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  1. chrisash

    Needle Sticking in Leather

    Sorry i don't see where i am wrong, surly the only job of the pressure foot is to hold the leather down tight until the needle tip has passed the leather clear on the up stroke so the leather can be moved for the next stitch, if the needle sticks and raises the leather with the needle, then the problem lies with the pressure being to week
  2. chrisash

    Problems with access to

    Just remember the old days, no need for umpires you walked when you were out, no bouncers it was not the game, no talking yet alone sledging, a game for honest gentleman We lost so much by being modern and allowing it to happen Under 50 you probably don't understand what you lost
  3. chrisash

    Needle Sticking in Leather

    Can you put more pressure on the feet to hold it down a bit more
  4. You can buy needles especially for leather that cut there way through
  5. Maybe connected to Brexit Fred, Everything else seems to be blamed on it
  6. chrisash


    After running a number of commercial web sites from 2003 through to 2017, I cam to the simple conclusion about all the apps, Keep it simple and do your own thing, Life is far to complicated just keeping up with required changes to update software you actually need, and most updates are not user friendly, and guaranteed to take far longer than you were informed KISS is the best solution
  7. chrisash


    You ordered some leather, but did not like what came, they offered you the choice of keeping it or returning it, you chose not to return it for your own reasons but then slagged the company off for being crap. Its hard for any company to react different, if you don't return it for them to understand the problem You state its happened over time yet you still order from them and don't send things back to be rectified if possible, the goods that don't meet the expected quality you want.
  8. chrisash

    Tiger thread when burnt

    When I burn 0.6 tiger thread ends it leave's a black mark rather than a clear blob of melted thread, how do i stop this, other threads seem to be a cleaner melt
  9. chrisash

    3d printed a smaller pulley

    Nylon may be a better long term filament as stronger and often used in gears etc, now he has the STL file made for the printer just a few hours printing to use another filament
  10. chrisash

    Need a little help to get started

    I would suggest you "youtube" Nigel armitage who produces first class video's of how to use the tools, your first steps will be to learn Saddle stitch sewing. The Tandy sites have a good selection of basic patterns and instructions and also offers many patterns with little costs
  11. chrisash

    I bought a band-knife splitter

    Tut Tut , That "that will do attitude" matt, your old headmaster would shake his head
  12. Often hear that parts are no longer available for sewing machines I can across this site that seems to have a massive selection of gears and wondered if they could be modified to fit some US machines being in imperial sizes rather than european metric, so thought they might be adapted to fit some old machines, I seem to remember that someone said the old 29K machines had problems with some small gears breaking and no longer available Anyway just a thought, the company seems to have a fantastic range of items
  13. chrisash

    Thread learning

    I would suggest that tiger thread in size 0.6mm may be a thread to considre for the 3mm irons
  14. chrisash

    My new strops.... One might be an original idea?

    I think it comes down to 3D printing, you could design with the knife at the correct angle and extend to a length of curved material so the angle would be right for sharpening say a 15 or 20 degree angle, but probably new one for each different blade size and shape
  15. That sir is a fantastic design from the height of victorian design (even though german)and should be in a museum as a piece of beautiful design and function, but do enjoy it to the full