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  1. The Efka looks like a Needle positioner so that when you stop the machine the needle is either in the up position or down position The motor is a old clutch motor and you would most likely want to replace it with a Modern servo motor Sorry cannot help with missing bits
  2. Beg to differ there is no question, Europe is a continent and Great Britain is part of it. The EU is different in that its a political union that is changing nearly all the time
  3. Have a good look at the JUKI 1541 it may well fit your bill but flat bed and relatively low cost, or alternatively look for second hand. no one machine does all size leather the 441's are for the heavy duty brigade whilst great at that not so good if you want to make small items like wallets. upholstery machines handle 138 max possibly 207 thread
  4. There is another different side to leatherwork; and that is using Chrome leather, far cheaper but uses the same skills
  5. My first question is how did he manage to break them, was he hitting with a hammer to try and shift some nut or using a extension bar, different ways to apply force
  6. I use poly cutting board with a spare piece of old leather between the chisel and the board. most times the chisel never touches the board. I use the french style (slits instead of diamonds)
  7. What are the blackout blinds for Wiz, not much call for them in the UK that I know of
  8. There may well be a difference on the same machine by someone who sews the odd 15min to maybe 1 hour, than someone who spends all the working day using the machine making small changes to the tensions throughout the day. The skill of professionals should not be underestimated just like any other skills
  9. It for making the perforation's in Tea Bags
  10. Are you holding both ends of the thread for the first few stitches tightly
  11. What a great job you have done it looks fantastic I found that there are large differences in the sizes of shuttles for the 29's available, some seem to be for the 70 range and are a bit bigger than the older versions also the finish varied quite a lot, I was buying for a 29K53
  12. Thats true Brian My problem is after trying 3D printer and small Laser, what would the sensible way to go 3D resin printer where you get exceptional details Limited resin choice Diode Laser slow but good quality limited to Acrylic in most cases 3D CNC router can do ally and acrylic Life gets complicated especially if your a hobby person rather than investing in assets for a company
  13. Could be a singer 188 or 170 see https://ismacs.net/singer_sewing_machine_company/model-list/classes-100-199.html
  14. In the UK there are quite a number of spare parts available for the 29K71 series, some may also work o the 53, these are new or original items. you may find a supply in your country where ever that may be see https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/parts-by-machine/singer-sewing-machine-parts/singer-29k-71-parts As Kgg states the handwheel that fits on the front makes life a lot easier and it the needle plate is held on by tape, that could be the sign of a well used and poorly maintained machine.
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