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  1. Is the sliver still available? Any idea how expensive it would be to ship?
  2. For sale 29 North Carolina shapes cut from premium 9oz veg tan. $25 including shipping.
  3. What would you take for the black ones?
  4. What are the details on the skiver and how much?
  5. Been working in a 16' by 16" rented space. Finally built a dedicated shop. 18' x 24'. Still not enough space but a lot better. Still not organized and settled in yet but liking it much better.
  6. Thanks, I think I fixed it. I had never dealt with a bobbin case before. I loaded it like I do my big machine and that made it feed backwards. I turned it around and adjusted tension. It seems to be fine now. Thanks for you help.
  7. do you know of a good video on loading a bobbin into a juki LS1341 I am very familiar with my cobra 3 but this one has a bobbin case that goes in at the same time. Never loaded one like that before.
  8. I recently bought a used juki LS1341. Got it from a commercial shop and it was set up and sewing fine. Moved to a new state, new shop, set back up and it sews about two stitches and thread starts gathering up underneath. I have never had this problem on any of my machines before. Anyone have a suggestion?
  9. Sorry the machine is sold.
  10. Consew 227 with reverse, It has some age but it is in excellent condition. Just serviced by a professional and worn parts were replaced. Table, variable speed motor, speed reducer and new belt. Pick up in Western NC or I can meet in the vicinity of any of these zip codes: 28746,29670,30605 $1200 OBO Moving shop to SC and trying to reduce the load.
  11. chapelstone


    I am having trouble finding quality zippers with silver teeth and brown tape in a size small enough for wallets. I have googled ykk, and others. Any suggestions.
  12. I am getting more orders for items lined with spots. I do not do well setting a long line of spots consistently by hand. Is the Weaver Little Wonder the best machine to set spots? Will it set them easily and consistently? I don't mind spending the money, I just want to get the job done with much less trouble than it is now.
  13. Sorry no trades, I am out of space.
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