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  1. Getting the angles on those is never fun for me. I stick with glass pickle jars -- straight. Good luck! Hope it all comes together.
  2. Yes, need an edge. Unfortunately the company website (translated) doesn't give much data.
  3. Working on this bag -- this is the front, with the painted panel (pocket big enough for iphone), which was done by my wife with acrylic and pre-carved. Sealed with resolene (shout out for the preval sprayer - solved resolene running issues). Will assemble over the next few days and put it up for sale... somewhere.
  4. Yes, plenty of uses for dark dyes though, so not wasted certainly. Try this - even with the darker dye - apply it to your stamped surface, then quickly wipe excess off the top layer (the higher portion of your stamped item). Practice on timing and speed on your item when wiping. (do practice runs on bits that you can afford to toss if you don't like the result). And post more pictures of your progress!
  5. Oh - you're using a very dark dye -- often (not always) a lighter dye and you can see the contrast as well, if you apply it in certain ways, the deeper grooves/carving can take a bit more dye in sometimes and be just a bit darker than the rest. ymmv.
  6. never truer words spoketh
  7. Welcome! Glad to have you here.
  8. Hi Doc! Thanks for the great info. Yes, agree on all points.... But, I'm in an apartment (small, too) -- no grinder, no sander, no power tools a knock off dremel is best I can do. But will keep your advice in mind for whenever the dream of more space happens... sigh Thanks again!!
  9. Thanks all! I get it, useful, decorative -- depends
  10. Double the warmth. Nice lacing.
  11. Nice! Ah, but what is considered ridiculous ? I never use a bottle opener, I use my teeth -- so not gona wrap those. My stuff is pretty common - but the urge to wrap all kinds of things is real. I've done personal bike handle wraps - no photo - but they were good and fun and perfect. Walking stick wrap. No photos. I guess those were necessary at least for me. Glass pickle jars (for drinking) - this one - been on this glass for 2 years, never comes off, wash it every day in hot water. Lived some life - not sure if it qualifies as leather still.
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