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  1. @BlackDragon, @nstarleather... Estamos en completa sintonia muchachos...
  2. Hi @knightfox, with my limited knowledge in the subject, i guess that this kind of bottoms are made with some kind of long-post bed sewing machines.- i remember seen thouse infomercial shorts in youtube from asian factories building up some vinyl totebags like thouse you show and also carry-bags (those little ones that you can take inside the cabin in comercial flights), sewn with that machines.- That's all i know.-
  3. Nice to listen that.... some spanish?, Some Mate, Locro or Asado?
  4. Thank you guys very much
  5. Hello everybody, nice to meet you all.- I'm Boguita from Buenos Aires - Argentina.- Since I have known the forum surfing on the web, I usually enter to nourish myself with knowledge that you guys throw in the topics... As you see, my english it's a little bit rusty, but i will try to improve it.- The only thing i know to do with leather is to handstitch shoe and boots lasts (handstitch goodyear and norwegian welt).- That's something that i learned from my grandfather that recently passes away.- In orther to that I recently inherited some sewing machines from him, and i want to restore them and put them back to work as he would have wanted.- I have a lot of them (Necchi, Consew, Singer, Adler, Nuova Obe Blake stitchers, Pfaff, Seiko, etc).- Some of the are in the original boxes, like the adler 30-70.- So, thats it. You should probably see me asking a lot of things about sewing machines and i will try my best aswering topic about shoemaking stuff.- see you all soon
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