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  1. Thanks everyone, I went with Toledo Sewing and purchased a speed reducer just to play it safe. I will add my location to my profile, sorry I missed that. And thanks for the help.
  2. Hello everyone, im back again with another request. My Consew is fantastic, but it’s just too fast for me, even with the servo motor set at the lowest speed setting. Im wondering if anyone has replaced the pulleys in their servo and Consew, to achieve a slower stitch? I’ve seen a couple videos online but I can’t figure out exactly which pulleys to purchase. I emailed my rep at the distribution center, and they basically told me they don’t have time for my questions. I emailed Consew, they told me to email my distribution rep. I’m at wits end, I really don’t want to buy calipers just to measure the shafts in the motor and on the machine - does anyone have more information, by chance?
  3. I’m setting up a new machine and there’s tons of info on adjusting settings for stitch length and feed dog height etc that I need to get to - but I’m concerned about the feel of the machine when turning the hand wheel independently without the servo motor attached. Most of the rotation for the stitch is pretty smooth, but when the needle actually drops down it tightens up significantly and requires more force to push through to continue the stitch. This happens even when there is no material being worked in the machine, just dry runs without a needle even. Is something going to get broken if I continue to test run the machine like this or is this normal for new machines? Thanks for your time, I’m sure I will be posting more questions. I really appreciate any help.
  4. Thank you, the video helped tremendously. It’s still not an exact science and at this point I’m hoping I mounted everything correctly. The machine was purchased from Amazon. Now I’m trying to make sure everything is in working order before I start running it. This has been quite the journey, and I already know I’m going to have more questions! Thanks for the help so far!
  5. Fairly new to industrial machines, I had an old singer that turned out to be way too much for me so I bit the bullet and bought a Consew 206RB-5. It arrived in four boxes, parts aren’t really labeled, and no assembly instructions for the table setup - there’s not really even pilot holes or marks where things need to be mounted. I managed to get the legs on and get the foot petal placed but adjustable, and the motor is loosely mounted so far. I’m nowhere near turning it on, because I still can’t figure out how to mount the knee lever, the bottom guard, and the bobbin winder. There no helpful instructions or reference photos in the manual, and I found a few great videos online to help me after the table is setup and the machine runs - but I’m finding no resources for proper setup of all the external parts. I don’t even know how to assemble the thread stand, and the circular piece that holds the belt to the machine showed up disconnected. I’m in over my head, and would really love to connect with someone who has this machine or a very similar machine. All I need is a few good reference photos of one in running order, and I should be able to figure everything out. Thanks in advance, sorry this is so long. I can’t seem to upload photos either, I’m kinda new here. Working on figuring that out.
  6. It does seem to move very slightly, I can hear a faint clicking when it moves. Not seeing specifically where it’s moving on the inside, but I’ll have to take a closer look with a good flashlight tomorrow when I’m off work and have time to dissect it. Thanks for your help. I thought my machine came with a different feed dog, but I don’t see it anywhere - I might have to purchase one from you, if I can figure out how to change it.
  7. Hello everyone, I recently acquired a singer 211G156 and put a servo motor on it. It seems to run great, but occasionally in REVERSE, it’s breaking needles. As best I can figure, the needle isn’t hitting dead center in the feed dog, instead it’s hitting at about 7:00 and I think the transition to reverse sometimes makes it hit the feed dog. It’s not happening every time I use reverse, just occasional - and it’s dangerous! Needle bits go flying everywhere and it’s mildly terrifying. Does anyone know how I might go about adjusting this? I didn’t see much info in the manual, but I’m new to this and may have missed something. I can take it to a local shop but I’d rather figure out how to do this on my own instead of relying on a service, in case this is something that needs adjusting again in the future. I’ve already cleaned the machine well, and oiled everything well; I thought the reverse mechanism was just sticking and oiling it / engaging it repeatedly to ensure good oiling did help, but it didn’t solve the problem. Any help / insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks for your time!
  8. Hello, I work for a small company that produces leather handbags, and we've run out of our solvent / cleaner that we use for our edge paint. We typically use Giardini brand but we are open to other brands. We've placed an order for our normal brand but it's shipped from Italy and we really cant afford another delay. Is there anyone - a business or artisan - anywhere in michigan who will sell us some edgecoat cleaner / solvent? I can drive to you. Thanks for your time!
  9. Thanks for the tip! I reached out to the company that we bought it from, they informed me it was a reverse thread. Unfortunately, that means I’ve been tightening it more than I wanted these last couple days while fussing with it. I’ve been grinding on this thing with channel locks and pliers and any other tool I can think of, and I just can’t get it to budge. I’m at a loss. In all honesty, to me this seems like an incredible design flaw.
  10. Hello everyone! I’m new here and new to leather work, but I just started a job at a handbag company a few months ago. We have a Cobra AK-20 that’s giving us trouble. I’d adjusted it a couple months ago and didn’t add enough spacers, now the blades wobble. I need to add more spacers, but the round locking mechanism at the end of the blade pin was tightened down too much. Now it’s jammed and I can’t get it undone. Does anyone know how i can go about releasing this? I’ve tried using a lot of WD-40 and no luck loosening it. Pictures attached, I circled the part in question - can’t seem to find a proper manual here or online so I don’t know what the part is actually called, everything I can find online is too blurry for me to distinguish which part it is. Thanks!
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