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  1. Do we really need this crap on the forum, yes everyone is entitled to their views but this is way over the top. makes you wonder what warped point of view he states in his sermons
  2. Dwight associated it with vegans, the op just asked a question and everyone just got on there high horses about basically nothing apart from leather should be used. funny nobody picked up on Linin thread and Poly threads both totally accepted by a massive majority of leather workers
  3. we are open to be called living in the past, if we don't open our minds to new products, We accept patent leather but close our minds on other modern inventions. Whilst "Leather" has been around for years, it has its place in history but is not the only material we can use. If people are only interested in working leather so be it, but others for many reasons look to use modern methods of making similar but not the same material. In England we had Luddites in the industrial revolution who objected to mechanisation, Some on here seem to have closed minds on modern alternatives, no one is insisting you use alternatives, just that they are there if you feel the urge to experiment, guess people feel the same about linin thread and modern poly threads
  4. Is the motor and machine earthed Is the power supply stable any flickering lights in the house/workshop If you know any electrician they could put a scope on the mains supply, if not maybe change to board as suggested contact your motor supplier
  5. Don't forget you need different size needles as well, though probably only a 2 or 3 sizes
  6. Not in EEC but Great Britain the College sewing is a good place to buy all sewing parts https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=v92 And this company for threads https://ptwinchester.co.uk/catalog/en-gb/sewing-thread/sewing-threads
  7. What did FedEx have to say when you made a claim and did the customer photo the damaged machine Get a quote from a professional company for the repair costs so they know what is involved
  8. I would use saddle soap first to clean it up and get rid of the dust etc then very thin layer of neat's-foot, do not overdo the neat's-foot as it will become a soggy mess, little with a few days between repeats
  9. Just a idea to improve the appearance would be to wet form veg tan to cover the top and sides down to the bristle area, this would just hide the wood and make it more attractive
  10. Think about it, if your in range to hit someone on the head or body, you are to dam close, a heavy walking stick would be a far better item, nobody states it must be wood
  11. Often wondered why obsolute needles cannot be hand made in limited quantities, i do realise its not worth the big machines running off a few hundred, but the last time I have seen SD28 needles for sale they were mighty expensive and that was years ago, and i have always wanted that machine as the simple mechanism seems fantastic in our complicated world
  12. Oh I would love a money belt, but have no use for it and no money to fit in it
  13. What are they used for, and please don't say Prying I am not a outdoors type person
  14. I would suggest sewing them on and dyeing the patches with leather dye to match as best you can. your local tandy store will have a selection of leather dye's
  15. Why do they still brand cattle, whilst in Europe they use Ear Pierced tags
  16. These top end bags etc are made exceedingly well, regardless of the material, its the look and brand people buy, agree no bag is worth that amount of money , but women buy to impress other women with the fact they can afford it. just like men by top end sports cars and sell them after a few years with maybe a couple of thousand miles on the clock, for show not use.
  17. "Genuine Leather" is not trademarked as a description anywhere around the world. so no standards apply to the term, so reconstituted leather is ok to call it in law even though it may be made of ground up 3rd layer and mixed with glue, bit to late to sort it out now, so need to clarify what leather you are using to fight it
  18. Come on folks, there are different markets for different wage earners or even some with no earnings, Not from the US, but news shows lots of homeless people living on the street and others in a few million dollar mansions. The clever people market their goods to the selected market, not the whole population, if your clever and make good quality items then your market is defiantly not the low paid sector. Just like LV is selective where they sell and market their brand, and don't waste money hitting people who will never buy their products. Generally people who can afford a product recognise the quality or perceived quality and spend their cash on those items, you can never market the whole community just a section, few comfortably well off people are looking to buy from Etsy , Ebay or Amazon for quality items
  19. There is a Tandy store in Spain that may be a lower cost option and also a Italian company for leather https://tandyleather.eu/?utm_source=GMB&utm_medium=Yext&y_source=1_MjM3NjIzNzYtNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D https://buyleatheronline.com/
  20. Always understood the needles are near impossible to find, I have always been impressed but the machine and longed for one, but no reason to buy
  21. The 29 series is not designed for light fabrics, That's like using a 40 ton lorry as a taxi
  22. As others have stated the download speed is appalling due to size of images, you have about 10-15 seconds to get someone's attention before they skip to next site The site looks very basic, you really need a expert to give some advise on layout, for instance the "shop" link does not show your products, don't forget marketing it cost money but brings in high rewards if done correctly, a web site can take years to sell one item if nobody can find your site, 5 to 10% of your turnover would be a good price to spend on marketing in the early years. Nothing is cheap that gets good results The one thing that can sell your products is the full set of images inside and outside views, and description, who made it, where it was made, how it was made, who was the cows name(kidding) you are selling to people who cannot feel or really see the quality, description is their only guide to help them buy
  23. For thin objects like a template then PET-G is far strong enough without the fumes of ABS , I also find it relatively quite flexible and light enough to be dropped without damage, plus very easy to use. For templates the time on something as large as a gun holster would be probably a couple of hours at most
  24. Agree with Fredk also 3D Printing is time consuming you can probably make multi numbers of Laser cut templates in the time on making one 3D print
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