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  1. I used to do commercial embroidery with Barudan, Brother and Toyota machines and they all could manage up to about 1mm plus a bit of soft leather. the skill is in the design to stagger the stitching holes far enough apart to not perforate the leather and at the same time not ruin the design and then use a very strong stabiliser on the back. When i did it a good few years ago we never used the automatic stitching patterns but maybe now days with companies like Wilcom they might have a settings for using leather i just don't know
  2. Ebay is your friend for Bonded Nylon thread, size 69 to 138 depending on thickness of leather and if design look wanted also bobbins etc otherwise info@sieck.de / or https://www.sew-europe.co.uk/product-category/parts/singer-parts/singer-29k-29u-parts/ apparently many singer parts fit the Adler
  3. Many if not most starting out buy second-hand industrial machines which are in your price range, have a look on Ebay or other sites, I would guess German sites might have more machines than Danish based upon the population numbers. On EBay just type "Industrial Sewing Machines" On your first post you mention thick thread, most industrials only go up to 138 thread, to use thicker thread you eed a harness type machine which i think would be out of your price range. here is a link to thread sizes https://www.tolindsewmach.com/thread-chart.html
  4. 241-2 Industrial High speed. Balanced rotating hook. Automatic lubrication. Max. stitch length = 5 1/2 to the inch. For sewing heavy and extra heavy weight fabrics. 16x257 (2270)
  5. Might well be a stupid answer, but how about pressure washing it with water, with the lance held at a angle so the pressure is not directly into the leather but at say 45-60 degrees. Might do less damage than other means
  6. First you need to read this thread through to the end, which will assist your choice
  7. One simple check is the foot pedal you use to control the machine speed, on all machines there is a link between the motor and the pedal, and on the pedal the connection is onto a 4-6 inch bar, if you move the connection to the far end of the bar it gives you more sensitive control
  8. Wizz would probably be the best person to ask and have knowledge of the spares availability of the 29-4
  9. I think its for the Riza Papers used to roll the tobacco
  10. Pay the extra and get a more model one or even a new one, they have spares available. though bases are quite valued in the UK and can be sold for anything from £100-200 on there own. I have heard that the Amish community in the US make and sell some spares for the early models at quite expensive prices
  11. Get a fixed quote prior to giving them a fee hand to upgrade, I would just ask them to do there testing after repair on the 138 thread before mentioning any upgrade
  12. The main point is there is no one machine that will sew thick and thin leather, you have to make a choice buy two machines Wiz a forum member as produced a first class post on the subject see
  13. Uwe Many thanks for the above video, i only had a very vague idea of the Bobbin case opener function, your video is the perfect explanation, I doubt I would have figured it out the reason for it in a hundred years
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