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  1. As with this treaty, the framework was the treaty but both sides were able to make adjustments for difficulties not foreseen in the treaty. just like many other treaties. In this case there is obvious differences in the interpretation and the EU will not negotiate them. the sole purpose is to stop goods going to Eire from Northern Ireland. The 800 new items has been mentioned by the relevant minister but not yet published to my knowledge. For one supermarket truck transiting from Great Britain mainland to Northern Ireland now needs 750 pages on average of paperwork plus vets checks on all meat products Whilst we have the nuclear option to use article 16 of the treaty to tear it up, we have not yet used it but tried continually to negotiate a settlement that is fair to Northern Ireland
  2. Any dressing will slightly darken veg tan when applied, I personally tend to like using Effax Balm but there are so many different makes and many will swear there homemade mixture is the best, just look for leather Balms or conditioners
  3. A company like Juki will have inhouse Quality Control to the highest standard wherever the machine is made at every step of manufacture
  4. Never had any thought of leather work apart from making one knife sheath whilst in the Royal Navy in the 1960's. started from fresh three years ago when i retired, watched mega video's on YouTube and Nigel's , now doing the odd belt or wallet and a few chrome leather ladies handbags, presently at 74 going on 75 and discovered on the way i am crap at tooling and doubt will ever be any better, but that's life can't be good at everything
  5. Just found this link, i have the lub piece but never understood where it fitted my machine 111G155 SER NO PB158624 S so I guess one of the last few made in Germany
  6. What a fantastic video Uwe such a clear description
  7. Still the Juki better, the original rather than the clone, but nothing to stop you telling the Juki salesman/ woman you are comparing the two and have been offered extras on the Thor (whoever they are, never heard of them whilst Juke is the worlds first maker of sewing machines)
  8. Actually I got it wrong Janome M7 Continental Professional https://www.google.com/shopping/product/1?q=domestic+sewing+machines&prds=epd:2497606574421111861,eto:2497606574421111861_0,pid:2497606574421111861,prmr:1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjehsOnrf7xAhUUi1wKHWygDGAQ9pwGCAc it £4999.00
  9. Never had reason to look at domestic machines but was aware some models could do many fancy stitches, but many just a few stitch patterns, but in the back of my mind assumed they were quite cheap compared to industrial models Wow was I surprised they range upwards to about £4000 and that's not embroidery models and I though £2000 was expensive for industrial models Now I have a far better understanding the great value of my 111g155 Nothing to do with leather I'm afraid but put it down to general knowledge of the wider world and wasting time on my computer following obscure links on a Sunday morning
  10. With arbore press you can get a lot more pressure by using a extension to the operating bar, just get a hollow bar to slip over the existing bar, but that is a very large stamping area
  11. For the head the only way is to do it right and enclose in a strong made for the job plywood box that has no room for movement and take the table down to component's with a photo of how it all goes together, also boxed
  12. Two weeks is not a long time for them to have meetings, detailed examination of the sample, compare with other products. the bigger the firm the longer management takes to get through all the steps. buyer chief buyer, sales team, management and so on
  13. Just tell us on here what the problem is you are experiencing sometimes a photo helps explain and what you were doing or changed at the time. also the sewing machine make and model numbers It also helps if you put in your place of residence as this is a world wide forum so if you put in your from say Texas USA then people around that area will be best to assist you with local knowledge
  14. If you tell the forum the problem I have no doubt that someone can give you advice on how to solve it Most machines are not special to one make but very close copies of other machines, so any competent industrial sewing machine mechanic should be able to sort it out if required
  15. It looks like a standard Singer 111/211 walking foot but at a very high price not even gold plated. check out Amazon or eBay far better prices and most china versions offer a good fit in my experience
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