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  1. Mike, It is actually illegal for an employer to keep and employees passport in Qatar, the appropriate law is 4/2009, and has severe penalties for any employer that tries to. Please feel free to check this article about it or any of the many other governmental and non-governmental websites. https://qatarofw.com/keeping-passport-violation-law/ Seems like something pretty basic to check for a "Professional Internet Researcher"? Thanks, Matt
  2. Mike, I am very happy that have anyone do all the research, I have politely answered your concerns, some of which I greatly appreciate as they will help to make potential candidates more comfortable.
  3. Hi Mike, I appreciate your observation, let me answer your concerns one at a time. 1. "I find the fact that you photograph the place of business through a locked security grill from outside, and that there is no actual location on your website for your store." I will attach some more photo's to the ad quickly, that grill is actually a decor piece, all of those photos are of my shop, not stock photos. Also, there is a location at the bottom each page of our website, however, the specific address is Bldg. 4, Street 231, Zone 23, Doha Qatar. 2. "Btw some people pay taxes in their "home" country no matter where they may earn them..so those salary figures $3,000 to $4,000 per month ( low for Doha, Qatar ) may be before taxes to many." In terms of taxes, US citizens (which I am one) only pay taxes if they reach a certain income threshold which our salary is below, and UK citizens do not pay taxes if they live outside of their country for the majority of the year. However, I will edit the post to reflect this 3. "Presumably you will be sending a pre paid return air ticket ( which cannot be cancelled ) to any successful candidates, so that they do not risk finding themselves in Qatar with a job that doesn't match the description, having handed over their passport, paid their own airfare to get there, and no way home without paying for their own ticket" We will of course provide a non-cancellable round trip air ticket to any successful candidate and I will update the ad to reflect this. 4. "Personally I would not touch this with a very long bargepole..even less so were I female..stock photos, and images of "the workplace" taken through locked security grills screams fishy." I do appreciate your points and I will work to improve my add. 5. "note.. website mentioned in OP exists..domain name was Created on 2018-09-03 ..since that time 4 IP changes in 1 year. site hosted in Germany..domain registered at tucows..domain owner details are withheld / private. Domains owned by companies are normally unable to keep their registration details private. registration is probably to an individual. a search for matt attenborough qatar will give background on the OP. The companies house entry caught my eye.."company dissolved" after 1 year." As I mentioned were a new company, that is why the website is only 1 year old. and please when googling me I am the 1st, 4th and 5th picture, not sure who the second and third are. Also I am not sure about the companies house entry since we have never registered with them. 6. "Matt appear to run events where one ( " expats in Qatar" ) can pay to learn how to make coffee and buy the coffee maker machine ;)..and leather working classes, 100 QR no refunds..the RV dealership business appears to have ceased." Yes, As mentioned in the Ad, our shop is unique and includes a coffee shop, where we offer the workshops on making coffee, and leather working classes, also mentioned in the ad. There is also a design studio, barbershop, coffee roastery, and customization shop as mentioned in the ad. And yes the RV dealership did cease a few years ago." Thanks again.
  4. The Dromedary Club is looking for an experienced leather crafter with management experience to come and run our public leather workshop and leather crafting team. We are a unique company that is growing rapidly after opening our first shop this year in January. In addition to being a public leather workshop specializing in custom work, we are a coffee shop, classic barbershop, and customization shop for t-shirts, hats, laser engraving, and embroidery. We specialize in being something of a community hub, with 4 leather crafting workshops each week, a coffee workshop, movie night, biker Fridays and Furry Friend days on the weekends. Take a look at our website to get a better idea: http://www.thedromedaryclub.com or our Instagram feed https://www.instagram.com/thedromedaryclub/ In addition to crafting amazing products yourself, you’ll be in charge of our 6-person leather team which we are adding to rapidly, you’ll also work closely with the design and customization departments on new products. The Dromedary Club has invested heavily in professional-level equipment from Cobra Sewing Machines and Strap Cutters to a 24” CNC splitter and digital controlled skiving machine. We also have a clicker press for pattern cutting, a CO2 laser engraver/cutter, a Fiber laser engraver/cutter, and a CNC embroidery machine. This allows us to make almost any kind of products the customer can dream of. In addition to all of our other uniqueness, we do not use any cow leather. We specialize in camel leather, however, we also use horse, deer, moose, elk, and soon kangaroo. This is an opportunity for someone to get some truly interesting experience in a great environment with massive room for growth, the company is currently planning to open locations in 3 more countries over the next 2 years. We will provide a non-cancellable round trip air ticket to any successful candidate and we do NOT require anyone to hand over their passports. Ladies and Veterans Encouraged To Apply Experience: At least 5 years of experience crafting leather products both by hand and machine stitched At least 5 years of experience managing a team of 5 or more people Specific Responsibilities: Crafting Products to customer specifications Managing the leather crafting team, including: Setting work schedules Assigning projects and deadlines Quality control Training Creating and implementing a production system for leather products Working with the design and customization departments on new products Finding and working with suppliers for materials and tools Managing shows and events Managing shifts within the shop Salary Package: $3,000 to $4,000 per month depending on experience (this is the equivalent of $3,344 to $4,540 because there are no taxes, This applies specifically to US and UK citizens, other should please check the laws of their country) Studio Apartment Provided by the Company Full Medical Insurance 1 Months paid vacation + Round-trip airfare home every year 1 Months’ severance salary for each full year worked in the company Equity in the company is possible after the first year
  5. Hello, my name is Matt, I am an American living overseas in Qatar and am starting a new leather goods company with my partners who are two British nationals, and a Qatari. We're looking for an experienced, adventurous, leather worker/machinist to come join our team. We are offering a good salary (TAX FREE), housing, transportation, 1 month paid vacation, profit sharing, and even equity in the company for the right person. We are launching our brand of travel and everyday bags made exclusively from camel leather, it's why were in Qatar. We are also focused on incorporating modern technology into classic leather bags and bringing them into the 21st century. If you're an adventurous person always wanting to visit a new place, see what's over the next hill, and be part of the next big thing, please drop me a line and let's talk about the potential opportunity!
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