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  1. Hello! I'm looking for help/advice to fix up a schott nyc vintage bomber jacket since im admittedly very VERY inexperienced with any sort of leatherworking. I got it from a close friend who has had it for a while and has done his best to "keep up" with the damage the leather has sustained through tough love. Im mainly worried as through my research sheepskin seems to be pretty sensitive and the tears aren't the best. They're covered by leather patches atm but they're pretty distracting and meant as a momentary solution. Im not sure if I should see someone to fix them, if theyre beyond repair or will be far too expensive to do so currently, or if i should just paint over the patches and rougher spots? I'll enclose some photos, so please let me know what the best course of action is and dont hesitate to let me know if more info is needed. Cheers!
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