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  1. You could try burnishing them with Tokonole first, to ensure they can be made to look presentable. Any burnishing agent should work, not necessarily just Tokonole. Am I understanding to burnish the faces of these splits, to improve appearance? this material I have is maybe 2-3 ounce so edge burnishing just rounds(curls) the edges. I have heard of using "mop n glow"(an acrylic floor finish) as a sealant burnishing agent, Any thoughts?
  2. Hello All, I bought some leather "splits" from Springfield Co, and after receiving them, I'm kind of at a loss as to how to best use them. Springfield indicates that since they are veg tan, they should be good for carving stamping, dyeing, etc. I also am not seeing the material as very durable for the outdoors. I am looking to make pouches and small bags, largely for myself, but eventually for sale-able projects as well. Any help is appreciated, thanks you all!
  3. Hello I have a small portable bench that I built some years ago. It has an expanded metal work surface (18 x 24 inch, I want to slab it with birch plywood) It also has a small vise with associated anvil. my intention is to make and sell bracelets and bookmarks(to start). My question is, should this suffice so long as it will withstand the hammering?
  4. Hello!! Discovered this forum thru a Google search. Looking forward to learning much from more seasoned folks than me
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