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  1. Yeah, I'm very pleased with this little Seiko 5 too, it's discrete, functional and I not afraid of a trip in the wild. Thank you for the encouragement, I'll keep you posted !
  2. Hi Klara, You are right indeed, I'm part of an online forum for whatches amateurs, and I share my work there, so people contact me for custom straps from time to time, I hope it catches from word of mouth and grows enough that I can focus more on this activity!
  3. Thank you, I appreciate both the welcome and the feedback haha! You both create awesome pieces too, much more creative than mine. It makes me want to try carving, and I'll probably have a look around the forum regarding this very topic. I hope it does ton require too much drawing skills because it's not my forte.
  4. Thank you all for your warm welcome and positive feedback! @MarshalWill: I indeed went to your profile > activity > filtered through "topics" and found your first topic with the holster pictures here @Doc Reaper : that's some solid advice. I keep all my patterns in tagged envelopes so I could indeed do more of the stuff I liked! @Simplejack1985: thanks! I see room for improvement (sides stitch lines could be closer to the edge for instance), but it had been in my mind for a while when I made it, and overall it came out nice.
  5. Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. @MarshalWill, I took a look at your project and your holsters are looking very neat too, your tooling really enhances the lines. I realize that I've been busy sharing my pictures but I haven't credited the wonderful pattern creators that helped me along the builds. I mostly do my own pattern, but for more complex objects such as the purses and the camera case, I bought patterns from more experience crafters so I don't have much merit on them haha Red purse is a pattern from etsy unfortunately the store closed and I can't find the name Green purse is a pattern from DieselPunkRo Camera case is a pattern from LeatherHub, but I believe he no longer sells it. Sorry for the misleading pictures, I'll be more careful to mention the due credits in my next posts!
  6. Any review or advice is of course welcome ! So far I've mostly been gifting my crafts, but some people have asked to buy and I hope to sell more in the future, although I'm really bad at selling my stuff.
  7. Some more watchstrap, the greenish one is made out of cordovan. Aaaand more watchstraps!
  8. A case I made for the engagement ring (it slides in/out). Very simple, all natural vegtan leather. Bright red handbag for my wife! Green handbag for my sister. Another couple of small items
  9. A belt, all natural, a watchstrap with ostrich leather, and a passport cover for a dear friend of mine. Small wallets and a pin cushion for my sister! Another small wallet made out of horse strips.
  10. A few combos! A cardholder and a green watchstrap (guess who I gifted it to haha)
  11. Again... A cardholder! A couple cases and a couple belts! A small coinholder on which I tried spanish stitching
  12. A camera case (again, for my wife) Some more cardholders...
  13. Below are : - a simple sheath for my opinel, leather was veg-tan, no dye, but the patina developed very well - a simple bifold for a friend - some sort of watchstrap but instead of the watch I put a magnet inside so it can hold the sewing pins of my wife A prototype watchstrap with a middle piece. I definitely need better punches
  14. Hi ! Just found this place, I'll share my project but since attachment size is limited, I'll kind of spam this thread, sorry for the multiple posts ! Also, I will probably not post all the details regarding the projects but feel free to point one out and ask for more info regarding the leather / technique / tools or whatever comes to mind ! Let's start easy with my first ever project : a simple leather watchstrap for my little seiko 5. Cheers, And here are: A pair of baby shoes for my nephew
  15. Hi! I can't believe I did not find this forum earlier, but I'm really glad that I eventually stumbled upon it! I have been leathercrafting for about 2 years now, and I just love it to the point that I hope I will eventually be able to start a shop and make a living out of it (how unoriginal, I know haha). Anyway, it started out when I decided that I wanted to make my own watchstrap, so I got myself a basic set of tools, grabed cut some leather from an old armchair and got at it! Since then, I've bought many more tools, experimented with a few different leathers, and along the way I have tried different techniques while making many watchstraps, wallets, cardholders, cases, baby-shoes, and a couple handbags. I'll post my project in the "show off section" and link to it here later. My next projet will probably be a cigar case that a friend of mine requested. Btw, English is not my first language, feel free to ask for details if I'm not clear Looking forward to explore this forum! Cheers,
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