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  1. thoughts on this one and what can do for the next one to make better
  2. what does everyone think?
  3. hi 

    thought might be easyier to send you link threw message let me know if you do not get 

  4. ok if i have to hide how does one do it
  5. thank you took forever to get them done
  6. how does one deleted full thread with posts one started they no longer need
  7. first try at molding item what does everyone think
  8. k so veggie leather will darkern on is own with time even if not dyed or that?
  9. going to turn into leather bracers, just really liked how the veggie took the image stamped but fearful if darkened the image will be lost
  10. hi what should I use to seal veggie leather that will not change the look or color of the veggie leather?
  11. true looks like it should wrap a bit more arund the finger can see what can do, I think the reason I did not when I started puttung together is that it did not allow me to flex my hand the way I wanted. as for the stones I am not sure just yet have thought on how to attach yet have to see if works first or if have to be change like when working on the glove, for going to work to see if can give more detail once I get it all together with stones and that.
  12. made the infinity gauntlet worked to give it more a battled look and still have to put in the stones but what does everyone think
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