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  1. A quick internet search brought up the following-- maybe they will work for you? > https://www.instructables.com/A-leather-Altoids-tin-case/ >https://www.outdoorcore.com/courses/how-to-make-a-leather-altoid-tin-belt-pouch
  2. To help you on your way, here are the websites I used for reference: Leather Wrap a Scabbard Core. These are illustrated step-by-step guides (pdf format) posted on Sword Buyer's Guide, using routers and other tools, explaining carefully how to do it. Ye Olde Gaffer's web page (http://www.yeoldegaffers.com/project_scabbard.asp), Long video--> < And a single picture for reference: http://djole.altervista.org/djole/Publications/Leather/A/Arming Scabbard hanger/York Minster Hanger.jpg
  3. For full pictures (front and back) as well as some information, see my webpage: http://djole.altervista.org/djole/Publications/Leather/I/Irons/IronCases.htm These are nice small projects for practicing various things, without having to toss them if I mess something up (such as crooked stitching lines...heh!)
  4. My ancient lacing chisels from Tandy (left two) and the nearly as old Tandy diamond irons. Kevin Lee 3 mm Reverse irons.
  5. Chinese 4 mm pricking irons Goods Japan 3 mm diamond irons
  6. Hi Xig, and welcome to the forum! The leather in many tutorial videos, which can be beveled and tooled, is called "vegetable tan leather" or "tooling leather." Your soft leather is probably garment leather (like cloth) or "chrome tan leather," neither of which is meant to be tooled or beveled.
  7. Yes, that's the kind of thing I am looking for.
  8. Is there a supplier for snaps in which the snap button looks like the firing pin end of a rifle or pistol cartridge? if so, this is perfect for a new project I'm planning out.
  9. DJole

    Bracelet hardware

    Need hardware like clasps, buckles, and what-not? Look here: Ohio Travel Bag The Buckle Guy Ning Bags
  10. I find they work okay. I also have Feibings dyes available-- I use one or the other mostly because of color choice. What doesn't work for you with the Angelus dyes? I'm curious to know if I'm doing something differently with them than you are.
  11. A wallet I recently completed, using Buddhist motifs. The pattern is based on Corter and Weaver's fancy wallet pattern (with slight modifications). The colors are Angelus dyes: Rose, Green, and Light Blue. The stitching is 3mm JapanGood irons, and Kevin Lee 3mm Reverse irons. I'm starting to really like those! The inside pocket thread is metallic gold, and the outside thread is gold colored waxed polyester. The outside leather is 3mm (7-8 oz) veg tan; rather thick for a wallet, but it was from a remnant of a hide I've had for years now, and the interior is smooth, not rough or fuzzy. Inside leather is reddish pigskin and black liner leather. Edges are burnished with clear Tokonole.
  12. Very nice work! I'm curious -- all the tooled pieces you show are the Western floral style. Do you have any that use Chinese motifs and design?
  13. I am astounded to see the knife sheath and knife still around, after years of use and abuse! I still have the luggage tag I made from a kit during 7th grade shop, back in 77-78, with some pretty bad attempt at floral tooling. I think that the emphasis on western floral was too soon, so that in my mind leatherwork equaled floral tooling, which I didn't find appealing.
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