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  1. chrisash

    Glove Snaps vs Segma Snaps

    Rocky They are sold in England on ebay by a company that states it sells worldwide so may be worth contacting them if not the maker
  2. chrisash

    Keyston Bros

    I would suggest either a purse or covers for golf club heads, but just a guess
  3. chrisash

    What's up with this thread I was given?

    Made in the USA, France, England, China or any other country is not a sign of quality, manufacturers in all countries make their products for there market be it low, medium or high cost. You cannot quantify quality with a generalization of the country it was made in
  4. chrisash

    Tippmann Aerostitch II still available?

    It looks like it has been sitting quite a time so may be open to offers
  5. chrisash

    Tippmann Aerostitch II still available?

    One for sale in UK see may be a bit overpriced for a discontinued model and limited spares if any
  6. Just noticed the front panel, this does not show how its connected, but it could be made with similar slots on both the center and end of the plank as well as on both ends and center of the main box shape, but with slot down holes and similar to push it over the lugs (on the main box two hook type lugs per end and to small slots on the top board) and pull down Hope that makes sense
  7. Great design and lateral thinking, you should sell them as flat packs
  8. chrisash

    fix leather coat that ripped -w pics

    A inside layer of thin goat veg tan stuck to both parts of the tear and then closely sewn around the goat outside edge as well as close to the tear may work, the black thread would not be glaring out and if both edges of the tear at glued close together on the goat veg should be near invisible if done well
  9. ??????????????? Nakajima looks the same as Consew, wrong link
  10. Have you tried to give the burnt area's a stiff brush after laser and before you NFO so you remove any loose burnt particles,which may be there to be absorbed by the NFO and effect the next layer of dressing
  11. chrisash

    Seen on Leatherworkers UK forum

    Attachments pins for temp holding leather
  12. chrisash

    advice on sewing machine needles

    Here is a video on the Singer 45 by Harry Rogers
  13. chrisash

    advice on sewing machine needles

    You really need to consider the strength required of the sewing for example V69 bonded nylon is probably the thickest thread used for sewing your leather settee together with all the bouncing around children and adults do on them Often its the leather that parts before the thread breaks, it would be helpful if you could give some suggestion as to what the garment would be so advice can be given on both the thread and machine type 1mm thread is often used by hand sewing as it stands out and is part of the design appearance rather than strength
  14. chrisash

    advice on sewing machine needles

    Hi Welcome to the forum You may find this link helpful What are you trying to sew and what machine will you use, as all machines are built for a set thread size and maybe a touch more, i am not sure but dont think anyone will sew 1mm waxed thread apart from some very special and probably very old machines