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  1. Latest projet : a commission for someone who is about to propose! The future spouse is a heavy reader, so he thought about getting a nice bookmark for her, which will patina along her reads. I find this idea to be very cute!
  2. This place is about sharing, so it's always a pleasure to do so when my experience can be of any interest
  3. Ok, so once again, not a native speaker, so let me know if I don't make sense. They are very well implanted where I live, I'm not going to say exactly where because we're on the internet, but I think it's pretty obvious. So here, they have a partnership with the national unemployment agency, and every year, they take around 10 people (sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less), and help them get a leatherworker diploma. The training goes 6 months in a specialized school and 6 month in one of Hermès workshops. After this, you automatically have a contract with them (if you are willing to work for them). The tuition is free for the attendees (I think it's partly paid by Hermès, and partly by the unemployment agency), and it gets even better: if you are eligible for unemployment benefits, you can get it during the school part of training, and if you are not, Hermès will compensate to a bare minimum (which is around $1250 per month). During your time in their workshop, your salary is fixed to by Hermès (around $2050 per month, but you'd have to pay some tax on that here). Their recruitment process went like this: basic math & geometry test since there are a few hundreds of person applying logic test, which is a lot like some IQ test practical test where you spend a morning pretending to be a leatherworker at Hermès, you have specs to follow, tasks to do etc... personality test (you cannot get disqualified based on this test only) interview with the HR & interview with some people from their workshops But there are downsides : I have asked many questions along the process and there are the reasons why I'm pretty sure I will not follow up on this: Technical: you do not get to work on creating patterns (they obviously already have a well established line of product) you do not get to work on the cutting steps, you kinda receive a puzzle that you have to assemble & finish some stitch lines are machine-made, not many, but it was a disappointment you have to make 1 bag per day, which seems insane to me Personal: they were unambiguous that there is no place for creativity and that work will get uncomfortable & tiring you will be making the same item of just a few variation during several year (in order for your skill to mature) Very personal: I already make a lot more money, and I have a family to support, so despite the passion; and taking in consideration all the above points, it seems wiser to just keep this a hobby I am planning to move to the countryside with my family so that the kids don't grow up in the city --> not compatible with Hermès I was mostly interested interested in learning how to use new tools, learning new techniques, and trying new materials and products and then using this knowledge to start selling more seriously. But it seems somehow deceiving toward Hermès, and more importantly it's kind of a bet that spending a year with Hermès will make it a lot more easy to sell my crafts, and I am not really able to estimate to what extent this is true There, you know pretty much everything. Feel free to ask any question/clarification, and if you feel like you have any advice to offer on my situation, let me know.
  4. This means a lot, and it is much appreciated, thank you @MarshalWill!
  5. Hi @NatesLeatherGds, thank you for your kind words too. I'm not actively trying to sell, I get commissions from time to times, mostly from word of mouth and through reddit, so whenever it's someone I know I'll charge the cost of material, and when it's a stranger, I'll charge a bit more (maybe $5 an hour), so I can save some money to buy new/better tools. I am not a bifold kind of guy myself, so I will probably try to sell it on reddit. In this case I will align my price with the one of leatherworkers, to avoid unfair competition. Actually I have gone through recruitment process with Hermès since they have a school near where I live, and I got a positive answer just last week. Unfortunately I will have to decline the offer due to personal events :/ I'm glad I went through it and got some sort of validation anyway.
  6. Thank you @dikman, I appreciate the kind words
  7. Thank you for your kind comment @MarshalWill And here is my latest work:
  8. Here are another couple of recent projects
  9. Ok, thank you for taking the time to answer !
  10. Hi, I've always cut my trim allowance before stitching so that my stitch line is parallel to the edge, but I am curious, but on occasion (when I stitch too close to the edge), I'll get a wavy edge, so I'm curious, how do you do it? Cheers,
  11. Hi @Danne, glad to see you back, I saw your recent post on r/leathercraft about what colors should a strapmaker keep in stock, and I immediatly thought you may have answered here. You post history on reddit is a gold mine, so many interesting questions & answers, thank you for sharing !
  12. Latest crafts, sorry low quality images, full HD files are to heavy ^^ Spec below: 1. Brown strap, for a Movado serie 800 : 105mm - 65mm (small wrist), 21/20 Buttero biscuit on top, Koala Nude on the inner side Linen thread M30 from Meisi. Fully padded 2. Blue strap, for an Hermes Arceau 115mm - 70mm, 20/17 Leather is Pueblo Petrolio on the outside, Koala Nude on the inner side. Linen thread M30 from Meisi. Thinly padded (1mm).
  13. @Stitcher64 Thanks, just took a look and your holster are pretty neat too! Here is a pic with a third one before punching them, plus a basic cardholder I made to keep my hands busy last weekend.
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