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  1. Maybe people should contact Tandy for permission to use their copy-write patterns, even though they no longer sell the item the design still belongs to Tandy i assume
  2. Its often a choice between low price or none, people new to leather are in most cases giving it a try with absolutely not starting skills and often soon become bored and give up for the next in thing As you say a basic tool can do a good job, not as good as a great tool but adequate for the skill level of the person, but a proviso not a crap tool, there is a difference If you don't go for the 200 piece tool kit from Amazon but look at maybe the basic 14 piece selection you will probably find the tools a introduction and something you can improve on when you have the required skills Unfortunately many well known names who have high prices are living on their name these days and not value or high quality, computer aided design and manufacture have taken massive steps forward and its far cheaper to make 2000 of a item all exactly to the same spec than a few dozen that were great a few years ago, but not up to the same quality and higher specifications of the newer guys on the block Its true that 10 years ago a lot that came out of the Far East was poor quality, but now they have embraced the world market and moved to cad and cam to raise their game, though not all companies have been so forward thinking
  3. Many thanks to all, that gives me the information I need, will not have to worry about knee lift as already in place and the 108 centerline from the cut out looks the key distance but will check first before drilling
  4. Would i be far out if servo fitted midway between cutout and edge of table with pulley centered on pulley hole
  5. One more question is there a fixed position i should drill these three holes in the table for the servo on my 111G155 in relation to the cutout I can work out the relationship from the servo but how far from the cutout of the machine is normal
  6. Phil You can get a selection of leather pieces in A4 and 30x60cm from https://www.artisanleather.co.uk/ if it help and they offer a great service and very friendly, great for the small items rather than buying a shoulder of something just to make a wallet
  7. Thanks Bob, Bit surprised you use metric over their, you must be slowly catching up
  8. Shim for Jack jk513a motor to which has a 13 mm spindle and most pulley's for sewing machines come in 15 mm this shim fills the 13-15mm slot left, and made from Taulman 230 nylon filament Shim Jack pully v5.stl Taulman 230 profile with slow speed and 0.2 nozzel.curaprofile
  9. Rather silly question, but my servo arrived today but had no bolts to fit to table, original 111g155 table had large black servo motor fitted to table frame and not the table top, so though you guys and girls may be able to give suggestion on what size drill and coach bolt i should use,i also guess it will need some washers . Nothing in the house to try as not really into home or mechanical repairs (i.e. soft hands)
  10. @DonInReno posted yesterday this spares book that may help as it shown thousands on machine spares and some screw thread sizes and cut details https://supsew.cld.bz/Superior-Sewing-Digital-Master-Catalog
  11. Ok this came out better than i thought though have not tested it yet used 1/d 13,2 mm o/d 14.8 mm and 5,2 mm key slot all in Nylon taulman 230
  12. If we all start selling goods on here it will kill the forum. Just my thoughts
  13. Today's test is making a 1.8 or 1.5 mm sleeve in nylon, don't hold much hope but worth a try
  14. Don't spoil him, he is used to living in a bed space about 6'-6" x 3'x 2' so the empty space under your work table should be enough, If in Submarines let him hot bunk and save some more space. Unfortunately he will expect three hot meals prepared for him every day and leave the washing up to someone else
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