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  1. Some say, there's no such thing as a daft question, but this'll come very close! I've gleaned the pure Neatsfoot oil, cleaned the leather, and am ready to commence operations... Do you put the oil on both sides of the leather, rough and smooth side?
  2. Thanks chaps, that's exactly the advice this newbie needs! I'm retired theses days, so spending a week on a labour of love's, no problem.
  3. I have an original WW2 leather rifle sling that is stiff with age. I would like to soften/re-condition it sufficiently to use. What is the best, and idiot proof way of doing this, please? I have never worked in leather, so am a complete virgin, and would also like to know availability of products in the UK, that may help. Application of the KISS Principle then, would be most appreciated! Thanks in anticipation.
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