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  1. You can send me a pm on here if you want, thanks!
  2. I have a Mighty wonder 4 ton for sale. Ive had it for a few years and it works great. I got a spacer made to be able to switch between different height dies quicker. I am selling because I am switching to the 8 ton version. $1700 new, asking $1400. I also have some dies that I no longer use that can be thrown in for a sweet deal if interested. Although, some are a little big for this clicker. Pick up only in Martinez, Ca. Let me know if there are any other questions. Thanks.
  3. What would you give me? Send over a Dm if you're still interested. Thanks!
  4. Selling my hand crank Cobra class 14 splitter. Works great, and the blade is sharp. Asking $2300. Pick up only in Martinez, Ca. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks -Jason
  5. No embossing dies, just the strap shaping rollers you see under the machine. Some are flat some concave etc. All different widths, mainly used for gluing straps together. I talked to Campbell Randall on the phone a while back and they have a guy that makes the custom embossing dies. I never got around to getting any made though.
  6. I could use a new light/medium duty sewing machine, but who knows, maybe you have something I don't even know I need. Send over a message if you want of what you have. Thanks!
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