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  1. Hello all This is a handmade style Midori Field Notebook leather notebook cover for the Midori Field Notebook (9x14cm, 3½x5½"). Lined with sheepskin and stitched.
  2. Popularized by Johnny Depp over the years this double buckle leather cuff bracelet design is a real stunner. Coyote Peterson double buckle leather cuff bracelet. Fits 6-9 Inch wrist coyote-peterson-double-buckle-leather-cuff-bracelet Huge fan of Coyote Peterson and also a huge fan of that leather cuff bracelet he's always rockin' in those videos. I decided to try my hand at making one by reverse engineering how it looks in photos. My only rule was I had to use leather, tools, and hardware that I already had in my workshop. I was pleasantly surprised with the end result! Now if only I had a sweet lake to splash around in to give it the full, worn in effect.
  3. This is a handmade style Midori Field Notebook leather notebook cover for the Midori Field Notebook (9x14cm, 3½x5½")
  4. This hand made leather Bi-Fold Thick Heavy Duty Passport Holder is designed either for a lady or a gentleman for carrying passport. With pockets for card or notes.
  5. Look awesome, and super solid work.
  6. Love it, very good job. AndyL1, from where you purchased that Tree stamp ?
  7. Hey all, here is today work Deluxe Set of four Leather Horseshoe Coaster Set with Holder. Excellent gift idea for your wife / GF or your man or someone you love. Finished coasters measure 4-1/4" x 5" (108 x 127 mm) and case measures 5-1/2" x 5" (140 x127 mm).
  8. Here is today creation. The cover is designed for Moleskine (5" x 8.25") hardback or softback notebook. ✔ VERSATILE Ideal for dreaming, drawing, sketching, scrapbooks, traveling notes, wherever your journey takes you.
  9. Who am I ? A 56 years old from Quebec Canada. What do I do ? I work in information security field (Research Attacks and Defense) How do I spend my free time ? I love leather work, slingshot shooting and reading science books. After my heart attack and a surgery in February 2019, I realised that life is to short and we shall enjoy every moments. Since that time, I try to create at least one piece of leather daily. Working with leather will sharpen my mind and creativity. :-) My leather work www.makeleather.com What do I wish ? I wish to win the lottery and to enjoy life. Also I wish that we all love each other and stop trying to argue with each other and bitching at each other. Love and peace on earth.
  10. Yes, I decided to create an RFID blocking card wallet. Here is the result. It is lined with sheep leather and under the sheep leather I used RFID EMF Shielding Nickel Copper Fabric purchased of amazon. This Wallet or business card holder can protect credit cards, ID card, driver license from thieves' scanning devices :-)
  11. Nice job, your grandparents and your father shall be proud. Peace
  12. For the ammo I use these and all of them can be worn on your belt :-)
  13. An Xmas tree with all these would look great
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