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  1. I wonder whether that's so you can more easily see what you are doing? The other day I had to use (for the first time) my French clam, which rests on a thigh at an angle. When I went back to the stitching pony (vertical) for the next project, I was struck how I need to twist to see the stitch marks. (In case anyone wonders why I use both: I like the stitching pony because the leather is held in place without me having to pay attention. Unfortunately the bolt that holds both uprights together means that I don't have enough space for big projects. ) @Mulesaw Gorgeous work, for a while I was tempted to order one when you said you are in Denmark, but then I remembered that I don't need another piece of furniture...
  2. I'm at the same point in my leatherworking journey and I've rather enjoyed the videos by Jim Linnell on YouTube (he made some for Tandy). While there I discovered he has a website, a downloadable free video about the basics (pretty much the same as YouTube, but without the ads) https://elktracksstudio.com/collections/videos and a huge amount of videos for sale. Some of them are currently on sale at half the price - I'm especially curious about the simple figure carving one where the only tools used are swivel knife and modeling spoon. As for what to start with - I'd say something you really want to do. Personally, I don't care how many people say to start out with simple flowers - I couldn't care less about flowers (don't even like them in vases) and have zero interest in ever getting them on leather. I like @billybob's Celtic knot idea, though! And a nice big dog silhouette should be doable, too, I hope.
  3. Doesn't US customs have a website? I'm in Europe, and I've found most of the info I needed for importing online and the rest by writing an email.
  4. Klara

    Fly swatter

    That's what the sticky flypaper looks like in my living room. And there's another long one under the desk lamp. Do you feel better now?
  5. Yep, that's the way of the world. Which is why I've actually filled in one of the little feedback papers at a Leroy Merlin store once (comparable to Home Depot, I think) complimenting them on the friendliness and competence of their salespeople. And I'm pleasantly surprised that whereas the CS staff at my telecom provider are sometimes hard to understand (but I'm not a native speaker), they generally manage to get the line working again. As I said, when you are used to awful service, you are happy about any improvement.
  6. Klara

    Fly swatter

    Actually I'm pretty sure they don't need a quarter inch! But didn't you lament the lack of targets to test your swatter? Be careful what you wish for...
  7. Omg, I don't believe it: Al Stohlman invented (or at least wrote the book about) exactly what I plan to do: Inverted carving/silhouette stamping. I'm posthumously in love with the man! (Also, the handsewing and case making books get better every time I look at them...)
  8. Thanks a lot! I suppose bevelers from Tandy, Ivan or Oka will do the job as well? And I'll need the smallest one I can get, a medium one, and a wide one to make long lines go faster, and everything in smooth (I'm still blown away by the variety on the Barry King Website. But the prices...) Regarding the modelling tool - do I want a spoon or a ball at the end? Or do I take a look at my crochet hooks... (actually, I will do that anyway!) Thanks again for your help!
  9. My new checkbook cover, the borzoi is simply painted on (with permanent marker). I would like to try tooling hounds - what sort of tools will I need? Swivel knife, obviously. Beveler probably, but which one? To begin with I'd be happy with a silhouette that stands out from the background, next step will be details in the borzoi. Maybe something like this https://www.etsy.com/fr/listing/582314802/borzoi-art-svg-printable-painting-png?ga_search_query=Borzoi&ref=shop_items_search_3&pro=1 I've watched videos on tooling, but so far they were about flowers or borders, not what I'm aiming at. To be clear: I'm not looking for instructions on how to do it, just for a list of tools to buy - the shorter, the better.
  10. I think you were previously spoiled by very customer-friendly service . In France the customer has never been king so that I'm overjoyed whenever I meet somebody halfway competent...
  11. You could have sold it as a unique piece, never to be repeated, for double the price
  12. I'll look for it, though I have a feeling that most cleaning products at least look French. I suppose I could always test French wood floor polishes, even if that would mean I'd have to actually clean my floors if they don't work out for leather...
  13. Thanks, with the recommendation of Resolene I know more than before. I figured that probably there is no way, but was hoping to be wrong...
  14. Is there any way to have veg tan keep its natural, very light colour without keeping it in the dark?
  15. It's not cheap, but could still be lower quality. For I see similar marbling in some cheap natural shoulder I recently bought. But I think it's a pity that you evened out the dye because I liked the cloudy effect! A lot! As @RockyAussie said, it would be difficult to create the effect on purpose.
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