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  1. I stumbled across this lever action centering jig for a rivet press on YouTube. anyone know where you can buy these?
  2. thanks @Constabulary and @shoepatcher! Is there a patching machine you would recommend over one of these? Are these and the 29K's a horse a piece? Is there something out there that I'd be much happier with in a similar price range?
  3. I may have a chance to buy one of these, but didn’t know if one was a better machine than the other? Jason
  4. This is a stretch...but has anyone ever bought anything from a shop called "Tools and Toys for Craftsman"? Their instagram account shows some of the coolest leatherworking tools out there...but I wouldnt have a clue how to order from them, or if they have an American affiliate. To make things worse, it looks like this is a Russian site and sold in rubles , so my guess is NO... Just thought I'd ask since their tools look really unique! Website: https://toolsandtoys.ru/
  5. Are these easy to use?? How thick can the leather be? Any disadvantages of using them versus the other types
  6. Can anyone tell me the main differences between these two Ferdco Pro 2000’s? Does the white versus “gray?” color indicate anything like vintage or where they were likely manufactured?
  7. FedEx still hasnt responded. . Very frustrating. In terms of re-bending this one...I'm trying to help this guy out and send him new parts. One question I had @CowboyBob...There is a large piece with two large screws that are behind the presser foot shaft. Do those screws loosen clockwise, or counterclockwise? They are a nightmare just to get loosened up. They are so hard to break free, I fear they might be threaded opposite. Any ideas?
  8. I shipped a Ferdco Juki Pro 2000 a while back (in the original packaging) with FedEx Freight and it arrived nearly destroyed! I looks like it was dropped from a distance right onto the flywheel…which crushed the flywheel and bent the main shaft. Those shafts are 5/8 solid steel so this thing must’ve been abused. Anyway, I’m trying to remove a shaft to send to the gentleman who bought it so he doesn’t simply have a 200lb paperweight. is there a trick to removing one of these shafts?? I’m so close, but the last little bit has me flummoxed. Has anyone removed one of those and have some expert advice for me?? thanks in advance! Jason
  9. Hi! I have been doing leatherwork as a hobby for a little while now and I have gone through or used lots of edgers (brands, types, sizes, etc). The one thing they had in common (as far as I can tell) is that they are all beginning level tools...said another way, theyre "cheap" Does anyone have a solid recommendation on buying a set of edgers that are top quality, a pleasure to use, and will last me a long long time if kept sharp. What brands of #2, 3, 4 edger would you buy, how much do they cost, and where would you say to find them? (note...i love older, vintage tools and hand tools seem to be the sweet spot for high quality tools that are awesome, so dont shy away from that sort of thing) (note 2...feel free to make the same recommendation for edge creasers, rivet setters "sets", punches, etc.) Thanks for any advice you might have! Jason
  10. Hi! Anyone in Wisconsin interested in a Beast of a Singer 145w204 single needle in a trade? Here are some picture....I am trying to get a small video posted too....The machine is great, and just sold its sister (a double needle), but this one is a single. Id consider leather hides, hardware, hand tools, leather splitting machine, a solid 29k71 or other patcher (although not a 29-4 as I own one) ….and probably more I havent considered.. :-) Let me know! Jason VIDEO HERE: 145w204.mp4
  11. The machine is great! I uploaded pics to a gallery but need to figure out how to link it with my phone
  12. Hi! Anyone in Wisconsin interested in a Beast of a Singer 145w204 single needle in a trade? Id consider leather hides, hardware, hand tools, leather splitting machine, a solid 29k71….and probably more. :-) Let me know! Jason
  13. Yeah - I took pics of a few (less than 10) pieces of the “other stuff” in case it would help identify this stuff or act as a clue for what type of leather this may have been created for….:-)
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