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  1. right now, I am doing mostly wallets but have a strong desire to make bags.. I will ultimately get there so want a cylinder arm with a detachable bed.
  2. The more I dig, the more I get confused. I did find the Artisian 618 used which seems like a good deal as its sub-$1000 but not a no brainer deal. Was really like the Cobra class 26 but looks like the Techsew 2750 Pro is a bit better. I see some saying the Cowboy is $500 cheaper. so confused.. The new ones have financing available making it bit easier on the pocket book leaving money for a clicker or laser.
  3. I found a Artisan 618 with Table and servo motor with speed control included with bobbin spinner, Large M bobbin.. I kinda wanted the cylinder arm for bag gussets but this is a lot cheaper being used. I am thinking this cover the wallets & Journal covers I do.. Not sure how it will handle the computer bags.
  4. just let me know.. would need enough to make an iPad bag...
  5. yep.. definitely want something heavier. but not sure its "glove leather" as it was "glove tanned leather".. anyway, no biggie.. still looking at colors for what I am wanting..
  6. thanks! I am in the US but like to see the various blues which there are a lot of them. I saw the discussion on leather from COACH which happens to have the colors I like. The thread was old but described it as glove tanned leather. Still out there looking..
  7. I'm ok with smooth or pebble grain... She is more particular about the color..
  8. Wife is wanting me to make her a bag for her iPad in a soft blue. This is about the color. I have seen cobalt blues which are bluer than she likes. Anyone know of a leather supplier with good selections of blues?
  9. well.. I guess that is what I was looking for.. Its a pass.. I also thought $800 was way to much but they are clearly putting a lot of the value in the die's they have which I don't need. I did find a shop press already modified with plate steel and cutting board for $300. I have a shop press but don't have a welder anymore. thinking I could use that and order up some steel plates and cutting board but came across this one already done. I'm thinking the shop press with cutting board at $300 is a better deal..
  10. Just heard from the seller and she said the orange label reads Chandler sales out of New York. Specialty machines. I found a Chandler & Price that makes presses but can't find anything else
  11. I have been intrigued here as well. I am a hobbierst with the hopes of selling things I make. I typically look around for free pattens with a rare purchase of a pdf plan I really like. Looking at a lot of the wallets, its clear that there are styles many use and sell. No clue if that was ever protected. When I started looking at some of the computer satchel bags, I like the saddleback style which clearly don't have plans out there. One can use the style to make the bags and utilize the general measurements. Not sure if that breaches anything protected but did find a few patents Saddleback has filed such as this one: https://pdfpiw.uspto.gov/.piw?Docid=D0777423&homeurl=http%3A%2F%2Fpatft.uspto.gov%2Fnetacgi%2Fnph-Parser%3FSect1%3DPTO2%26Sect2%3DHITOFF%26p%3D1%26u%3D%252Fnetahtml%252FPTO%252Fsearch-bool.html%26r%3D31%26f%3DG%26l%3D50%26co1%3DAND%26d%3DPTXT%26s1%3Dsaddleback%26OS%3Dsaddleback%26RS%3Dsaddleback&PageNum=&Rtype=&SectionNum=&idkey=NONE&Input=View+first+page So.. I guess the question is whether a change really makes it ok. For example, remove a buckle or a strap or do you have to change the functionality. As an example, Saddleback does allow for a lot of their bags to be converted to backback from shoulder strap. Does removing the backpack functionality change the functionality? What is ironic is that Saddleback made a video how to copy thier bags but they went through the cost to protect them with a patent. Sachels have been around for a long time and there is only so much you can do to change them.. buckle style, rivits for strength, shape of straps or reinforcement, etc.. I look at wallets and bags nonstop through google searches or you tube and gravitate to certain styles. As an example, I like lean bags without a lot of tooling and I don't like zippers. that typically guides you to one group or another. I hand cut and hand sew my stuff although starting to look at clickers and laser cutting for consistency. I'm just not sure how close to a style you can get without tickling patent or protection. I don't have any interest in selling patterns but I do have an interest in selling my stuff once I feel the quality is good enough to sell. For my question.. using the above design patent for a pistol wrap, is it really a matter of just changing something? one could just remove the leather loop holder which would be a change bur retain basic function.
  12. yep.. leaning towards that is it.. Trying to see if the one I am looking at is worth $800. Comparing it to the new ones are in the $1,600 range for a clicker but struggle whether I want a home built one compared to a comercial one. I can clearly build one from a shop press at a few hundred bucks. My real issue with the shop press is how slow it would be and how much space it would take up. This one feels a bit quicker than a shop press but take up a lot of space so incremental better than a shop press. My preference is the mighty wonder but they run $1600 - $3400.. Once you get up to the $3400 range, a glowforge starts looking attractive.
  13. their die's are Hearts and such and I do wallets.. Not thinking I will be cutting out hearts and ear rings...
  14. Somewhat new to Leather Working but spending a lot of time on it these days.. A bit of background.. I predominately make wallets, coasters, pen cases up to messenger bags or small laptop/ipad bags. I currently hand cut everything and hand sew. Started out with the cheap stuff and find myself rebuying nicer stuff. As an example, just replaced my cheap pricking irons with Sinabroks. Looking to make my next purchases.. Sewing Machine and clicker (or maybe laser). My first first purchase was one of the Chinese Cobler Sewing Machine which was probably a waste of money but saw some videos on Youtube where they were tuned to do leather working and the price was right.. I have watched Youtube after Youtube and everyone has their view on sewing machines. Juki, COBRA Cowboy, old singer, tek sew, weaver, adler.. cylinder arm vs bed... seems a lot of people have 2 machines.. I would prefer not to spend $3K plus on a machine so used is probably the route I will go. If I have a model that I am looking for, I am very good at finding one used. Could someone point me in the right direction for a machine good for wallets but be able to handle a messenger type bag. I want something with a large bobbin for long runs on my bags. Thickness usually runs 2.0-2.2mm on the leather for my bags although I did some dog collars that were in the 4 or 5mm thick, Just need something versatile.. Thoughts.. Right now, I think I am leaning towards the Cobra class 20 or the class 26.. I like that they have the speed reducer and servo motor out of the gate. Thoughts?? Any help is appreciated!
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