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  1. Tugadude

    quick question

    Here is a post that deals with this question. Dwight is known to give good advice, based upon experience, not theory. To be safe, I'd stick with veg-tanned leather. Or oil-tanned with a chrome-free lining leather.
  2. Tugadude

    Brand name

    LIDA Leather, your first name backwards. Then you can use LL as your "brand".
  3. Tugadude

    Dye before burnishing?

    Makes perfect sense to me. Dye can spread too far if you aren't careful.
  4. Tugadude

    Dye before burnishing?

    In the end, use whatever method works for you. I've seen hidepounder's work and mine couldn't compare in the least. Folks should try both ways and decide for themselves.
  5. Tugadude

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    Don't need to derail the thread so I'll simply say we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.
  6. Tugadude

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    If you want to lose your faith in humanity, just read comments below an article, social media post or youtube video. Personally, I have little faith in humanity and lots of faith in God.
  7. Tugadude

    I am a newcomer here,

    Welcome paloma!
  8. Tugadude

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    Just another myth foisted upon an unsuspecting crowd... https://www.thoughtco.com/oil-comes-from-dinosaurs-fact-or-fiction-3980636
  9. I typically use three colors. Black, white and tan. The thread you linked to looks OK. Typical Chinese stuff by the looks of it. I've seen good reviews and not-so-good. I suggest looking at the Nigel Armitage videos on his youtube.com channel. He talks about a bunch of different stitching chisels and pricking irons but in the process discusses thread quite a bit. He also reviews several types of thread. On his other website, he has written reviews that are excellent. Check them out!
  10. Tugadude

    Tandy Pricing Structure Change

    Comparisons between Tandy and Harbor Freight are meaningless. Harbor Freight is good at what it does, selling mediocre tools cheaply. Their volume, and their sourcing gives them a huge advantage over many other retailers. That includes Tandy. Also, I haven't compared the presses side-by-side, but it is likely that the press sold by Tandy is of better quality. But even if it is the same, you are dealing with volume purchase discounts and differing margin structures. Even the way the items get shipped out to the retail stores might differ, resulting in a lot more freight and handling on behalf of Tandy. When I've visited Harbor Freight they have two registers going constantly and I have to wait to get to certain aisles because of the number of shoppers. In Tandy, I am usually the only customer. I am in the construction materials business and I face the same pressures as many retailers in that someone is always going to be cheaper. The way to justify a higher price is by adding value. That value can come in the form of better service, more knowledge about the trade, etc. If Tandy isn't adding any value for you anymore, then feel free to shop elsewhere. Over the years I have gotten very frustrated with the way folks beat up on Tandy here. Always bemoaning the high prices and the supposed lack of quality (even though they have improved their tools immensely in recent years). Personally, I rarely buy leather there, but do buy tools and hardware and consumables. Tandy is what it is. Or actually, it isn't anymore because they are changing their pricing structure and shutting down stores. Those moves are a direct result of market factors. You either grow or you die. You either change when facing negative market forces or you die. Tandy is trying to save itself. Tandy is probably more responsible for introducing people into this craft than any other single factor. They are a "one-stop-shop" for the beginner. They offer classes at many of their stores. Ask yourself one question. Are you going to miss them if they go? If the answer is no, then so be it. If the answer is yes, then I guess they still hold some value in your eyes. If your answer was the latter, then I guess you should try to support them. Otherwise you've helped seal their doom.
  11. I was going to suggest D grade, but you already have found that option. Springfield Leather has a number of products that will be reasonable. Their philosophy is that if you are making smaller products, you can buy a lesser grade and still find that much of it is perfect. You have to cut around some holes and bite marks, but at the end you will have good, usable leather. You might call them and ask for their recommendation. They sometimes have product that is not on the website. I used to be able to buy whole sides of various colors, weights, etc. on a discount table there for $20.00. I think they are now $30.00. The colors are limited, but I found some great leather there. Certainly good enough for prototypes, practice, etc. There is a Springfield Leather employee that frequents this site. Maybe he will chime in.
  12. Tugadude

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    Rocky, this is a sign of the times. Just wait, it will get worse, much worse. Extremes aren't good on either side of an equation. What you are seeing is what happens when some extremists get their way. There are far more people who use leather, love real leather and want it for their bags, wallets and shoes compared to practicing vegans. I went to a friend's wedding recently and was surprised to see several ladies, not all older, wearing fox and mink stoles. I hadn't seen that in a while. I wonder how many there had a problem with it? Nobody seemed to. I suspect in another 20 years the same ladies will be read the riot act and barred from entry because they might offend other guests. I will stop now before I get too worked up. Your topic is a good one. What happens if Etsy follows suit? Craigslist? The local newspaper?
  13. Tugadude

    Dye before burnishing?

    I dye edges before burnishing. My reason is that I feel the dye soaks into the edges better when they are not slick and the fibers matted down. Also, depending upon how you burnish, anything you put on the edge is absorbed into the leather and to me that prevents the dye from fully penetrating. For holsters I would dye the edge, burnish and finish off with a beeswax or beeswax blend.