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  1. Wizcrafts

    Sewing machine for light leather

    I sometimes use a 1920s Singer 31-15 straight stitch machine for flat, thin sewing work, like wallet interiors, pants hems, linings, and other thin leather jobs under 4 ounces. It is a drop feed only machine that takes all manner of presser feet, including an actual roller foot. I limited mine to #69 bonded and under. Heavier thread usually requires heavier tension and pressure springs and I keep this machine for very light work. Being a tailoring machine with drop feed, there are three different combinations of throat plate and feed dog, ranging from very close narrow teeth to wide spaced out aggressive teeth. The roller foot conversion kit includes an aggressive single row feed dog that fits under the roller wheel, plus a matching throat plate. In effect, this converts a 31-15 into a 31-20 machine which is favored by boot makers doing decorative stitching on boot uppers with thin thread and thin needles. The 31 class uses a Class 15 bobbin that goes inside a bobbin case that pops into the shuttle under a sliding plate on the left side of the needle.
  2. Wizcrafts

    Singer 6-1

    See this page on Ismacs for some details about the Singer class 6 machines.
  3. Apparently, your thread is overly twisty. When I have twisty thread it usually twist clockwise. So, I counter it by threading through to holes in the top post in a counterclockwise direction. If your machine doesn't have a post with two or more holes, wrap the top thread CCW around something along the path. This should counteract the twist and give you enough loop for the hook to pick off. If this is the case, replace the thread ASAP.
  4. Wizcrafts

    Singer 143 Service Manual

    Try this manual.
  5. Wizcrafts

    Techsew Problems

    This is but a free hint. Loosen the top and bottom tensions somewhat, then balance the knots to land in the middle. Try your test stitching again and see if the lower tension helps to get equal forward and backward stitch lengths. If so, you've saved a major headache with under body adjustments. Mind you, those still might be necessary if the thread lies too loosely.
  6. Might I offer a suggestion? If your motor is a toaster, instead of buying another one like it, why not cop a boo at the motor I use; the Family Sew FS-550S? It has a simple rotary switch to limit the top speed.
  7. Wizcrafts

    Need sewing machine advice

    A pedestal stand can be lowered to about the same height as a sit down table. The pedestal has two square pieces that slide and have holes for big bolts to lock the position down. I have sent a question about the ability of the stand to drop down to sitting height to Leather Machine Company. I also asked if they will custom drill and position a pedestal to a customer's desired height. Lowering the table also requires the foot lift chain and motor control rods to be shortened.
  8. Wizcrafts

    PFAFF 335 for leatherwork?

    Possibly, but it will be very expensive. This has been discussed before on Leatherworker.net. Use our search engine, or search Google like this example: convert pfaff 335 to 4 way feed motion site:leatherworker.net
  9. Wizcrafts

    Custom Wallet

    Zac; FYI, unless you become a member nobody can reply to you via our private messages or email system. Furthermore, all replies to posts in the Help Wanted forum must wait to be approved before being unhidden. You have not provided any contact info either, nor a location.
  10. Wizcrafts

    Seiko ch-8b

    Ferg, I believe you had a CW, not a CH. The CH is a 441 clone of the Juki TSC-441. Yours is a clone of a Singer 153. http://www.seiko-sewing.co.jp/en/products/cwseries/
  11. Wizcrafts

    Adler 30-1 help

    I order Singer 29k replacement springs for both large and small shuttles. They fit! In fact, I buy Singer replacement shuttles and bobbins. The Adler 30 series was a high lift clone of the Singer patchers. The longer needles, higher lift and slightly longer stitch length are the main differences I find between my 30-7 and my previous Singer 29k172.
  12. Wizcrafts

    How do i set these rivets??

    I have a bunch of domed cap rivets in various diameters and bought concave setting tools to match them. I haven't had any problems setting them as long as I use the correct setter. You may have received the wrong setter.
  13. If you can take your pick of all these brands, how many are sold by dealers in your area who can offer parts and service? At least find dealers who speak the same language and will spend time with you on the phone if you have operational problems. When I started buying industrial sewing machines I quickly learned to avoid dealers who did not offer any after the sale assistance. After you gain some hands-on experience with an industrial sewing machine, you can buy online and fix any problems yourself. Just don't do this the first time around. If you have no dealers around, try to find somebody who does upholstery, even boat upholstery, and ask them if they are selling any unwanted walking foot machines. I have done this a few times and scored some really nice machines. Machine brand names I would trust, from your list, if set up first by a dealer, are: Juki, Hightex/Cowboy, Consew/Seiko and Adler. You may be able to find a used Singer walking foot machine in an upholstery shop somewhere. Check boat docks and marine supply shops that might do sail and cover repairs.
  14. Wizcrafts

    Adler 30-1 help

    Remove the screw and bend the bobbin tension spring down a bit. Reinstall and tighten to tension the thread. Order replacement springs.
  15. Wizcrafts

    Adler 30-1 help

    If the two photos on the right are the top side, either your top thread is jammed somewhere or the bobbin thread has come out of its position under the bobbin tension spring.