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  1. Thanks for the reply. That narrows it down some. What is the difference between those model numbers?
  2. Howdy y’all. This is my first time posting however I have really enjoyed reading all the knowledge you guys have about old singer machines. I have utilized these posts to figure out how to clean and use 3 old singer machines, first is a 45sv4 from 1916. Second is a 16-188 from 1925 and the third is a 144w302. Yesterday I picked up a “mystery” singer machine for $20. I believe it is in the 111w class but I am not sure the exact model. I was hoping you guys and gals could help me identify the specific model. The serial number starts with W so the singer database has no info. However thanks to a previous post with some info about these W machines I do know that it was made pre-1940. But that is the extent of the history. I will try to attach some pics but I am not very tech savvy so please let me know if you don’t see them. thank you all for sharing your knowledge and experience with a newbie like me. Singer.pdf Singer 2.pdf Singer 3.pdf
  3. I have the same machine and don’t have a problem with the thread breaking however I don’t spin it around to lock the stitch in. I lock in with only one stitch. I do this by lifting the presser foot, manually guiding the needle into the previous hole then back forward one stitch. My thread never breaks but I do still get bunching of the thread on the underside. I’m not sure how to fix that problem…yet
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