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  1. I know 9mm is smaller to 12mm my questions is how much more when looking a a normal ruler. I have 2 double cape 12mm left over from a project & wanted to get idea on how much smaller the 9mm is compaired to it, anyone have a photo of the 2 side by side?
  2. @fredk no issues some colors can look like others at times, with lighting & such. to be fair turquoise is close to blue
  3. not run into all listed anyone ever get a patten that once you cut out is a little off? not sure if the pattern or cutting out yet I fallow the line so not sure
  4. @fredk turquoise & will look in to that
  5. made another hat
  6. k thanks and how does one know if dye is alcohol based for did not see anything on fiebing saying alcohol or are all fiebings alcohol based? will check out the airbrush
  7. @James1 do you happen to have a photo of item done with the royal blue leather if you do not mind
  8. has anyone dyed with fiebing light blue dye or royal blue dye wanted to get idea of what looked like on leather. looked on here did not see anything & was looking online yet not seeing exact answer.
  9. @fredk have to keep in mind to try
  10. hello wantin to make a friend a leather hat yet I am not sure how to break down circumference of there head to be albe to make a pattern, any tips on how one breaks it down into how long & wide to make the pattern? not finding any info here when did search and not seeing anythng online other that how to know your hat size yet nothing on how pattern is made.
  11. how cool to be able to clean up tools so well, what kind of acid
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