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  1. Rather breaking out the bottles of dye, can you use alcohol pens instead? Sharpies make a great black, for example. And rather than dye the whole surface, just dye the edges perhaps. I have a set of 5 alcohol art pens I use (Red, Green, Blue, Black, Yellow), with dual tips (brush and chisel) for this purpose. Nice contrast, especially when burnishing. And a lot less messy (or potentially messy, when working with Scouts).
  2. Nice! Having it on the hatband gives the monster in question something to look at while you, the adventurer, quickly run away in another direction...
  3. Welcome to the forum! I spent a few minutes admiring the things you've made so far... nice work!
  4. DJole

    Boot barrel tote

    Hey, that's a great idea! Nice work!
  5. NIce work! and when the soles wear out, you can just cut the stitches and remove the panels for re-use on another pair of Vans!
  6. I like the contrast visible in #1 and #3. Of course, I 'm not who you're making this for....
  7. I decided that I needed a second, slimmer wallet, and I had some nice green remnants floating in my stash. So I whipped out a pattern for a bi-fold, extended it, eyeballed it, and about 6 non-contiguous hours later, here's what I ended up with. The inside uses three different card pocket styles, in black pigskin lining. Ritza sage green and Ritza green are the threads I used, with a 3mm stitching iron. Edges are black Tokonole. I love the color and texture of the green leather!
  8. DJole

    Back At It

    Nice work! Looks like your hands and brain remembered the process well!
  9. You are asking for size, rather than brand, I guess? Many watchband makers go as small as 2 mm for a stitching iron/chisel. 2.8 mm is also available. Make sure the thread size matches the stitch width, of course.
  10. DJole

    Study in pastel i think

    That's a really nice piece, Stewart!
  11. And as an appreciation gift, I made the customer a custom card wallet. The colors (dye and thread) and stamping pattern match the holster and belt. The color doesn't really fade from top to bottom -- that's just a photographic artifact. The purply-red leather is just a striking bit of on-sale remnant I had. It certainly makes a nice color pop! That's Fiebing's Antique Black Gel for the wallet, and the thread is Maine Thread .035 polyester cord, Golden Brown color. Stitching on the inside flat edge is 3mm, the perimeter is 5mm. The customer paid for the 3 and 5 hole bar grounder set (from Japan), so it was appropriate to use them in the tooling!
  12. It's nearly done! The last thing we need to do is a final belt fitting to make SURE the buckle billet is long enough! (The 1st test fitting showed us that the customer didn't get the belt size quite right -- a couple inches off.) I finished the holster today. I'll upload belt pictures after I finish that up. Today I also sewed on the second set of cartridge loops, as the customer requested. Thanks, Fred! I've spent a while learning how to get it right, and I think I'm getting the hang of it now.
  13. Oh, right. I forgot about that. Let me upload the photos for future reference.
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