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    Purses, lined duffel bags and backpacks for now. Finding a reliable, affordable used long arm AND then finding an affordable big machine that can sew tow and nylon lifting straps for boats down at my local marina.

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  1. Primosand


    not bad, if you were in Los Angeles I take this off your hands. good luck
  2. Primosand


    I've been looking for something like this but no price and no location. At least we know it's a sewing machine.
  3. incredible offer ! I had to look it up just to see what exactly it is. This is just a random image not the actual machine in question. I just sent an email. thx
  4. has this been sold ? whats the price if not?
  5. Hi did this ever sell? Did it, or do Singer 7-11 in general have reverse ??? thx I just found one up for sale in my area
  6. Constabulary thanks for your response but I don't understand what you are getting at. what is: (Not possible "afaik") The hand wheel turns just fine with or without the new speed reducer. Much to my apposite delight the hand wheel turns with very little effort at all (this is my 1st ever Adler, I've never even been in the same room as an Adler until this purchase.) A servo motor with a speed reducer pulley is how I set up all my industrial machines past and present. It makes the machine slow with additional torque. I works so well that on my Consew 226r I can watch thread being pulled through the eye of the needle as I sew (slowly) while allowing me to punch through just about anything. If I didn't explain why I want to disable the brake is it because this servo motor starts a speed of 500 rpm and goes up to maybe 4500. So when you start this motor you are already going a min of 500 rpm. That is unacceptable. I want to start at zero and slowly climb up to 500 or higher. (I have no need for speed). Removing or disabling the braking system on servos works great for me and the way I like to sew. My question is does anyone know how to disable the braking system on these Consew CSM3000 or similar 750 watt servo motor ???? thanks My question is does anyone know how to disable the braking system on these Consew CSM3000 or similar 750 watt servo motor ???? thanks
  7. I see that this is an old thread. It deals with disabling the brake on the old style 550 watt servos which have a simple removable brake pad. I just aquired an Adler 220 76-273 and I'm adding a 750 watt servo and a 9" speed reducer. I bought a Consew csm-3000 for about $150. My problem with this new Censew CSM-3000 servo is the braking system. I want to disable it like I did on all of my Consew 550 watts servos (like the ones pictured above) but I cant figure out how to do it. these newer style 775 watt servos have I believe a magnetic brake rather then a mechanical brake pad of the older models. Has anyone figured out how to disable these magnetic brakes (if that's what is actually is) ??? Can anyone explain how to disable the braking system on these newer style 750 watt servos? Also I'd like to hear your opinion on ..... why they put these undesirable brakes on sewing machine servos this screen shot is what I bought or ordered off Amazon. But it's not quite what they sent me. this is what they sent me. It has four front buttons rather then two. so if you know how to disable the braking system on this type of 750 watts Censew servo motor please let me know. thanks
  8. Well here's how it went down. Alder 220 76-273 in proper working condition coming home to Los Angeles Leatherworkers.net ....... Thanks for all the help
  9. I do have a post wwll Singer 144w305 in Colo 81252. The price is $1800. Never a factory machine, sold originally to the VA in Colo.  I bought from a awning business.  If interested I will post videos of machine operating. I have converted machine to a hand operated reverse.  I will convert to servo before selling.  Reason for selling ?  I have converted a 45k to sole stitcher and it will provide for other needs such as knife sheaths. Still a few days from providing images.  tx Lynn

  10. shoepatcher kgg CowboyBob thanks for the input, it's very helpful. I tried to talk to the guy selling the Copper and he won't answer questions and just gets snotty. He just says drive down (3 hrs each way) and bring $3500 cash so that's a dead end. He's had it listed for sale for over 2 years. I just don't get it. MOVING ON .... This other Adler 220 76-273 has popped up in my area (5 hrs each way ) asking $4000 !!! I told him I was considering German precision/hard to get parts/part are expensive vs going with a used Japanese long arm like Seiko of Juki where parts are easily sourced and more affordable. I told him I'd think it over and get back to him. I'm worried I might be letting a good one get away if I don't grab this one. When he was at $4k I threw out $2k and that brought him down to $3k so now I'm considering offering $2500 (which I still think is too high) but these are supposed to be the best sewing machines ever made ....... right? I'll post the few pictures I have and would love to hear from anyone that knows Adler long arms and Juki and Seiko long-arms. What would the rest of you do ? walk away or pay up ? THANKS thanks for the help ..Japanese vs German)
  11. SHOEPATCHER thanks for the help. I'm sorry that I didn't include the asking price. I thought I had, I usually do and I'm quick to jump on others for not including the price AND PICTURES !! So I apologize to everyone for "asking for help" and forgetting to include the price. The guy is asking $3500 So if I'm hearing you correctly this machine is a real (not a clone) "made in Germany or West Germany Adler" model number 221-76-73 that the now "out of business Copper Machine Company" may have modified. I really don't want to go way over my budget which is between $0 - $2000 for a long arm upholstery machine (I know that's a bit of wishful thinking but that's how I am = poor). But if this used cooper is a rare opportunity to buy a really nice, quality Adler long arm I'd be willing to spend what it takes. The fact that this is an original Adler and not a clone sounds very good to me. Shoepather what do you think of this asking price ($3500)? What does any one else that's interested think of the price ? Owe ? Wiz ? Cowboy Bob? I like to hear what others with different sewing experiences and skill levels think. thanks again everyone
  12. Constabulary I'm not clear why you are considering this "soft start" for your servo. But if it is because your servo starts and stops abruptly I had this abrupt start/stop problem on my first and second servo motor. Both were Consew 550 watt servos. To get around this issue or to get the motor to start smoothly (stopping abruptly didn't really bother me) I opened up the end of the motor and disabled the little brake. I just took the brake pads out of the first one to see if that would fix the issue. It did. On the second servo (same brand and model) I think I took the arm off and that also worked. I use a speed reducer as well but now I can start out at apostate zero and feather it up to whatever sewing speed I need without any jump or lurch. Again I'm not sure this is what were were getting at but your question reminded me I needed to do this back when I switched to servo motors.
  13. This is for sale on "offer up" in the Los Angeles area. The seller doesn't answer questions and just tells me I'll need to drive 3 hours each way and to come check it out (what a ing asshole). It looks to me to be a Adler clone but I'm not at all sure. If anyone knows something about Copper Machine Co. out of Chicago please let me know. Before driving 3 hours I'd like to know : *Is this an Adler clone and if so what is the Adler sub-model? *pressure foot lift height ? *needle size range ? (I use needles size 16 to #23 on my current Consew 226r) *thread size range ? (I currently us T70, T92 and occasionally T-138) *is it a triple feed or compound feed machine? (needle feed, alternating walking foot) thanks for your time
  14. I've developed a thing for reversible linings reversible-linning-video=1.26min.mp4
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