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  1. Joel, I was wondering just the other day if you had finished that case. It looks really good. It shows that you took a lot of time in your design and pattern work. Great job. Ron
  2. Looks real good for only your second saddle. I don't like cross over rope straps, and they don't fit a swell fork like they do a slick fork. But hey, it can be changed. Keep up the good work.
  3. My 3000 has it's electric cord in a box on the (facing the machine) right/back corner. I have been clumsy on occasion to hit this against my tool cabinet, thus breaking the box and pulling the cord loss from its connection within the box. It may be worth your time to check this if your machine is similar to mine.
  4. I have a small crock pot, approximately 1/2 quart size (found at a garage sale for a buck). I put the oil in a jar and warm it as you would a baby bottle in the crock pot. Just remember to unplug when you finish (experience speaking).
  5. Joel, Are these for Blevins Buckles? If they are, I'll take them off of your hands. Ron
  6. Around here, horn wraps are decorative, so I use latigo. However, the last piece of mule hide I purchased was just long enough for one decent wrap. Luckily, I didn't screw up on it, because I don't believe I would have had a longer section to cover a mistake. Your story about hay haulers is similar to farriers around here. They are few and far between. Good luck on your saddle, Ron
  7. Did you try Montana Leather. I know Weaver do not have them in stock. I even bought some last Fall from Springfield Leather.
  8. Rob, The saddle looks good, and well thought out. I agree with Toot that your seat for the center of gravity may be a little too far back because of the higher position in the hand hole area. That maybe the photo position though. I think you have too much of the front of the skirts visible, and lowering your front jockey would take care of that. The placement of your breast collar dees seems a little high. The catcher and rosette could have been lower to be located in a meatier part of your bars. Do you strings go through the bars? I like your inskirt design, and will save this photo for reference for the next inskirt that I do. Thanks for sharing. Looking good. Ron
  9. Well, I guess I did see it. It's even looks more impressive the second time around. You did a lot of tooling, that looks real uniform. Really neat saddle Randy. Ron
  10. Randy, Whatever happened to this saddle? Did you post the finished saddle in a different section? I would like to see the finished product. Ron
  11. Once the leather has developed those cracks, all you can do is put a conditioner on the leather. You said you have oiled the fenders, so there is not much else I could recommend. Also, I would not sand the leather. If the cracks are hard and rub your ankle or shin, you could get some different designed stirrup hobbles the would cover that area. For new fenders and leathers the price will vary, but could easily be around $175.00 for a set. A good usable saddle is always worth a couple hundred to repair.
  12. I'm running this up the flagpole again. Any ideas on restoration of the Bohlin saddle, or just clean it. The saddle should be worth something as a collectors item, but is it worth more fully restored or just cleaned? I know that with about $500 worth of materials and effort, the owner will have a saddle they can use or display. Thanks
  13. Also, this is an all "rough out" saddle, and the possible history of the saddle may be of interest to folks.
  14. I received an Ed Bohlin saddle to repair and restore. Is the value of the saddle, in the name and condition of the saddle, or would it be better to restore? I foresee problems that if repaired, may lessen it's value. So, I am open for suggestions. Thanks.
  15. I googled you Jon because I thought your name sounded familiar. You have done some impressive work. And, you also made saddle trees? Being the same age as you, I wish you the best, and you have taken excellent care of that machine. I'd make you an offer on the machine, but California is a ways from Iowa. Ron
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