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  1. What is the project? Knowing how and where it will be used is information that makes a difference for thread choice.
  2. Here are the four I have made so far, in a family portrait. It's been fun to try out different patterns and techniques.
  3. I'm making a series of bags using motifs from the early medieval Ornes stave church in Norway. I finished this one last night. That flap (with the soft raspberry colored leather and the folded edge) was a pain! I won't be doing that very often. ;-) The red gusset is faux elephant, and the red edges are Vernis edge paint from Rocky Mountain Leather Supply. The purple dragon and buckle strap are done with Angelus dye, non-diluted.
  4. Angelus dye has a Light Rose color. I've used it on veg tan, and it is pink.
  5. Without a round knife, I use both a Japanese style skiving knife (from Olfa, with the replaceable blades, which I just sharpen and strop), and a French style. I use them for different tasks.
  6. I don't have any specifics about tool makers or shops, unfortunately. There are certain very skilled ateliers in the Seoul area, but not down in this part of town. I also didn't get a whole lot of time to really peruse the shops...the kids were on their last legs, so I really had to limit my time. ;-(
  7. Does the thread melt or burn when you apply a lighter to an end?
  8. Looks like the halibut lost that fight... Good catch...and good holster, too!
  9. I just completed this piece. I'm working on a series of bags featuring tooling based on carved wooden designs from Norwegian stave churches, the wonderful old wooden medieval wooden churches. This is a double headed dragon from Ornes stave church, the oldest surviving stave church.
  10. Welcome to the forum, and welcome to better health!
  11. You might also look at Rocky Mountain Leather Supply. (https://www.rmleathersupply.com/)They have always been accurate and quick with my orders, and they offer free shipping in the USA.
  12. I have a PDF of plans I found somewhere online, just for occasions like this, where somebody is looking for plans: https://djole.altervista.org/djole/Publications/Leather/S/StitchingHorse.pdf
  13. Is the difference in the measurement? I seem to recall that the Japanese makers (and perhaps Korean and Chinese) measure the distance from prong tip to prong tip, whereas others (Tandy, maybe?) measures the distance from the sides of the prong to the adjacent prong. I may be misremembering this.
  14. I rarely, if ever, knot the thread onto my needles. I find it more bother than it's worth, personally, if I need to take out some stitches. I also haven't bothered to lay the thread in a particular way. I guess I'm not that much of a perfectionist! I just recently bought some Vinymo thread to work with (round polyester thread from Japan)-- good colors and a variety of thicknesses. I've been pleased with it so far, although I do find it necessary to lightly wax it before using it. I have a variety of thread to work with-- Ritza flat braid, Vinymo round, waxed Irish linen in a variety of colors, a spool of Since linen thread, chunky waxed Tandy thread (which came in only 3 colors, and which I rarely use now,)and a sampler box from Maine Thread. Different projects use different thread types, after all!
  15. I think the bottom design looks better because of the "fade" effect you used with the background tool. The top one has an abrupt edge, and it just doesn't look as clean and professional.
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