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  1. Hello, I am selling my M3000 Regad Fileteuse with Cork Handle. I upgraded to the double handled version and no longer have a use for this one. It is in perfect working condition. I am asking $315 shipped to the USA.
  2. Hello, I have a band knife splitter with a 300mm mouth. I can reliably split leather strips 260mm wide and narrower. I can go from a max of 5mm down to .3mm. I am located in New Orleans, Louisiana. Please email me at if you are interested. I do not mind splitting by mail. Thanks, Will
  3. Here is a zipper clutch that I made for my girlfriend. The interior is French Goat and the exterior is matte Alligator. Everything is lined with folded edges, except the perimeter edges. Stitched at 9spi with Serafil polyester thread. YKK Excella zipper.
  4. I forgot to quote everyone who had questions. Sorry, I am new to this interface
  5. Thank you for the kind words everyone! As for the burnishing: I think 90% of the work to achieve a nicely burnished edge is done before you even apply anything to it. I make everything oversized and cut flush. I use very thin layers of glue. I use a mini Japanese hand plane to round each edge nicely and sand them smooth. The radius of the edge is important. If the edge is too flat, you are just pushing the leather back against itself and mushrooming it. If it isn't rounded, the burnish will never look right. You can make edges like this with any of the usual burnishing agents: Water, Tokonole, CMC, Gum Trag, etc. I use Funori because I enjoy the process of making it and the history. It is a dried Japanese seaweed that you grind up, soak in water and heat. I think you are just extracting the cellulose or something. Then you strain it and use it as you would any burnishing liquid. It needs to be refrigerated though. It gets pretty rank pretty quickly. It smells like dead sea creatures when it turns haha. Apparently it was used to mount scrolls and is used in art restoration as a delicate glue. My method is: -Glue the edges using contact cement and a glue scraper. The glue must be as thin as possible otherwise the edge will have lines and ridges. -Hammer the joint -Cut flush in one cut if possible. I like to use a ruler and score a light line with a fresh Olfa blade. Then I use my Japanese leather knife and make the cut, using the score line to steer it and keep me on track. -I then begin the process of rounding the edge. I like to use the mini plane with as little as the blade out as possible. I begin knocking of the corners working from the leather surface to the center of the edge. I flip and repeat to form a rounded edge. Edge bevelers are faster to knock of the initial corner but just make a flat spot and another corner that needs to be sanded and sculpted. I think it is faster to do as much cutting with a plane and as little sanding as possible. I also free-hand bevel with a knife instead of a plane when the situation calls for it, such as on corners and concave curves. -Then I sand to sculpt and smooth the edge. -I apply the Funori and burnish gently with a piece of my old cut-up khaki's. I add beeswax to the canvas as necessary to help with the burnish. -I sand, run alcohol dye on the edge. let dry, and repeat the Funori, burnish, sanding and dye as needed.
  6. ありがとうございます! I study with Yamashita-san "GO Designer Leathers" in Ebisu.
  7. Very rarely do I get to sit down and make an item without regards to efficiency. This is a wallet I made for myself for a trip to Japan to study with my leathercraft teacher. Most everywhere is cash only there and you need to use many coins, so I wanted to treat myself to a nice wallet finally. The exterior is Italian camo leather and the interior is Buttero. It is stitched at 9spi with Amy Roke 632. All edges are dyed and burnished with Funori seaweed.
  8. I am selling my Cobra Class 14 Leather Splitter. This version has a servo motor and speed reducer on a rolling pedestal stand. It has very little use on it and is like new. I mostly split on my bell knife skiver, and now have a band knife splitter, so it is time to let this bad boy go. This is all sharpened, tuned up, and ready to roll. $2100 Shipped in the USA Located in New Orleans, La Photos here:
  9. MudBugWill

    Large Horween Essex Scrap $6 per pound

    Super nice stuff! Huge pieces. Thanks!
  10. I am selling some Italian Ghost Leather and some Italian veg-tan Camo. The ghost has a heavy "bloom" applied at the tannery and slowly wears off with use to reveal the leather beneath. All the listed leathers are vegetable tanned and a medium temper. 2mm thickness. Prices are listed in the album captions. I began the album with some items I have made from these leathers to give you an idea of how they look on a smaller scale. I know it can be hard to gauge from a whole shoulder. Shoulders average 15sqft
  11. MudBugWill

    Saffiano Leather Sides

    No, I do not have them any longer. I got them from AA Crack
  12. MudBugWill

    Card Pocket clicker dies

    4mm irons, but i think 9spi would work too.
  13. I am selling some clicker dies I no longer use due to changing pricking irons and using a different SPI. Dimensions (in inches) are attached. They are all in great shape. Here are some products made with these dies: $30 each shipped to USA
  14. Alrighty. Super Sale. Half shoulder (6.5sqft) $50 shipped to US. Whole shoulder (13sqft) $100 Shipped to the USA. I need to make room for some new leather.