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  1. I have RF ceramicore tubes so can dial down with no issues. Your answer is correct for the cheaper glass tube laser sources. Engraving is fine leaather is difficult to cut with a laser because the thickness is too variable to get consistent results.
  2. I have 120 watt lasers, its not a power issue, I can cut leather if I wish, but there are more efficient ways for our particular setup to cut leather. Would you laser cut 500 circular coasters or click them out with a clicker press?
  3. Yes, thats a engraved leather piece, theyve done a good job IMO.
  4. Its a great way of adding value, if you have the right machine and know how to use it. My only criticism (of the engraving, not the wallet), is that the laser settings aren't quite right, the main image is too dark and the mid tones are poor..
  5. You could "draw" templates with a laser, as RockieAussie says it is more efficient to cut out a template. Lasers will cut leather, but I have found them too messy. Best way is to use a clicker press to cut shapes and use the laser to engrave whatever design you want on the piece. Lasers are good for certain parts of the production process, cutting leather isnt one of them.
  6. I dont agree with the slow price hike in the scenario you gave, although in certain instances it may be ok ( If you have reached your current production capacity for example). I am a great believer in manufacturing efficiency. In the grand scheme of things the leather/hardware cost is a small percentage of the overall product's retail price. In the example you gave with leather belts, say the material cost was $15, with a selling price of $50 and a sell through of 10 units/week, if you can produce 5 extra belts per week that will make a meaningful difference to your weekly nett profit margin. More importantly it will increase the rate you generate free cash (money left over after everything has been paid out, including taxes etc.)
  7. Those are ambitious numbers from a standing start. From the information given on your financial status I wouldnt buy in the machinery to manufacture just yet. I would look at having the pieces contract manufactured and build up some sales numbers, you will pay slightly more per piece, but you will have much needed finance to try to bring in sales. Sales and cash flow is king, no matter what your manufactured cost price, without sales you have expensive scrap. I would look at a less cash intensive way of starting, you will burn through money in no time. Good luck with your enterprise.
  8. Thermark or cermark is not designed for use on leather, its a compound for use on metals for co2 machines. I would imagine that a diode laser machine would not have enough power to be effective either. We specialise in laser engraving, tell me what machine you have and what you are trying to achieve please. Added a sample image of what we can produce with a CO2 laser engravera
  9. Looking for an experienced production manager based in the North West UK. You will have a thorough understanding of small leather goods production methods and experience using automated machinery. Remuneration packaged based upon experience, OTE £40k to start. Please send a message through this site for more details, thank you
  10. Some sample veg tan coasters laser engraved.Not sure if I brushed the soot of them, but I seal these with resolene. Good extraction and engraving bottom up helps too.
  11. Some tips which may help, they may not too. Use a higher resolution image 300dpi plus is best. Less power is better on leather otherwise you have no mid tones in the image. Choice of leather makes a huge difference and the dye, colouring method. Dont know what controller you have or control software, but stucci is a better choice for images in your preferences menu. To clean after lasering use a stiff brush and again depending on leather ie already sealed, its good to go, or resolene, but I would resolene before engraving, I suppose it will depend on your machine and what it can do.
  12. Direct to garment printing, someone with a setup with white ink?
  13. I have had some dies made they cut fine, as far as I am aware. I am finding it difficult to remove the leather from the dies. I am cutting russet veg tan approx 12 -16 oz. Is there something I am missing to help me remove the leather more easily? Thanks in advance for your help.
  14. @RockyAussie So we only really have the power of perceived value, we cant hide behind a brand the product has to stand up for itself. I watched a youtube video of a company which gives a 100 year warranty on their product. Made from mexican chrome tanned leather, the material may not be as good as many use here but I doubt many here would offer that type of warranty, a smart marketing move, he knows that x% will return within x number of years and builds that into his margin. But it reinforces his belief in how "rugged" his product is, and his customer has assurance as to the products lifespan (oh and he uses crocodiles in one of his promotion videos.)
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