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  1. Not sure exactly where to find the right solution so I thought I’d post my sewing machine dilemma and see if you all have strong opinions. I have a few older machines (singer 66, singer 31-15, and a singer 18-3) This is just a hobby for me, but I love using the right tool for the job…but paying too dollar right now is not reasonable for me. so…would you: 1 - pay someone to update one of the machines I own and make it more usable and stable. 2 - put a hand crank on one of these machines or a new servo motor/diy 3 - keep looking for a machine that would be a decent “Jack of all trades” without breaking the bank (and what machines would those be). (Note: I want to see lots of variety to try things out, but tend to like medium to heavy weight “guy” stuff) 4 - go to a dealer and buy something used and if so, what would I be looking for? 5 - swallow hard and buy a modern, fairly expensive new machine (and here are the ones to choose from)? LOTS of options. I never said it would be easy advice! Thanks in advance! Jason
  2. Hi everyone! I bought an old singer 18-3. I cleaned it up, oiled it up, and it sewed for a few rows and now I can’t figure it out to save my life. it is not catching the bobbin thread now, but when it was, it was not sinching the stich down and the bobbin side was laying flat on the leather with small loops holding it there (I assume the tension?). Im in Wisconsin. Anyone know a way to get that machine to be a solid, less finicky machine? thanks! jason
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