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  1. That's an interesting suggestion-- some kind of temporary fastening around the edge. I could also just do a quick whip-stitch, like every 10 holes or so (I used a 4 mm stitching iron to make the holes), using cheap ugly thread, to test it out.
  2. That's what I was planning to do, so it's good to have a vote that this should work out okay. It's still going to be a pain, even with wet floppy leather, but I think it will be worth it in the end.
  3. Plan B is to make one side turned, and the other side NOT turned. ;-)
  4. Here's the round bag I'm making. I'm using a piped seam (for the first time) and a zipper opening. I have the first side sewn on, zipper done and strap rings all completed. But before I go to the next step, side #2, I need to check if I will be able to turn this bag through that opening. Both the round sides are 1 to 1.5mm thick veg tan, which is the sticky problem here -- will I be able to get it flexible enough to turn inside out? Or do I go to a plan B?
  5. I am working on a round bag, with tooled front and back, soft gusset and zipper opening. (The bag is about 8 inches diameter, and the zipper is 9 inches.) I've got one side completed, and now I'm looking at the geometry, second-guessing the idea that I can actually sew the other side on and then turn the whole thing inside out through the zipper opening. Here's are some photos of the bag so far: I am betting I'll have to get the sides wet so they'll be flexible enough to bend through the zipper hole. So, is it possible to make this a fully turned bag? Or is this going to be impossible?
  6. I believe that the answer is to use round holes at the points of the triangle. Use the slanted holes up to, but not including, those points.
  7. That's an interesting pattern-- where is that leather from?
  8. That seems to be a special edition color, offered to the UK market. However, it appears that this Etsy seller has that color for the USA market: https://www.etsy.com/listing/969780544/limited-edition-tiger-thread-08mm?variation1=1891043779
  9. We hired some people to finish our flooring project (and some other things that needed more experience than we have). I've been pleased with their work and their very reasonable pricing, so I thought I would make them some custom card wallets. Here's the two after the swivel knife work: And here's the front of one almost finished: And here's the inside, with my new Christmas gifted Brown Tokonole:
  10. Awww....those are some thoughtful kids! Every time you apply your "signature" you'll think of them! ;-)
  11. I got a scrap piece of broken granite countertop. Two ragged edges, but two smooth rounded edges. It was free, from the scrap pile of a counter manufacturer. Rectangular, about 8 X 14 inches. I move it around as needed, so it's basically portable... in a sense. ;-)
  12. For a Christmas party last year, I made this as a "White Elephant" gift. It is a Poop Emoji luggage tag.
  13. Ohio Travel Bag is located up in Cleveland: https://ohiotravelbag.com/
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