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  1. chrisash

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    The Oxford dictionary description of a artisan, does not have quite the same meaning but rather watered down to modern times artisan | Definition of artisan in English by Oxford Dictionaries noun. 1A worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand. 'street markets where local artisans display handwoven textiles, painted ceramics, and leather goods'
  2. chrisash

    Need help with Singer 7-33

    I thought it was in two parts the one fixed on the machine and the other part to the left and low down, not the chips out of the wheel on the machine, maybe i am wrong
  3. chrisash

    Hello all

    I'm way past that and still consider myself young, maybe it was a spell checker that added old in his post
  4. chrisash

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    I am not trying to start a argument, just raise a point about hand sewn to machine sewn Hand sewing tend in many cases to be pleasing work by people doing it, and can look great Machine sewing can have perfect stitching all the time with a regular look, and commercially be a far cheaper process, with no negative points Maybe that can explain why hand sewing can be a selling point in that you did the hard work, but what benefit does the buyer get that's extra, probably a higher price and a slightly less perfect stitch line. I like hand stitching and don't sell anything, but i can understand why customers may well prefer price. The Far East manufacture many leather goods, and its true the leather is often but not always poor, but the factory finish of a lot of the leather gear is well made, neat sewing and cheap labour and in this throw away society probably last the attention span of many people who cannot see or want to understand the difference between high class leather and hand made, and what is hand made? , hand made is what happens in leather factories but normally not by one person
  5. Thanks, but not really knowing a croc or how it's measured, what does that equate to in say Square Foot
  6. Just out interest how much is croc in Aus
  7. Looking at the photo's it does not look like "bonded nylon" as the individual threads are showing loose all along both images
  8. Does anyone have a Exploded view Singer 29K 53-58 models, I have the parts list and at present its all working fine, but would like to understand how it goes together just for interest
  9. chrisash

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    This is the answer by Fredk Perhaps signage saying how many years experience you have, something like 'Hand crafting leather since 2006' or ' . . . for over 14 years' ** ~ 'Every item carefully fully made and finished by hand by the craftsman himself' ~ 'Guaranteed made in Australia by a local expert craftsman of over 14 years experience' Maybe? Design and either get printed or print up yourself (computer printer?) some A5 sized handouts with photos of a few items and short concise explanations of how you see to quality. They will pay for themselves in the long term. I don't think you need to improve your work or change what you make (as a member on here, I reckon we can take your quality for granted, ) but you may need to increase your marketing and pushing yourself in the craft fair. Educate your potential customers to quality and what to look for
  10. chrisash

    Adler 69 373 Advice :-)

    Looks to me that it might be a servo motor as the switch unit looks like having a digital display above the switch
  11. chrisash

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    We have organisations like this in the Uk , I don't know about yours but some in the uk have no professional qualifications to entry, give you the title master craftsman and some rules that may or maynot be adhered to, and the purpose of many is to collect fees and make the owner a lot of money, so basically as long as you are willing to pay you are welcome to join Others have very stiff exams to pass taking anything from about 3 years to maybe 7 years and demand quality with those not obeying the rules thrown out I understand that Germany has incredibly hard guids and you need to join one to trade
  12. chrisash

    When can you call yourself a craftsman?

    In the UK basically you can call yourself whatever you want unless it is a protective name buy the old guilds and institutions and even then its debatable if they can stop you apart from using their titles You can call yourself a accountant, builder, plumer , engineer, scientist, master craftsman, surveyor and so on but you cannot for instance cally yourself a RICS surveyor unless awarded that title by the institute of Royal institute of chartered surveyors
  13. chrisash

    Someone in Oz to take my 2mm veg split FREE

    Depending on the lengths you could scarf them together and make those fly screens for doors where they hang down in strips and keep flying insects out, I seem to remember you have the odd fly in Australia or alternatively sell as leather straps to wrap around garden tools like spades and fork handles
  14. chrisash

    Someone in Oz to take my 2mm veg split FREE

    Maybe a arts college would find a use for them, especially fashion design etc or crafts