic be made about the pros and cons of using RFID protection in wallets? This thread is about how to find RFID protection sheets. Whether it is a real threat or not, calling it a scam is not helpful. That implies you are taking advantage of people. No, you are just giving them something which may or may not be helpful. There is nothing nefarious about it. Sure, arguments, good ones, can be made as to whether they are necessary. But providing the protection isn't harmful in itself. If you think it doesn't work for its intended purpose, hey, it's still a wallet, right? And some will want RFID protection for peace of mind. Some baseball players wear special socks when they pitch. If it makes them feel better, what's the harm? Sometimes discussions can get divisive just based on the words we use. Calling RFID protection in wallets a scam is an example. It will immediately cause offense to those who believe in it. And that's not conducive to having a polite discussion. Just my $.02
  9. Wow, what a great journal! I didn't know of it but I do now. Thanks for sharing that!
  10. Journal covers are a great way to experiment. You can do them plain, stamped or carved, whatever floats your boat. It is also fun to work out ways to provide pen loops and pockets. And you can make them in all sorts of sizes from ones that'll fit in your pocket to larger ones that fit legal pads.
  11. I wouldn't expect to see many customers in the shop. Their business is online and robust. People gladly pay more for the brand, the story, the hat and the moustache. Is the valet tray worth $60.00? Are the leather coasters worth $95.00 for a set of 4? Not to me, but they have a market and they price according to what those folks are willing to pay. Hey, at least they aren't low-ballers like some.
  12. Keep in mind they do offer a reasonable guarantee. More than many offer at least. Also, the pricing is due to the brand. Unless or until someone creates demand they are forced to price things according to time and materials mainly. Add the cachet of a name brand and suddenly you are able to charge much more. Sometimes unreasonably more. Try buying a Rolex at list price sometime. You're not going to get the popular ones for anything close to MSRP.
  13. There are a number I found with a quick internet search. Don't have any personal experience, sorry, but these appear to do the job. https://www.vevor.com/marking-machine-c_10477/400w-electric-metal-marking-engraving-machine-200x150mm-50mm-s-nameplate-110v-us-p_010564478831?gclid=CjwKCAjwtIaVBhBkEiwAsr7-c74aiGHoXyTwl2AYoSXguiYTAg5iosbBjw9KAesNGwQEUQhgbGCRkRoCzCQQAvD_BwE https://www.cncest.com/products/electric-marking-machine-nameplate-metal-plate-marking-machine-industrial-printing-system-graphics-editor-graphics-converter-font-editor?variant=41543457112234&currency=USD&utm_medium=product_sync&utm_source=google&utm_content=sag_organic&utm_campaign=sag_organic&gclid=CjwKCAjwtIaVBhBkEiwAsr7-c-v11ly7iD2d-KtVj-F0ZJaM4aw0v5KUHmsp8ujkHFu3gdz8_A42ahoCIXsQAvD_BwE
  14. I'm a little worried about the grommets and the effect they might have on the stock over time. I may be off base, but I can see a potential for discoloration of the stock and abrasion issues. That is, unless there is leather on the backside of the grommets which I cannot see.
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