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  1. whats the difference between V92 and V138.. assume thickness? I like a thicker thread look..
  2. finally getting around to start sewing with my cobra class 26 I bought and wanting to order up some thread. I sew passport covers, small bags a wallet here and there.. wanting some good thread for it and not sure what size and where a good place to get it at. The needle is the one that came on the machine from the factory as its brand new. I like the saddle back look which is prominent thread
  3. Would Polyviscose Fabric be ok to line a shotgun case in? I am a Wallace and was looking at the various Wallace tartan material and saw Polyviscose Plaid Fabric and curious if it would work.. Making my sons Christmas presents.. What else would be good material.. looking for ideas..
  4. sorry guys.. mom got sick and passed so been burried in all that for the last 2 months but coming up for air. I have not bought a laser but decided on the MF2028-60 - 60W CO2 LASER from OMTech.. I did buy a cobra sewing machine and bell skiver.. just need to get the laser cutter.. I think I will be buying it in July unless shipping or availability gets more crazy than it is..
  5. https://coyotecoleather.com/leather/lanyards-and-accessories/ultimate-waterfowl-lanyard/ like these?
  6. I went the COBRA Class 26 direction which I thought was the most rounded machine as I do wallets and bags..
  7. Rust Oxide primer was almost a perfect match but was a real flat finish. Close enough for me.. Almost put a clear satin finish but it got dark outside... I have the stand finished.. Taped off the motor and got a lite coat on it. I am torn on painting the skiver itself as I just don't want to take it apart and not sure my masking skills are good enough. The skiver is an Artisian which is an odd shade of green or teal. I'm not that particular but didn't want my work room to look like the front of lowes with all the different grills. Since the work room is so small, everything is in pretty close vicinity. Appreciate all the responses... If I had more time, probably would have gone the eastwood route as I do have a paint gun and that looks pretty good.
  8. I have a skiver table I want to paint and looking to see if I can get close to the COBRA color. I have a COBRA sewing machine and the skiver is in the same room as the COBRA. Any idea of a spray paint that is close?
  9. Picked up my Cobra 26 from KC at Traditions Leathercraft in OK. Special call out to Allen Cope for giving me the lead on the machine as it was much appreciated. Allen was at the shop when I got there so got to meet someone from the site!! KC was great to work with and his shop is amzing. It was a 3 hour trip there and 3 hours home but was worth it saving the shipping. Now on to all the COBRA videos on youtube and facebook. Going to have plenty to keep me busy for awhile. Todd
  10. I was going through some of my mom's stuff that got damaged in Hurricane Harvey and found 3 new Louis Vuitton purses. I think one of them, she tried mineral spirts which did nothing but drying the leather out. Louis Vuitton said to file it on insurance that it is not fixable. Any ideas? Wife was kinda wanting them but not with the black stains. Pic's attached..
  11. I definitely don't disagree.. I do follow his videos and love his work. His photography is also great.. Would love to support him this way, but I need to maximize my budget right now.. Spending quite a bit on tools and machines right now and really need to make every dollar count.
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