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  1. 1st time trying to make a antler crown used leather around item.
  2. I wanted to share a crown I made with leather & antlers but, not sure where to post photo of it or if can share in the site. Not sure how much leather something has to be over other items used & such.
  3. is there much of a diffrence between the fiebings resolene finish and fiebing tan kote finish if one is sealing leather for looks like does the same thing but could be wrong.
  4. k thanks will take a look even if you or others think of something that will seal painted leather let me know thanks
  5. Does the fiebing's resolene finish neutral do good a sealing leather that is painted? was going to get some but wanted to see what people thought so do not have to re paint items that have fade, crake or flake over time. I do plan to oil items off & on to keep them soft and from becoming damaged.
  6. what is the best way to repair fur hides with large tears in them. Working to sew up with sinew yet the fur hid is very thin & I am fearful if I go to use for a shoulder wrap with a strape on frount it could tear so not sure what can do to make it where it can work for my wrap. Any tips or thoughts would be great thanks.
  7. what kind of thread should I use to sew together fur hides?
  8. Was wanting to make a renissance pouch & thought to see if anyone has any free pattern they would like to share. Was going to try drawling one by hand but thought to ask before I try. Email is championknights1@gmail.com thanks to everyone for the help.
  9. I want to use a ram's horn as a drinking horn & have read diffrent things people do for sealing horns but wanted to see what works best for a rams horn & what has everyone found works the best so horn last many years? Also can one do anything to make the colors of the horn show more? And what is the best care I can do for the horn?
  10. I am taking that item is a rivet due to item is flat on the back but what kind of rivet is item in photo it domes in almost like a point inward and cannot find more of them.
  11. thoughts on this one and what can do for the next one to make better
  12. hi 

    thought might be easyier to send you link threw message let me know if you do not get 

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