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  1. I will take the complete one! I PM'd you. @Teradee
  2. HelloMike. i am interested in your machine. Can you send a video? thank you @mikesnody
  3. I will take it. How would you like to be paid. Email your address and I can send a check. thank you Kevin
  4. Great collection. Might I ask the dates of time you acquired them. thank you kevin
  5. Hello all, i found a pfaff 145 in an old shed. I have cleaned and lubed. Timing seems close. Deburred the hook and reset the clutch. This 145 is the H4 version and the pressure regulator screw is broken off at the entrance to the main knob. Has anyone fixed this before? I am thinking I need to dremel a screw dlot in the broken shaft to get it out and replace the screw.
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