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  1. But where tf are they! I still have that €500-shawl....
  2. The awl is silent and the gentle tap for just marking the stitches shouldn't carry through walls either.
  3. You did not punch all the way through with the French irons, did you? Because they are not meant for that...
  4. A solid base will also increase efficiency. I've given up trying to set rivets on my work table, which started life as a computer desk and is just too flexible for hammering on. Btw, you can do leather work without stamping...
  5. But you get the pen and the notebook with the cover! (actually, that's about $ 13.60, phew...) Personally, I don't mind lack of lining, actually, it never occurred to me to line my checkbook cover etc. But I make them, I don't buy or sell them. Regarding the general situation, I think @mike02130 has nailed it.
  6. That might be because one can work with any type of edger, as long as it's sharp... Mine looks similar to Togadude's.
  7. Thanks for pointing that out! It seems obvious now but I hadn't really seen that this is one of the reasons I like Claude's recent knives so much (they are thin and flexible and don't have a distinct edge bevel). I'll have a look at my less-favourite knives with that in mind.
  8. What surprised me is that I've learned to sharpen a knife by pushing the cutting edge, as if trying to cut a thin slice off the stone. Which is what Denny says not to do, he says to pull the blade in the opposite direction. Stohlman recommends a circular motion... I'm wondering whether maybe it doesn't matter, as long as the angle stays constant and I end up with an edge.
  9. Finally watched the above video - is anybody else surprised that the man sharpens his knife in the opposite direction to the rest of the world? And by rest of the world I not only mean YouTubers but also the author of "An Edge in the Kitchen" and a knife maker friend... Now I'm going to check what Stohlman says...
  10. He sure has a nice trot when free - can you get him to trot under a rider? My favourite way for getting off dried mud is this type of curry comb https://www.amazon.com/Hffheer-Itching-Shedding-Stainless-Grooming/dp/B0825Y37K3 Regarding my dog I am extremely lucky: She actually rolls next to the smelly thing, not exactly in it. It's enough for her nose, but not mine...
  11. The way I see, any pointy thing that does not actually cut the leather will do. I have a round awl from a "automatic leather sewer thingy" (the ones with a spool of thread built in, but removable), and a much more solid one that came with an electric drum carder to take the fleece off the drum. Never seen the need for a "proper" scratch awl. Though with my new bench grinder I could probably make one, just for fun.
  12. True, but I'm pretty sure that a waxed linen thread is easier to hold than smooth polyester... When I use polyester, I don't dare rely on two back stitches.
  13. I am using the same book and have wondered the same thing and come to the conclusion that the wax makes the thread stick where it is. So far all my dog collars are fine...
  14. I have a Marvy Gel pen (silver) and on most finished leathers it wipes off. It's recommended to test on a scrap first.
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