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  1. It is the most strong servo motor for heavy duty sewing machine https://automatic-sewing.com/sewing-machine-servo-motor.htm
  2. Training videos for OUTLAW https://youtu.be/WTvREYt4TYg How to operate https://youtu.be/jHcAiIFRp6o Helpful hints Threading (1) Threading (2) Thread tension Accessories https://youtu.be/RhrQuzHnjn8 Special attachment:
  3. We are looking for a sewing worker who has over 3 years of experience with leather sewing machine, and can work in China for 6-8 months every year.
  4. You can consider CowBoy OUTLAW hand crank leather sewing machine, below is the video on youtube https://youtu.be/TGSqsUV1Abk
  5. Each OUTLAW leather hand stitcher come with bobbin winder shaft, so you have 3 ways to wind the bobbin: 1. Most leather workers just the bobbin winder shaft onto hand drill machine, for winding the bobbin by hand. 2. You said you are using Juki TSC-441 leather sewing machine, OUTLAW use same bobbin of Juki TSC-441, so you can use the built-in bobbin winder on your current leather stitching machine. 3. We have optional motor-driven bobbin winder (modified by Durkopp Adler 205-370 gear type bobbin winder, mount on table), but this advanced bobbin winder is not cheap. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional question or concern, thanks!
  6. Completely different from the material, bobbin size and shuttle system. CowBoy OUTLAW is an industrial grade leather sewing machine, hope you have change to experience the performance!!
  7. Thanks for your kind concern, CowBoy OUTLAW and Tippmann Boss are completely different machines, the only same thing is "hand operated". In industrial sewing machine history, the first heavy duty cylinder bed leather stitching machine is Singer 45K, the Durkopp Adler make the similar machine Adler 105, then developped the second generation Adler 204-370 (triple feed), Juki produces the similar TSC-441.......
  8. Irish, the price of basic OUTLAW leather sewing machine is $1295.00 USD, for the shipping cost, please call Ryan at 330 692 1418, thanks!
  9. Cowboy 7341 cylinder bed compound feed leather sewing machine. https://youtu.be/zVJ9_3AbmO4
  10. We have been in selling heavy duty industrial sewing machines in United States, Germany, France and Italy for over 15 years!!!
  11. Uwe is right, you can use smooth feed dog to improve the mark on leather, even completely remove the feed dog, by using Slotted needle plate, see below picture and linkage: http://www.cowboysew.com/saddle-makers-sewing-machine.htm
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