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  1. Well here's how it went down. Alder 220 76-273 in proper working condition coming home to Los Angeles Leatherworkers.net ....... Thanks for all the help
  2. I do have a post wwll Singer 144w305 in Colo 81252. The price is $1800. Never a factory machine, sold originally to the VA in Colo.  I bought from a awning business.  If interested I will post videos of machine operating. I have converted machine to a hand operated reverse.  I will convert to servo before selling.  Reason for selling ?  I have converted a 45k to sole stitcher and it will provide for other needs such as knife sheaths. Still a few days from providing images.  tx Lynn

  3. shoepatcher kgg CowboyBob thanks for the input, it's very helpful. I tried to talk to the guy selling the Copper and he won't answer questions and just gets snotty. He just says drive down (3 hrs each way) and bring $3500 cash so that's a dead end. He's had it listed for sale for over 2 years. I just don't get it. MOVING ON .... This other Adler 220 76-273 has popped up in my area (5 hrs each way ) asking $4000 !!! I told him I was considering German precision/hard to get parts/part are expensive vs going with a used Japanese long arm like Seiko of Juki where parts are easily sourced and more affordable. I told him I'd think it over and get back to him. I'm worried I might be letting a good one get away if I don't grab this one. When he was at $4k I threw out $2k and that brought him down to $3k so now I'm considering offering $2500 (which I still think is too high) but these are supposed to be the best sewing machines ever made ....... right? I'll post the few pictures I have and would love to hear from anyone that knows Adler long arms and Juki and Seiko long-arms. What would the rest of you do ? walk away or pay up ? THANKS thanks for the help ..Japanese vs German)
  4. SHOEPATCHER thanks for the help. I'm sorry that I didn't include the asking price. I thought I had, I usually do and I'm quick to jump on others for not including the price AND PICTURES !! So I apologize to everyone for "asking for help" and forgetting to include the price. The guy is asking $3500 So if I'm hearing you correctly this machine is a real (not a clone) "made in Germany or West Germany Adler" model number 221-76-73 that the now "out of business Copper Machine Company" may have modified. I really don't want to go way over my budget which is between $0 - $2000 for a long arm upholstery machine (I know that's a bit of wishful thinking but that's how I am = poor). But if this used cooper is a rare opportunity to buy a really nice, quality Adler long arm I'd be willing to spend what it takes. The fact that this is an original Adler and not a clone sounds very good to me. Shoepather what do you think of this asking price ($3500)? What does any one else that's interested think of the price ? Owe ? Wiz ? Cowboy Bob? I like to hear what others with different sewing experiences and skill levels think. thanks again everyone
  5. Constabulary I'm not clear why you are considering this "soft start" for your servo. But if it is because your servo starts and stops abruptly I had this abrupt start/stop problem on my first and second servo motor. Both were Consew 550 watt servos. To get around this issue or to get the motor to start smoothly (stopping abruptly didn't really bother me) I opened up the end of the motor and disabled the little brake. I just took the brake pads out of the first one to see if that would fix the issue. It did. On the second servo (same brand and model) I think I took the arm off and that also worked. I use a speed reducer as well but now I can start out at apostate zero and feather it up to whatever sewing speed I need without any jump or lurch. Again I'm not sure this is what were were getting at but your question reminded me I needed to do this back when I switched to servo motors.
  6. This is for sale on "offer up" in the Los Angeles area. The seller doesn't answer questions and just tells me I'll need to drive 3 hours each way and to come check it out (what a ing asshole). It looks to me to be a Adler clone but I'm not at all sure. If anyone knows something about Copper Machine Co. out of Chicago please let me know. Before driving 3 hours I'd like to know : *Is this an Adler clone and if so what is the Adler sub-model? *pressure foot lift height ? *needle size range ? (I use needles size 16 to #23 on my current Consew 226r) *thread size range ? (I currently us T70, T92 and occasionally T-138) *is it a triple feed or compound feed machine? (needle feed, alternating walking foot) thanks for your time
  7. I've developed a thing for reversible linings reversible-linning-video=1.26min.mp4
  8. No location and no pictures. I was interested so I looked a juki LU-2810. Apparently these sell new for considerably less then you're asking for your used machine. Sorry but no pictures really rub me the wrong way
  9. Primosand


    I'm NOT a pro ..... But I can offer a few tips. I sew big heavy bags and backpacks for fun and I make and sew up Sunbrella canvas boat covers, biminis and boat upholstery for the well heeled. My go to machine is a Consew 226R with a 550 watt Consew servo motor and a speed reducer pulley. You can spot these machines a mile away. They all look the same regardless of who made them. They are still around because they are excellent, reliable, old school machines. But the older models have smaller bobbins. My Consew 226R still has the older smaller bobbin. Do a little research and figure out when the various brands started going to a bigger bobbin. Seiko, Juki, Consew. And it must be a compound feed machine. I paid $730 for my 226r had to fix a broken upper thread tension lever and added the servo and speed reducer pulley. Watch all of Uwe Groose's fix it videos you learn a lot about fixing things yourself. Good luck finding a new machine.
  10. Uwe Groose is in Detroit. I'd buy a used machine off him before buying anything new.
  11. Wow, very nice, such a deal. Sorry to hear about the bankruptcy, hope it doesn't land on you too much Uwe
  12. Primosand


    Sorry you're right it says your son not your mom my mistake. Well done on the picture. Now I gotta see this fancy mini headrest that so complicated or I won't be able to sleep at night. Listen Jess I've now bought a lot of sewing machines both before and after going broke. Before going broke I would walk into a store, see a machine demo get impressed and "buy", pay top dollar or even extra top dollar for new machines that were good machines but not what I needed and not worth anywhere near what I paid. Now that I'm ..... lets say "short on funds" I am very careful with what I buy. I have to be. I sit at the computer and over time watch everything that is for sale .... everything. When I'm not on the computer I'm at my sewing machineS learning how in hell they were able to make these complicated Mini headrests because I can't afford to call the guy. The machines I buy now are exactly what I need and only what I need to do that complicated Mini headrest, or whatever I'm trying to learn. I take my time and watch a posted sewing machine ad for a while. Dose it get snapped up right away? If not the price will eventually drop. My twin needle Pfaff 142-6 was listed at $1200. I paid $450. These little domestic Pfaff machines 230-260 and 332-260 were $80 and $100 (fine little machines but NOT industrial leather machines). You just need to learn "what machines are really designed to do" and patiently wait for yours to come up for sale at a reasonable price. I'm in Los Angeles where there are probably a lot of machines but still I am amazed at how the right machine does come along for sale if you just patiently wait for it. I use craigslist, Offer-Up, Facebook and I watch estate sales (all online) Uwe Grosse makes YouTube videos (the best in the world) that will teach you how to fix, time and dial in your own industrial leather machines. He's a member here on this site and sells an occasional restored machine. "thesergeant" is another YouTube guy well worth checking out because he makes a lot of videos about a bunch of different machines and explains what each machine is capable of doing and how each compares to all his other machines. I like to put a 550 watt servo motor and a speed reducer pulley on my leather machines. Even if I hardly ever get a chance to do leather. It gives you quit, comfortable control and added torque. With my very limited sewing experience a clutch motor is just plain scary. Good luck and post pictures when you can. jeff
  13. Primosand


    No PICTURES! (of the wrong machine you bought and your mom's mini) and no mention of what machine you bought. Youre not going to get much help with that approach. Before you hire someone to do the head rests look up a guy named "Cechafio" on YouTube. This is exactly what he does (car leather) and he has a bunch of good videos showing how he does it. Practice with fake leather a few times untill you figure it out. This will also teach you about what machine you should buy next. Good luck
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