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  1. ljk

    Wanted: Long arm machine

    I have a 144w305 for sale in Colo. You may want to research this machine online. It has reverse and the feet lifting height is very easy to adjust. Will sew #69/#277 thread. This is not a factory machine. If interested let me know. Can't send video or pictures for 3weeks $1850 A new Juki (same design) is $10,000 These machines were built in Germany. 30" bed. tx Lynn
  2. ljk

    2 singers

    Once a year I have had a regular order requiring a 1/4" double needle. The rest of the time just a single needle. I set this up so I could use either machine. A spacer plate was used for the the single needle. I also needed precise speed control, so I add reduction on top which would fit both machines, also I could handwheel if needed. Also the regular belt would go to the clutch motor If I needed more speed. The double needle also has a 1/2 gauge set. This machine also has the needle lift bar for corners. Both machines and table $500. Would exchange single needle with a excellent 111w155 for total of $650. Going to Colo. end of May, would consider dropping off on the way. tx Lynn
  3. ljk

    Searching for a Power Mallet

    I do have a power trip hammer at my Colo. home, but won't be there until June. It runs off a electric motor to a flywheel and has trip lever which can be foot or hand operated. It has a adjustable drop. It weighs about 300 lbs. I just picked it up in June 2018 and broke my femur July 2018 I Can't remember the mfg. I't was in wonderful condition with all the paint on it. If I can remember the name i will let you know. The attachment is very close Let me know if interested tx Lynn
  4. I do have a simpson 489  auto feed approximate size

    0 eyelet. Price $125 plus shipping.  I'm in Fl. until may,

    Then Colo.

    1. Moonshiner


      Okay i may get with you . here my email moonshiner@fairpoint.net if you can send some pic of it

    2. ljk
    3. ljk


      Hi  The feed drum works.  The eyelets are about size 0.  The feed rails probably

      need to be removed, adjusted for depth depending on length.  tx Lynn

  5. ljk

    Time capsule 206RB

    I missed your post on the hook. The hook is on a keyed shaft with out any timing changes. Just release the screws on the hook slightly and realingn with needle bar. You may want to put in a needle. Also reset clutch if it is engaged
  6. ljk

    Time capsule 206RB

    I consider this one of the best general purpose machines for upholstery and leatherwork. My first a new one in 1976 for $800 and still running in my old shop. My sister in law bought a new one the same year and didn't oil for 25yrs. My wife didn't want me to oil, because one drop would ruin a deerskin garment she was sewing. I've had all three over the years Japan, Taiwan,and China. The Japanese machine had the best finish both on paint and metal parts but they all work good. My 144 Singer and Nakajima 280L will sew thicker thread and thicker material but it is still my go to machine. With the 206rb I maxed out on my MC chaps at the belt with 7 layers @4oz and one at 6 or 7oz. That's when I bought a 144 singer we called it T Rex. to do more thickness.The 206 would sew thicker by raising the foot but made it hard to sew lining. Every used 206 I've bought had issues all could be repaired easily Remember if it's used there is a reason.
  7. ljk

    Looking for a 111w155 or equivalent (NYC)

  8. ljk

    Ideal Clicker Machine Model C

    I do have both manuals but could use help from forum members on a easy way to send to you images. Don't run till lubed. I suspect flywheel was changed for a reason. My machine had the flywheel machined and brake shoes replaced. I did add a second control for safety, since I had employees running machine. I use 30 wt. oil. USMC recommend something special else it's in the manual.
  9. ljk

    Ideal Clicker Machine Model C

    These are great machines once properly adjusted. However they have one problem they will double click or worse after a few hours of use. The internal clutch will grab the flywheel and the external brake will not be able to stop the engagement. This is a small issue once you are used to the machine you either back off the clutch or increase the brake pressure. The were designed for cutting shoe soles at a rate of 600 pairs a day.
  10. I bought one off these machines because my Adler or Singer patchers didn't have enough lift or stitch length to put pulls on the boots I make. It has adjustment for needle bar and hook. The cams are bearings vs plain and the main shaft has ball bearings. Because of adjustable needle bar I use 135x17 needles. It has a longer stitch than most shoe patchers and it has a 1/2 lift. The bobbin winder is crap and the bobbin and hook need polishing. It handles 92 bobbins and 138 needle thread. I put a Teflon pad on the throat plate. There is a video on youtube Wolf Moehrle who will make most of you jealous with this machine. His wallets are very well done.
  11. ljk

    Vintage Clutch???

    This is commonly called a line shaft clutch. Put a 1 1/2" pulley on that motor with 1725 rpm and you will have a ideal upholstery setup. I also used this on the bike circuit especially in rural areas like Sturgis because you could buy a motor at the farm store but not a servo or clutch motor. However a servo motor is the best choice. So if you have control problems buy one of those. If you want to make money go as fast as you can handle the machine.
  12. Please make a note on bobbins. Large bobbin machines such as 211 singers and Consew 206 are all susceptible to warpage with too tight a tension when winding the thread. Not likely with G or L bobbins. Put a new bobbin in that machine and see how it sews.
  13. ljk

    Help with UMC Hydralic Clicker Press

    I would check with Melody Machine in Calif. Also would check whether you have a filter and if changes were made to aftermarket. Also lube machine well before starting. If it moves or pivotes lube it. A dry machine puts tremendous loads on the pump.
  14. ljk

    Sewing Machine Stitching Issue

    There is a bunch of stuff you need to check. Uwe Grosse has a excellent You tube video on timing Consew 225. Check your bottom tension using a tiny screwdriver to lift the front of tension flap on hook, just enough to blowout any debris. Than check if tension increases. Also the hook basket may have debris and thread pcs under basket. This is fairly easy if you have done it dozens of times. Don't lose those tiny screws. To get the best help take pictures of thread path, and hook with needle bar at top position Also clean tension discs. I'm sure more help is coming.