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  1. As a example, for many bags, wallets etc in both chrome and veg tan I tend to use V46,69, or 92 thread which is strong enough, mostly v69, I also go against most of the posters on here and match the colour to the material and not ther contrast method
  2. That looks good, I also found the top run of stitches very hard to get right as i think its all gets quite thick up the top and plenty of seams to sew over Keep practicing
  3. If I was in your shoes, I would break down on a spreadsheet what items you intend to make and the numbers of each you aim to produce along with specific requirements for each Wallets - 2-3 oz veg tan- + 3-5mm veg tan outers-15 month Most start with simple items and then progress to more complicated items, and whilst you may have a god starter customer base with your fire fighter teams, you will need to spend on marketing to others after a short time and everyone finds sales hard to get until established a name and so on that way you can concentrate your start-up machines requirements (flat bed/ Cylinder) and clearance under feet/ thread and needle size and grow the machines as you make more profit Link you may find handy for thread v Needle https://www.tolindsewmach.com/thread-chart.html
  4. chrisash

    Leather tote bag

    Nice bag my only other comment is the rivet's do not look central to the straps width
  5. Agree its not a assault on dealers but highlighting faults that have been found, so that hopefully the dealers and makers can bring in solutions, Advertisers must accept the good praise they get and the notification's on when there are faults
  6. As its is a walking foot machine a lot will depend on the leather you are sewing and how thick it is, You do not want very scalloped feet and a lot of pressure as they may mark the leather, you best bet to to experiment and if the leather is marked ease off the pressure, as with all sewing machines there is no real easy way to sort out the tensions and pressure apart from experiment Here is a link to Bonded Nylon thread and needle size you may find handy https://www.tolindsewmach.com/thread-chart.html
  7. Great job, one question what is the purpose or use of the notched part on the top of the blade often wondered
  8. I understand the original Levi jeans badges on the back pocket were made of leather which must have had a hard life and a lot of washes
  9. As the title, I have seen a swivel knife which acts like a pen and the blade rotates around separately to the barrel
  10. Mine is very different its just a small handle metal hammer with the head covered in soft goat veg tan stuck to it so only leather on leathern contact, seems to work well for me hammering down wither glue pieces or stitches (actually hammer is the wrong term tap is the correct way i do it)
  11. Presumably the hoodie will have many washes during its lifetime which is another problem to overcome
  12. Not sure if still available but Stohlman's "The Art of Making Leather Cases" volume 2 was available on Tandy library for free some time ago so worth checking out their site
  13. Only one word describes them "WOW"
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