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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm going with the Cobra!
  2. Buying my first one, so any help and guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Todd! I just looked at the Vevor and have two beginner's questions: 1) How can the Weaver mighty wonder be SO MUCH MORE than the Vevor? Is it because of the swivel head or because quality? (or both?) 2) When you say "wish I had the mighty wonder or the BG one", am I correct in assuming that you feel the higher price is worth it? Thanks, Stratton
  4. Great info, thanks! I will definitely look into Hydraulic press conversion option. Definitely a surprise to me that the price difference can be so big: $3,300 vs $500
  5. thank you Bruce KGG and Chris - Very helpful and really appreciate it!
  6. Thanks for your response kgg. I was hoping to get up to 16.5" x 27", however it seems most manual clickers are less than this. So really just the largest I can get on a manual. Budget is not an issue.
  7. I am new to leather crafting and am looking to buy my first manual clicker press. Would love some guidance on the best ones and where to look. Also, if you have a clicker press rec, then do you know what the maximum cutting board size it comes in? Thanks for any help!
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