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  1. Goldshot Ron

    Arizona Twist

    Check out YouTube to envision the process; however, I didn't see a real good presentation that is complete. If you don't have a drawdown stand, you'll need a stand that allows you to use your broom stick to weight down the stirrup leathers while they dry. Note: if blevens style buckles are used, the buckle pins should start out facing inward with the tail of the leathers wrapped around the stirrup bold. If the pins are mounted outward and the tail hangs free, you'll have to change the pin plate. Wet the buckle end of the leathers well, and dampen the fender some after twisting the leathers. This will lessen stain lines and allow the fender to also contour to fit the rider's leg better. Let's start here, and we'll tackle the tying of of the 1/2 saddle string later. Ron
  2. Goldshot Ron

    Landis 3 Knotting Problem

    My needle catches the top tread and pulls it down, the shuttle makes its pass downward and back up. During this movement, there is (what I call a stutter step) movement of the needle slightly upward; this should allow for the release of the top thread. IT doesn't release, and the shuttle is stopped by the thread still attached to the needle. At this point I cannot figure out any more ways to adjust the machine to properly release the thread from the needle. The problem has to be something simple that I am too blind to see.
  3. Goldshot Ron

    Looking for a leather worker

    Just wondering, did anyone ever hear back from nickyhorses? Since there was no contact phone number or email, it's hard to determine if this is a legit request.
  4. Goldshot Ron

    Will James Wood Post Horn

    Randy, Your saddle looks good. I like that it is not all roughout. Your seat looks smooth and the bead line looks good. It balances the tooling. I'm not going to offer any suggestions because everyone has a different reason for what they attempted than I. How long does it take to get a Swanke tree? I've heard many good comments about his trees. Is this a commission saddle? I'm waiting to see number 10. Ron
  5. Goldshot Ron

    Landis 3 Knotting Problem

    Next chapter, same saga....I purchased some polyester thread from Campbell Randall. Still having problems. After hours of trail and error, I have the problem down to the needle. The needle isn't releasing the top thread after the bobbin is shuttled through the loop. I have cleaned, oiled and adjusted everything in the shuttle/needle assembly. I had purchased a pack of needles and awls from Weaver a few years ago. They are tagged for Landis 3, so I hope they are correct. Any more suggestions from the experts? Thanks, Ron
  6. Goldshot Ron

    Shipping a Saddle

    Randy, I always leave the fenders attached, and fold them into the fleece under the saddle. I take the stirrups off and wrap them in scrap fleece, or cover with wrapping paper. I usually make a fleece boot to cover the horn. An UPS store is helpful when shipping also. Just make sure that the weight marking on the box is sufficiently heavy enough for your saddle. Great that you're shipping your saddles. Ron
  7. Goldshot Ron

    Leather thickness for swells

    I just have to chime in...Ken, you almost offended me. If I had to rely on real cow working horsemen (and horsegals), I'd never have work. They use grandpa's saddle: ripped, torn, and held together with baling twine, shoestrings, and super glue. One guy had a set of bulldog taps with a baseball size hole in the toe from the brush. He wondered if I could glue some scrap leather to cover the hole. Anyway, Dirty Dusty, you can cover the swell with rawhide if that is the look you want. I agree with Sioux, a lighter thickness will work easier. However, if you are going to stamp it, practice on the gauge leather that will work best for you. One last thing, if I recall, Stohlman lines his cantle backs, then covers it. I don't think this is necessary if using a heavier leather, but not too fleshy (belly area that may be too fleshy) because the glue won't stick well. Good Luck
  8. Goldshot Ron

    Landis 3 Knotting Problem

    Well guys, I had to look at my receipt for the machine.I bought my machine from Russ Jones in Aztec, NM. He has a little company called CRJ Ventures. Nice fellow.
  9. Goldshot Ron

    Landis 3 Knotting Problem

    Your machine is painted the same color as mine. The fellow that I bought mine from was rebuilding a second Landis 3.
  10. Goldshot Ron

    Landis 3 Knotting Problem

    Received my polyester thread order, but haven't set it up yet. Miles at Campbell/Randall also mentioned to pull the thread off the spool from the side, not spiraling upward as the new machines. Haven't tried that yet either. The serial number of this machine is 10786, last patent number was Nov. 28, 1911. Short history that I was told about machine: I purchased it from a fellow in Cuba, NM, who purchased it from Sheridan Leather when they closed, and they had purchased it from the King Estate. The machine has covered more ground than I have in my life; oh wait, it is around 109 years old, I still have time. Thanks for the info. Sioux.
  11. Goldshot Ron

    Landis 3 Knotting Problem

    Talked with Randall/Campbell today. Miles suggested that the thread brake blocks may be dirty or worn. He also said what I have heard before, to change from bonded nylon to polyester thread. The saga continues. Also, see photo one: what does this adjustment bolt do?
  12. Goldshot Ron

    Landis 3 Knotting Problem

    OK, thanks for the advice. I'll check the blocks. I am only testing on single ply 12/13 oz., I'll try two pieces. At least, I've oiled everything for the first time in a while.
  13. Goldshot Ron

    Landis 3 Knotting Problem

    I'll check the top tension assembly; however, it seems tight. I'm not quite sure how to really change anything in that upper configuration of blocks and wheels.
  14. Goldshot Ron

    replacing a suede seat

    John, Photos would be nice if possible. I've done a few seats, and each one was different. Also, I usually hand stitch to line up the original holes on repairs. What type of padding are you using? How large is the padded area: full, half-seat, or insert? Ron
  15. Goldshot Ron

    Landis 3 Knotting Problem

    I have read most of the Landis 3 topics that I could remember reading in the past, and I have not found my solution. By playing with the machine, I have learned a lot, but cannot solve my issue. The problem started with the machine skipping stitches. Cleaned and oiled machine, changed thread, adjusted bobbin and still failure. After not using the machine for a year or more, I decided while social distancing I'd fix the darn machine. Problem: top thread does not tension around bobbin thread. There are loops hanging below the leather, and the machine bobbin shuttle hangs up due to the loose thread. The bobbin threads out easily, but the top tension doesn't pull the knot into the leather; thus a large loop forms. All of this happens within 3 cycles of the hook and awl. Any Landis experts out there? Called Campbell-Randall, but just left a message, maybe they are social distancing also. Ron