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  1. Thank you, watched some people and added some tools to the list.
  2. thank you zuludog and everyone else. Can’t wait to get started!
  3. Thank you for all your help, can’t wait to get started!
  4. Thank you, at this point I plan to get a groover.
  5. So what size needle and thread would you recommend for making a knife sheath out of 8 oz leather?
  6. Thank you, sounds like I should get a #2.
  7. Thank you, this exactly what I needed to know! Thank you everybody, especially mike02130 for all your help. I am excited to start going!
  8. Hello, planing on making some knife sheaths out of 8oz leather. Should i use a #2 or #3 size edger? thanks in advance
  9. Sorry, I’ll planing to make knife sheaths out of 8oz veg tan. I’m planing to use the awl you recommended which is 2mm at the widest point. Not sure what size of waxed thread I will use(doesn’t depend on the needle size?). Thanks again for all your help
  10. Thank you mike02130, going back to what you said on needles, how do I choose correct thread for the needle size? Thanks again.
  11. Thank you! I am curious to know why you would skip a stitching wheel, and go for stitching chisels. From what I have seen stitching wheels are used for long stitch seams as well as curves, Am I missing something? leather2
  12. Are you referring to Tandy’s tools as the Craftool brand they carry or TandyPro brand? Thanks again
  13. Thank you. I have heard bad things about Tandy’s new cutting tools dulling quickly, are there any Tandy tools I should avoid?
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