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  1. I wanted to get an idea of what projects are really good for the rodeo alphabet set? to help me know if it is a set I should add to my collection when & if can find. and what is a far price for the set to know should I find if it is a good deal or not?
  2. ok thanks and is thier other paints that work with the sealer by chance?
  3. ok so just do a light coat & let it dry before adding another? also is that on any veg leather one dye
  4. hi I am sure everyone has thier own views but what is best to keep the shape of molded 3-4 oz leather item letting leather dye on its on all the way out for a few days or is thier other metthods better?
  5. ok thanks & will that affect the leather dyes or paints used on the leather at all?
  6. what is the best way to seal wet molded leather out of 3 or 4 oz I think for the bar code is on the leather but the area where it tells you is mising for was on the very edge of the leather & ether got rubbed off or cut off by machine I am wanting to make sure the item stays the sape it is for do not think can get to look the same if have to redo.
  7. my first mini saddle
  8. I am looking for the rodeo alphabet leather stamp set if someone has one & wishes to sell please let me know
  9. so when one makes a show lead they have to wrap it around a core to get the look of the show lead
  10. once one wet molds item like a skull or somthing with lts of detail & has been dyed on one side, painted if one likes & sealed with super shene on just one side. does one need to do anything to make sure item that is wet molded holds its shape like the day it was wet molded & dyed?
  11. what kind of oil is best to use to keep the inside of the leather or outside of the leather from cracking? I also have made arm bracer & they mold to your arms even without getting them wet at least mine did
  12. hi does anyone have the pattern & instuctions I could get would like to make item as a gift? championknights1@gmail.com
  13. Hi what kind of paint can one use on leather & any tips so you do not have to keep painting item all the time or over time. Also if you seal the leather will that keep you form having to be repaint leather, if so what sealer is best to use on leather painted objects? Also if you seal the leather & item is wet molded will sealing item on just the top keep item form loosing its shape if gets wet?
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