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  1. Where curves are stitched on small items, I think i prefer round stitching holes to slanted stitches, The round holes just look to flow better
  2. It's not how its made or what its made from Its all about marketing the company, No top end handbag is worth £3-4000 in top London brands plastered with makers log, they are brought for 2 reasons, one to show off to other women that they can afford, and have done so to other women, and 2nd because the name is famous after the company spent millions building up that name/brand So my question is how well known is your brand and how much time and money do you spend on marketing the fact you hand make your items out of high quality material that demands a high price,Building a brand takes time and money and not just making a mark on the item
  3. Dont forget skill of the user, though most factory workers only sew the same item every day, where as most leather workers are jack of all trades
  4. I think @chuck123wapati has the right idea, skive both the hairy and plain top of the rolled edge and also run a topstitch along the top with the Gusset so it lays flat and at the same time holds the the rolled top flat
  5. Get a Resin printer they offer much higher resolution and will make good molds for debossing and embossing, far better than the normal 3d printers like the ender3
  6. I would have thought that the 1541 will be very suitable for what you describe and hold its value over the Typical better as they are by far the better known maker
  7. To me it looks like the needle is being bent by the walking foot before it enters the hole
  8. Dont rush things, take your time and a good machine will turn up check out ebay and other sites for secondhand machines, try a few other forums for upholstery sewing machines like these two, good for 90 to 138 bonded nylon thread and walking foot Check out
  9. Ask for a complete new bobbin assembly rather than just the hook as you never know what strain was put on the rest of the assembly
  10. Have you done a search on Ebay in England and the continent for "Industrial sewing machines" you will be surprised what turns up that might fit your bill, and maybe a drive to pick up. Germany in particular has a great history of sewing machines
  11. I woukld suggest very thin Chrome leather maybe from goat, lots of stretch
  12. There are two main types of laser CO2 and Diode CO" types do what they say and the wattage shown is normally the true output power of that machine Diode lasers are cheaper and have many far east manufacturers disguising the power output by just quoting the input power rather than the output power when its the output power than does the work, often the quoted input power is twice the output power sometimes even less Do your research on diode lasers
  13. This is a good post on helping you chose the type of machine
  14. I spent a few years in the Gulf and Emirates, the problem is the whole of the emirate's only have about 9 million people who live there, and they have built Dubai up as a rich playboy area so quite unlike many other countries, high wages mean little need for repair type shops and i guess very few leatherworkers. Prices reflect the wages of the population and not the Indian workers who do much of the manpower May be worth importing a machine but guess it depends on the import tax, I still think a flat bed would have more chance of being available in Dubai than a cylinder machine and no chance of the US industrial machines You could ask around car repair garages who might know a upholstery person who could give you a lead
  15. For that sort of weight but not much thicker I would suggest the 1541 would be the easiest to find in Dubai and fit your requirements fitted with a speed reducer the noise at slow stitching would be low. not sure if they would supply to Dubai but this company may be a lot lower cost than typical; Etsy stores https://buyleatheronline.com/en/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=buy leather online&utm_campaign=S - Brand - UK&msclkid=fa0bc5195c5b15514243a50447ff2020
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