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  1. Ian atkinson does a video on a rolled edge wallet and also sells the plans see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4meaY6lWOMw
  2. You may find that the UK's British Museum will have the information you require, it basically covers everywhere the empire covered plus more. also the UK regiments often have museum's and locals at the time may well have used discarded military items Reference from the UK show In the 1700s, taxes were being imposed on ads created by the government; however this did not stop businesses from creating adverts and promoting their goods/ services. In London, for example, an impressive 24% to 75% of newspaper content was actually in the form of adverts. This created a huge amount of income for both the newspapers and the businesses advertising. Maybe also covered by local newspapers in the US at that time
  3. It is hard to patent leather items as original as most items have been made before and just altered a bit, there are thousands of Wallet designs, Card holders, Belts, Pancake holsters, western holsters and so on, that none meet the invented part of applying for a patent or unique The big companies do patent some items like the Birkin bag but generally its just a specific part of the design rather than say the basic bag
  4. If you have a laser with a large enough bed then the set up time would be small and you would be able to work on something else whilst the laser did its job cutting maybe 25 or more at a time depending on bed size and design size A Clicker press would be a major investment whilst the laser probably far cheaper 100 watt 900x600 mm bed about £3000 Also simple to design one offs rather than investing in Knifes
  5. Marketing is not looking at competition and copy their price You can control your price by good marketing, which is giving a person a good reason to buy the item at your price It may be just explaining your story where your leather came from and how it was made, what your QC is like, or you can spend millions telling the same story with variations just like Hermes, Rolls Royce or LV or any other premium company does A website, Etsy or Facebook are all marketing area's that most people just display there goods just like a store front window, little or no effort made to give a reason to the buyer to buy, Information is king, a Photo may sell a item at $50 where the whole story may get you double that with more customers. Look at the advertising and marketing Apple does to sell its over priced items If you are any size business you know your costs down to the last penny its in your monthly accounts under Profit and Loss and Balance sheet, but i guess many small businesses just don't bother with accounts apart from year end when they find out that profit they thought they had has disappeared
  6. I doubt that if you posted a steel type that you considered the best for the job, there would be loads of posts that say something else is better For the leather workers does it make any difference as long as it does what they want after all most tools are not stupid money, its not like you are spending on a top sports car Are not some Hermes bags now made in the Far East but sold as Hermes France just like many other items, I doubt Cowboy sewing machines are made in the USA
  7. In that case Brian can I suggest a few of Brad Tallis videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLEVULiWognkczOpDSGSlFg/videos
  8. Really it's impossible to say, few will give what steel is used. some of the well known names make good workmans tools that will last for years and generally have quite basic Beech handles etc, whilst some have fantastic high prices and it appears your paying either for the name or the fancy wood Of your choice Craft tools are run of the mill items that are reasonably priced and do a basic job, where as Abbey,England or Osborne are what you would call tradesman's tools sold under their name but who knows where they were made Nigel Armitage does a good series on tools and is a master leatherworker so his selection may be a good guide for you and he also has a vimeo site https://www.youtube.com/c/NigelArmitage/videos
  9. I think this Youtube video will show the use of 3D cad far better than any explanation. it's based upon Fusion 360 but no doubt could be most 3D software. The beauty of Fusion 360 is its free for Hobby and small business
  10. Does not answer your question , but a good guide for new starters
  11. Having the skills to be able to make beautiful items and designs, whilst doing his own thing, using both modern and traditional skills like *RockyAussie" I could be content running a place like his, just need the skills which I doubt i could never achieve
  12. This lady explains how to make most types of leather goods https://www.youtube.com/c/JHLeather/videos
  13. Many use a spoke-shave to thin leather down never used one except with wood, but I believe saddlers use them quite a lot for leather also French skiver see
  14. Conditioned and sealed with a couple of layers of Resolene may give it a longer life, depending on use, plus you can engrave deeper, I think most low watt lasers can go quite deep without having to refocus the lens, but always a spin off on how much experimental time you spend on embossing with the laser
  15. You dont say where you are One of the easiest things to do is visit a tack shop )horse gear) or leather shop, Google etc and buy a small tin of leather conditioner/ Balm in the uk they sell from about £10 and up, apply it to the leather as directed For a novice to resew a average leather belt with saddle stitch top and bottom you must assume 5 hours plus, alternative leave alone and apply some super glue on the inside where the stitches are breaking down to stop them getting worse It could be hard to hole match if using a sewing machine and new inside leather strip Condition first use plenty of balm and see how it looks
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