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  1. Lfrog

    Order Quantities per month/ annum

    Thank you for the reply, I understand only the supplier could give a figure, which is why I asked for opinions eg I think 50,000 a year would put them in the top 25% or whatever they thought that figure may be. I am not fishing for confidential information just a general feel for where I need to be to negotiate. I also appreciate that Herman oak customers have different volume requirements to Tandy customers.
  2. New to the manufacturing side of this business , so excuse the question if it seems a bit dumb. What sort of order volumes, in terms of monetary value, do leather workers place with their leather suppliers per month/year for their leather stocks. I am trying to work out what the average customer is worth to their supplier. If you could share how often you order that would be a great help too. If you dont wish to divulge such information, could I ask a more general question, what annual spend with ONE supplier as an independent leather small goods manufacturer do you consider would place you in the top 25% of their customer base. Thank you i advance for any replies.