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  1. There should be a good market for largen broken machine handwheels but you seldom see them advertised Just did a quick check on Ebay.com and far more brushless servos; than the brushed ones but prices seemed to be about the same apart from some very low Enduro motors at $30 sewing machine servo motor | eBay
  2. I think you will find most modern servo motors are brushless
  3. Realistically all you can probably do is to sand it down and apply upholstery paint to the whole chair, and you will most likely always be able to see some of the deep scratches, trouble is once the cat uses it as a scratching pad it always will unless you shoot it
  4. when i got mine i found the bobbin tension was very poor, ended up taking it apart and found it had made a deep grove under the spring that even a new spring did not help. brought a new bobbin case from cutextilemc on eBay an company in New York at $49 solved the problem and fast service
  5. The stitching holes look massive compared to the thread
  6. I would imagine a heated Roller press a bit like those Irons used for ironing sheets at hotels and laundries
  7. If you blow it up you can see a very heavy white thread in the gaps
  8. I suggest you google "Car Leather Restoration" you should find many products for restoring the colour and finish also "YouTube" is your friend (1) car leather restoration - YouTube
  9. This may be of help Needle and Thread Size Chart - Toledo Industrial Sewing Machines (tolindsewmach.com)
  10. Many thanks Bob looks like a simple solution, your help on the forum is first class and if i lived in the US no doubt i would come to you as first choice
  11. Just got around to fitting my speed reducer and have a problem that there is not enough room on the left of the cut-out to fit the reducer but space available or the right hand side The speed reducer has the large wheel on the right side and small wheel on the left, and i need them switched around but not sure how to do it Please can anyone explain as i don't want to pull it apart and fail to put it back properly, there seems to be a cap of sorts on the far end holding it all together but no apparent way to remove it, and at the other end the opposite side to the support bracket there is what appears to be a grease cap and under that a bolt This is the same type of reducer If anyone in the UK is interested they are sold in Germany at 45 euro with 25 euro postage to UK plus import vat from info@sieck.de
  12. You need to hold the thread ends tightly for the first 2 or 3 stitches and then it will be ok
  13. This Fusion 360 video may give you some idea's if you can take photos of the original from there axis you can get a good 3D model for a 3d printer to make or if no printer there may be someone else who could make it for you (1) How to Create a CAD Model from a Photo in Fusion 360! FF96 - YouTube
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