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  1. And thanks again for your next reply. Is butt no good for this use? What are horse straps made off? They last much better than my stuff, lol. Cheers! And it's only 8oz maybe 9oz in spots?
  2. No, I didn't really want to bend it on the handle, it's just from use I guess. I wet end with snap, it's fine but wetting seemed to do little with this leather? Seemed to crack pretty easy compared to other natural veg tan I've used, I had to be very careful with bending it at the snap... Thanks for thoughts and time!
  3. Thanks for the replies! TomE, I did burnish the edges, wasn't as easy as some natural veg tan I got and didn't seem to last long, but that might be just me and lack of experience? RockyAussie, you will hear from me soon, appreciate your offer. Bruce Johnson, great info and something for me to consider. Thanks. I did try softening in water for bend at snap but didn't seem to soak much in, and it seems crack pretty easy compared to other shoulder etc I've used. Maybe I'm best using shoulders for these? Thanks again :-)
  4. Hi, Made a leather dog lead about 4 months ago. I use it every day, looks good but I'd be embarrassed to call it high quality, lol. Just wondering why this leather is splitting or cracking on the hand loop already? I brought the leather dyed and conditioned, so didn't do much to it, was sold as a butt and so called belting leather. I tried neatsfoot but didn't absorb guessing due to waxes? Was going to start selling them in the future but I don't like throw away crap... I'm thinking I need a new leather source? So much to learn as a newbie, just over 12 months experience now, like most I'm a self funded self training(bad habits included) apprentice. Happy crafting Thanks! Dean
  5. Plenty of these big fella's, Amethyst pythons, in northern Australia. http://www.wildlife-australia.com/amethystine.htm They get bloody huge, Ive seen em over 20'! Very cool snakes...
  6. How long have you got? I could write a book on it! But Id get shot... I worked in IT/data communication, treasuries, reuters, big evil corps 20 years ago... Dont get me started mate, lol
  7. Bit off topic sorry. Dumb cars, aka smart cars can be started and stopped from your phone, tablet, pc and remotely via evil corporation. Madness what they are promoting... Smart device = government/corporate control and data collection, not real smart. I drive a old 1993 4wd, I would never buy a digital car. Technology has been turned into a weapon and is being used against us! The manufacturer is the biggest criminals!
  8. I was only concerned with long livity, most alfoil and tape seems to 'tarnish' and deteriorate over time. In usa it might be better than the junk were sold down under, lol
  9. I use a scalpel and cutt the antenna off the chip, hold your card upto a bright light and make two cuts on each side off chip. Chip still works! Never trust a bank, lol.
  10. As fredk recommends, aluminum foil works great too! Most gimick fabics dont work from my experience(ex IT geek), lots of theives line thier bags with alfoil to evade scanner... Im keen to make a rfid card holder too but looking for alternatives to aluminum, would that work long term? Also it has to seal well or be wrapped to work well?
  11. In business since 1982? Please see link: https://abr.business.gov.au/ABN/View?abn=62097295273 Nope, just words on his website mate... See the numerous names? Thats not a good business model, lol. Cheers
  12. This is purely my experience! So over positive reviews only, its not good business and customers should know. Corporate law has infiltrated Australia and we have no rights. He knows ive posted this as i told him...
  13. The supplier has had many a chance to fix this? He wont even reply to my emails, talking to him was a joke so I put it in writing... He responds with feedback survey emails! He clearly just doesnt care. Customer support is a rare breed these days in aussieland.
  14. Stunned by my experience by this retailer, not sure where i should post this? I brought or paid for heavy 5mm leather back. They had NONE in stock so sent me a 3mm butt instead, no call just sent hoping i wouldn't notice... I reluctantly complained as it clearly wasnt what I orderes and useless for my needs. So the games continued, he sent more wrong products(i even said if you dont have it just say, i trust my instincts...), then 3 time i collected my parcel from town(3 hour return trip too) he still sent me just junk i cant use. I feel ripped off and he doesnt care less, even took the link off his website but I kept a screen shot before he took it down, i had no confidence in his actions or scam. This last peice is to small for belts as I planned and scratch, ripped and holes. Wouldnt be 2sq feet of unmarked leather a long way from 10+. Really not sure its good for anything? Just experience and to steer clear from this clown. Lucky I only made a test order before ordering bulk... No thanks, never again. Maybe why he change his business name? Very poor experience and ill never buy again from this joker.
  15. Duh, just seen pdf link! Cheers :-)
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