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  1. Well, I don't know about that -- nothing I've ever got from my area IKEA store has had those problems. Certainly not the cutting boards! ;-)
  2. Have you looked at Dark Horse Workshop (website and YouTube videos) for patterns and how-to instruction?
  3. That is gorgeous work-- both the sheath and the knife. How is that striking yellow handle made?
  4. I'm working on this Green Man face for a bag. I've got a handle on the floral tooling (oak leaves), but I'm not sure how to best do the face, especially the nose (and by extension, the eyes). I'm not sure what tools I should use, or what sequence of techniques, to get it right. Any of you figure modeling experts got some advice?
  5. I recently acquired a nice set of 5 mm stitching irons, and of course they needed a case. I dipped into my scraps, and pulled out my cheap fluorescent colored thread (clearance at Tandy's!), and quickly whipped one up. The back is 3-4 mm veg tan, front and strap are 2mm chrome. That ought to keep the irons organized and safe!
  6. Oof...that's very nice work! A great design and excellent tooling. She'd better love it. ;-)
  7. Inkscape is a free program that I have downloaded and installed, to help build vector-based patterns. Again, there is a learning curve involved, of course...
  8. Use the cheap leather for learning on. Practice the things you want to do later on -- stitching, tooling, dyeing, etc. Give away (or scrap bin) the projects that didn't quite work. You should know also that many leather suppliers will sell you a piece of leather cut to a certain size, and even skive it to a certain thickness for you. So if you need a 12 X 12 inch piece of 4 oz. leather, for example, it's much more affordable to get a luxury leather panel in that size than to buy a whole hide.
  9. In addition to your location, if you give us more information on what you are doing with this leather, and what kind of leather you are looking for, we can help a lot better!
  10. Yep, that's some pretty decent stitching! Give yourself a hand on that! It's hard to see from the photo, but did you sand and bevel the edges? Why did you decide to use olive oil as a finish?
  11. Where did you get a sewing machine small enough to make that boot?! ;-)
  12. Nice work! Tell me about that pink leather -- where's it from? It sure is striking.
  13. Welcome to the forum! Lots of friendly people here ready and willing to share information about any questions or problems you may have. If you're interested in saddle making, there are professional saddlers here that you can talk with.
  14. heh! She tried to be so helpful!
  15. Nice work on the textured bevel! Looks like you've got that technique down.
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